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  1. Day 3 - Coco Loco Wednesday Despite my week-long excitement about CocoCay, I slept until almost 8! Must have been the late night shower. Or the alcohol. After breakfast at the Windjammer, we disembarked around 10am. We took the tram to arrivals -- a BRILLIANT IDEA -- and then headed to Chill Island, where we secured 2 chairs under an umbrella AND under some palm trees for the warm, shady, morning we dreamed of since June. I picked up my floating mat and the experience was well worth the 12.99. The water was warm and peaceful. Mom also float
  2. Day 2 - Nassau and Glitter Tuesday I woke at sunrise and Mom and I headed to the Windjammer for our sunrise cups of coffee, which we have on deck 11. Because I’m a nerd, I pulled the Port Nassau webcam up on my phone and tried to find myself. And I did! Behold blurry me! This is a screenshot from the Port Nassau webcam. I'm in the purple circle and spent far too much time of my life trying to get this shot. We went to the Windjammer for breakfast. I had scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit, and the amazing Austrian Striezel bread that I loved 2 years ag
  3. Remember me? Welcome to my ... not so much LIVE blog but a blog that was put into suspended animation for a month. **** Day 0 - Miami Sunday It’s on! My devoted husband had the privilege of driving a maniacally giggling me and my equally excited mother to Philadelphia International Airport. We checked our bags and sashayed through TSA PreCheck. I paid for it and it was literally the best money I ever spent on travel. Mom got it for free. She said it’s because she was traveling with me. I say it’s because she’s Of An Age. We had breakfast at the terminal. Yogurt and coffee for m
  4. I promise the entire 'blog' is forthcoming...re-entry into the real world has been bumpier than I planned on!
  5. Thank you all for the kind words. We just left CocoCay in a few (stragglers!) and it was truly the Perfect Day! We had zero problems finding chairs underneath an umbrella. I kept my floating mat all day. I had multiple Coco Locos and I always swear off souvenir cups until I’m presented with one. Somehow I now have not one but 2 CocoCay cups. Well done, Kim. Currently: on deck 12 listening to One to One play us out of the island. Next up is 6 pm dinner, a Beatles tribute in the promenade, (eyeballs Mom), and watching karaoke. Photo is of the end of the balloon solar eclipse.
  6. They MIGHT have all of the glitter from my Wear Your Best dress vacuumed up by then. If not you’ll be able to track my path from last night.
  7. Yes! I was The one wearing a straw hat and a touristy tee!
  8. Greetings from Nassau! Last night we sat in the solarium until dinner, then met the other 2 lovely couples at our 6-top in MDR. After that we saw the Ice show (great!), hit the casino, (not so great), and collapsed at 10. This morning we ventured out for a Kim-planned walking tour. We visited the Watling Distillery, Greycliff, Christ Church Cathedral, and the Straw Market. This afternoon brings and appointment at To Dry For for mom, and a trip to the spa for me. The special is a full body massage, skin brushing, facial, and scalp massage for $149. Maybe it’s the rum talking, but that see
  9. Holy cats were you all correct about arriving early. We left the hotel at 10:45 and with expedited boarding we were on the ship about 11:15.(Our set sail passes told us to report at 12:30, btw) She’s gorgeous. Detailed write up later but here’s Mom and me holding court in the Gold Lounge (there is no Gold Lounge) on deck 12.
  10. Greetings from Miami! After reading the review here and watching the port webcam for months, InterContinental seemed like the best choice. Our flight was easy and the drinks are cold. Let vacation begin!
  11. I make a list a week in advance, but I pack the day/night before. In fact, I'm packing now for tomorrow morning's flight to Miami. Taking a break because I'm waiting for my underwear to dry and having a last-minute debate of whether to take the medium bag or the larger bag because SHOES. Ugh. Shoes. Crummy flipflops for beach/pool, fancier flipflops for sundresses and heels for formal night are taking up too much space and I'm even wearing my sneakers on the plane. Ugh. I mean, I'm paying American's checked bag fee whether I take the medium or large one but it's all the shoes' fault.
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