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  1. I wanted to make my own coffee! Bought a tiny one-serving pod machine, then discovered they’re not allowed on the ship. Bummer. Not sure I’m into instant, though......
  2. Yep, the bottled water alone might make the refreshment package worth it. I guess since it’s an Alaska Cruise, the prices will be on the high end?
  3. Hi JennyB, thanks for the response. Yes, I like regular brewed coffee. I’m not the Starbucks type, more the Dunkin Donuts type. 😊 I have a Keurig at home and go for the medium roasts. And I haven’t decided on any other drink packages. Unlikely, since I don’t drink a lot of soda or alcohol. The Disney free coffee was either a very light roast or it was watered down.
  4. Wow! Even most adults couldn’t eat that much. Kind of a waste of food.
  5. Is a coffee card worth it? I don’t mind drinking regular coffee that’s provided free, but Disney’s regular coffee was horrendous! How is the RCCL coffee (we’ll be on the Radiance)?
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