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  1. @Fuzzywuzzy oh I love that! She was joking she’d make us Pittsburg Steelers fans. We’re detroit Lions fans so I said by February we might be ready to switch teams. 🤣
  2. @Skigoofy thank you for finding the group cruise website. Glad I was able to find out the true info and call them.
  3. Just got off the phone with the football cruise group. Feeling much better. She says there group is 1000 maybe a bit more. And they are not chartering the whole thing. She went on to say how nice her group and the boat is. 🤣 I guess she’ll be on the boat come Feb. guess I’ll have to say hi to her and thank her in person for giving me the info RC wouldn’t. Phew. Breathing again.....
  4. There website says join 1000+ fans. So maybe by that estimate it’ll be half the boat. (Navigator is like 3000 I believe). If it’s just half a boat of rich football fans and I can still go, I’m ok with that. (I can think of worse groups to travel with 😏) But it will stink if it’s mostly the whole boat or I get cancelled. Again thank you all for following this and helping advice me. It’s nice to have the help and not be alone in figuring this out b
  5. I think I’ll be calling the football fan cruise group and inquire about their February cruise... 🤔
  6. This is all a bit much to digest. I really appreciate all of you helping me figure this out. I really want to just look forward to this cruise (our first family one) but it seems I’ll be in the dark for awhile. I call RC again and he didn’t want to give me any info after asking someone else higher up about it. I pressed him and he said canceling on me was not something he wouldn’t expect. More likely the football group bought a big chunk of regular tickets and is selling them on their site. He said I would just have to keep calling back and could give me no info on the ratio this group will be on the boat. Trying to stay calm but the not knowing is tough. Will I likely know before the final payment is due in December??? Hard to trust a company that wouldn’t confidently say I have a room on that ship.
  7. @monctonguy how would I find out anything about a potential group? 🤔
  8. So only if it’s a full charter I’d be canceled though, correct? And the odds are good it’s not, it seems. I hear what you’re saying about a partial one not being much better. But I’m hoping since I saw it was filling up late spring/early summer, there wouldn’t be that many empty rooms left to warrant a charter. (All just my random theory though since I’m a newbie and this is a bit hard to fathom). I appreciate your help in this though. Half of the fun of the cruise seems to be looking forward to it!!! So what’s next for me? I’ll likely be notified in a week?
  9. Ugh. So they could decide to charter the ship and cancel the public bookings from families and individuals to make more money? This cruise was getting fairly full as I was booking it this spring and checking back often. It is Presidents’ Day week. I assume it was getting grabbed up by families with kids, like me. 😕 it’s disheartening to this RCL does this to people. This is our first family cruise and I just want to look forward to it.
  10. @Lovetocruise2002 that’s what I thinking too. Has that happened? Do they just book a giant group on a public booking? Honestly I don’t care about that, I can’t believe this company might cancel me later when I called and confirmed etc. if it’s indeed a full charter booking. what’s normal for this sort of thing? 🤔 thanks for easing my mind slightly. Trying to breathe.....
  11. I have to ask some of my favorite regulars about this.. @WAAAYTOOO, @Lovetocruise2002, @twangster ...have you guys ever heard of this? My cruise in Feb is missing on list. It appears they do that when sold out. But the above posts hint that my cruise may have been chartered out and I just don’t know yet! Any help?!?!
  12. @AGSLC5 so what does that mean? They’ll cancel me later? Or they just chartered the rest of the rooms out? 🤔
  13. So it is, in fact, sold out. Just off the phone with RC to confirm. Another troll poster said it was going to be chartered, inferring my cruise might be cancel. Jerk. 😝
  14. Just off the phone w RC and it’s just a normal sold out cruise. Thanks for the freak out pinnacle troll. 😕
  15. Wait what??? 2/17/2020 on Navigator is what I purchased and it’s not listed anymore. Doesn't that just mean it’s sold out? 🥴
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