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  1. I would definitely like someone sailing out on June the 10th to provide their itinerary because I'm sure that this will be the fate for all us who paid in full for a cruise to Cuba. I don't care how much refund they are wanting to provide for not sailing to Cuba it will not compensate. We've been to Cococay and it's a man made beach, and the experience getting on a smaller boat to arrive at the beach was more of a hassle vs going to the beach. They might have updated the beach's port and can pull in like Disney's Private Beach. If it was possible and Disney at least had pity on us and let us use their Private Beach instead, I would be 100% down for it!!! Otherwise No Bueno👿
  2. Hi, I thought I responded way back. But yes you are right, I had the Pacific Beaches on my mind and hope to plan a cruise next year around that. Thanks, but still not certain I want to go back!!!
  3. Hi, I looked at the pics and that wasn't the place we visited. It looks far better to enjoy the beach there than what I experienced.
  4. I went last year. I can't say that I particularly saw any shops that I wanted to go in. We saw where the Atlantic Ocean & Pacific Ocean meet going to a beach break. That was the only highlight for us. We went to a beach that supposedly had black sand, but it was not really the case. Hop off and back on, maybe this helps.
  5. Thanks for posting. I am traveling as well and thinking of doing the Car excursion, but a family of 4. Other family members are going as well, so hopefully it will work out. However I'm only seeing tour start time for 1pm. Are you seeing anything earlier?
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