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  1. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. I was also asked if someone else would be joining me. Seems awful rude to ask why.
  2. Thanks for checking it out. Glad u liked them
  3. I'm glad you're enjoying them. The entire diary is here. Just finished with my entries. https://www.traveldiariesapp.com/en/PublicDiary/2cb02767-7602-43ed-bf1f-cdbc9639f709
  4. You're welcome. I didn't know until 2 months ago.
  5. Here is summary of how far I stepped out of my comfort zone during my day in Nassau https://www.traveldiariesapp.com/en/PublicDiary/2cb02767-7602-43ed-bf1f-cdbc9639f709/Chapter/599f388f-dd1f-4f90-97d2-bf823f928e11
  6. https://www.traveldiariesapp.com/en/PublicDiary/2cb02767-7602-43ed-bf1f-cdbc9639f709/Chapter/bbd15a45-562f-4e3b-a168-a708cca335f6 https://www.traveldiariesapp.com/en/PublicDiary/2cb02767-7602-43ed-bf1f-cdbc9639f709/Chapter/2a294826-341c-42ec-aab6-8c2ccd9d3114 The links above are from my Day 2 diary. I was at CocoCay on this day.
  7. Hello everyone, I was on Mariner last week. It was a good cruise. I created a journal to share my experience. It was my first time on Royal, first time solo, 2nd cruise overall. Here is how Embarkation day went for me. https://www.traveldiariesapp.com/en/PublicDiary/2cb02767-7602-43ed-bf1f-cdbc9639f709/Chapter/1cbc9a77-5835-4447-a36d-c7b05d506f58 https://www.traveldiariesapp.com/en/PublicDiary/2cb02767-7602-43ed-bf1f-cdbc9639f709/Chapter/7a1e7edd-27d3-4e94-8913-8178ef228fdb Enjoy. William
  8. Hi there everyone. I'll be visiting CocoCay in Nov 2019. Here are my questions: I saw on a YouTube vlog that there was an issue with the birds being a nuisance in the seating areas to eat. Is this still the case? Can I use the soda package on the island? If so, will I have to bring the souvenir cup with me, or will there be something on my SeaPass card indicating that I have the package? Would it be possible to deploy this strategy during my visit to the island 1. Get off the ship early to spend time on the island before it gets crowded. 2. Then, once the big crowds come, I'd like to retreat to the ship. 3. When people start to call it a day, I want to get back off to finish my fun on the island. Thanks. William
  9. To ChrisK2793. I had just logged on to ask about Wifi calling, and you answered my question. Thanks.
  10. Sounds to me like Skippers Grill is the better lunch option, with reference to the bird situation.
  11. Thanks. I would've thoroughly researched this ship before I board. From what you said, it sounds like the only value is an alternative time-killer activity if you're not into the bar scene, and perhaps strike up a conversation with a like-minded person(s).
  12. Hello there, I was reading through a recent Cruise Compass as part of my research for my upcoming cruise on Mariner. I saw on Embarkation Day at about 2pm a presentation called "Get to Know the (ship name)". Has anyone ever been to this presentation for your sailing? What is covered during this presentation? Thanks. William
  13. I appreciate your suggestion. My concern is not wanting to encounter the highly demanding locals trying to sell me stuff, along with those who are trying to sell illegal substances. How badly were you harassed?
  14. Interesting. Glad to hear that you found a way for each of you to do what you want.
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