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  1. If I buy this package can 2 of my party on a different reservation be one of my 4?...and I guess you can use it on Coco Cay? thanks x
  2. Can you take a bottle of spirits onto the ship?
  3. Ellington’s I think she called it. I’m informed that on the app it says 18+ ?
  4. Can 20 year olds go to the nightclub and not drink? My daughter is 20, her boyfriend 21 and given we’re Scottish she enjoys a wee night out ??? There’s tension already given he can have a beer and she can’t. Being unable to go to the nightclub might cause significant tantrums!
  5. Thanks for this. Was wondering how to do Nassau and this is ideal. Maybe stop for a wee cocktail after building up a thirst, then back on board.
  6. All this info is really greatm thanks @Pima1988 I'm not too bothered about the climate being too cool, i'm coming from Scotland and swim twice a week in the North Sea!
  7. That's all awesome info, thanks for taking the time to relay it all. Tell me, I have it in my mind to time the attendant maybe $50 when we arrive, is that too much/too little?
  8. thanks @Pima1988 that's great news. first time cruiser so everything is totally new. I've read you get floating mats and snorkel stuff too, did you get these?
  9. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I've got a chill island cabana booked for october 20th, do they provide towels at the cabana, or should i take some from the ship? Gracias!
  10. Is there milk shakes available at other places on the ships? ( mariner?) my lad doesn't drink fizzy juice so I'm hoping his drink package covers them somewhere!?
  11. I'm fine paying the 18%, I just thought it was added to my on board account to be settled at the end of my cruise, not to the cost I pay in advance. thanks everyone.
  12. This is excellent. I was under the impression that an additional 18% would be charged to my on board account to be settled on departure if I bought the drink package, but reading this it's included?
  13. I kinda knew I was right, but when an employee of the company in question insists you're wrong, it throws doubt. Thanks.
  14. I've got two cabins booked for October, I'd like to add on the drinks package so called RC as I assumed it would be easier to do both cabins drinks packages by speaking to a human. Wrong. I asked if the drinks package is valid on Coca Cay and the lady insisted it was not, i asked her to clarify with a colleague and she continued to insist it cannot be used off ship. I didn't want to press the issue and also didn;t want to buy it without confirmation...so, who's wrong? Me or the lady on the phone? Ta.
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