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  1. I live in south Florida and I need a Christmas ornament from Independence of the seas, would love if someone could pick one up for me and I will send you the money. I am willing to come to the port to give you the money personally. Thank you
  2. What do you mean your glad the deal to sell Oasis fell through, was it ever for sale?
  3. Is anyone from South Florida going on Independence anytime soon?
  4. @Jolly Ogre are you local to South Florida? If so do you have an email address I can ask you something at or can I give you my number for a question please
  5. @Jolly Ogre We are doing Oasis the first week of December, you too?
  6. I don’t believe that the refreshment package includes the Johnny Rocket Shakes just the Deluxe drink package, does anyone know where it says it does?
  7. If I go to John Rockets for just their shake, do I need to pay the meal up charge plus the charge for the shake or can I just pay the up charge for the shake?
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