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  1. That's what I figured. I also thought since I replied to the contract email it might not of sent correctly. Thanks for the help. I dont mean to disrespect Stephanie in any way, I'm just new to using a travel agent.
  2. I resent an email requesting that travel insurance be add to our contact to Stephanie a couple of days ago. I got the same contract stating refusing the coverage today. I tried calling her but it went straight to voicemail. To be fair I didn't leave a message, I did resend a email requesting the coverage and already paid my deposit. Just thought I'd respond to this post.
  3. Out of respect I'll defer your experience, but I'm pretty sure I saw that on my recent sailing on Symphony. Either way, we are accustomed to bringing cash. Just thought there might be a credit card points exploit, lol.
  4. I thought that I saw an option to take credits out as a room charge whenever I swiped my see pass card. I do remember talking to a fellow gambler that mentioned that her husband was upset on how much she kept "downloading "to their room account. Like I said, we brought cash, so I never tried it.
  5. TJ!, please refer to Waytoo. He,(or she) is WAY more versed in this subject than I!!
  6. If you gamble regularly (since you mentioned being to LV a hundred times or so), you might make prime status during your first cruise. We live on the east coast, so if we are lucky we go out to LV twice a year. That being said we are fully comped at the golden nugget (love that place, old Vegas FTW), and we made prime by our last night in the cruise. If you gamble enough you could make prime early on your cruise and enjoy free drinks for the remainder from what I've read. A great resource I've found is a Facebook page dedicated to casino royale. Check it out. BTW. I asked on there and they did confirm that a slot download for cash is treated like a purchase, not a cash advance!!
  7. First off, my past cruise was our first cruise, so we just brought cash. Now that I have researched it, I see that you can "download" credits onto a slot machine and it will be debited to your sea pass account. What my question is, does your credit card treat that like a regular charge, or a cash advance, with the highercash advance rate. As opposed to just a regular purchase?
  8. @Michelle. I am currently working with Stephanie. I have a May harmony cruise booked, but haven't signed the Edocs with MEI. I asked her to add the travel protection a couple of days ago and I only got the reply to sign the original docs without travel protection. I tried calling her number, but it went straight to voice mail. A little help? Perhaps she is on a cruise??
  9. I already posted my past experience on Symphony above. That being said, my next booked cruise is on Harmony next May, the DBP right now is $65pp. I can't justify locking in that price which is including gratuities is over $1070. We also made prime in the casino which means our drinks are free for the both of us, but in the casino only Now I do like the freedom that the DBP allowed us, at this point I can't justify that price. I paid just over $800 instead of $1070 for the same thing. So I will keep checking the cruise planner for a sale. I keep seeing mention of a black Friday sale. Holding out for that. Worst case scenario, drinks for the wifey and I are free in the casino, and pay as you go elsewhere.
  10. If you know for sure you want it, go ahead and buy it. If the price drops you can just cancel and rebuy. That's what I did, originally bought it for 52 or 55, can't remember which, then when it dropped I called and rebought it.
  11. My first cruise ever was on Symphony, I bought the deluxe beverage package for 49pp, saw it go as low as 47pp for that sailing. This was for July 27th thru August 3rd.
  12. I meant to put this post in the general discussion area, please move it there, sorry.
  13. Just booked our second cruise ever. First one was booked by family members of ours and we just paid them, this one is on Harmony next May in a JS. I was quoted a price of $288 thru our TA who said it was RC's coverage. Is this a fair deal? Total cost of cruise was $3500 after casino royale discounts.
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