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  1. As others have said, if you want it, book it. Then keep checking prices for better deals since you can canceland rebook. I was on the fence originally about getting the DBP. Originally it was $56 a day pp and went down to $52. I didn't jump on it and missed out because it went back upto $56. I kept checking the cruise planner and finally it went back to $52 and i pounced on it. A couple of months later it went down to $49pp. I ended up just calling RC to cancel and rebook, saved a few bucks, worth the free phone call. This also applies to your cruise fare. I have called them out twice now since I purchased our cruise in late December for our July cruise and have saved almost $1000.00 for our JS on Symphony.
  2. I ended up just calling them, took care of it all on the phone and saved $49.56. Worth a free call. Thanks again to all for the info in this thread.
  3. I'm glad I saw this post. I purchased the DX package for my July sailing on Symphony for $52 a day and now it's $49. For 2 that is a savings altogether of $45.56. Not huge but if I found it on the street I'd pick it up, lol. To get it I just cancel the purchased ones then buy the new ones? If so, use the cancel option in my purchase section of the cruise planner?
  4. Are there any cigar lounges on Symphony of the seas? If not, can they be smoked wherever smoking is allowed, and where would those places be? Also, I think I saw that torch lighters are not allowed on board, majority of cigar smokers use these. Will I be stuck using matches?
  5. Glad to know about the distilled water, I also use a cpap and haven't got around to asking this.
  6. Another question on this topic: where should we pack a product that we want to take onboard, in our carry on or checked luggage? In my case it is the one I took a screenshot of above. No surge protection, no extension cord.
  7. Our upcoming cruise was booked by a family member that also booked 2 other rooms plus ours. She said if we did it that way we would be seated together during dinner times. Does that mean we are "linked" together also?
  8. I bought this one. Think I will have any problems? It said it was cruise ship certified.
  9. I took advantage of the deluxe beverage package for our upcoming cruise, dropped to $52 a day from $56 a day. Figured I'd better lock it in while it was there.
  10. I found out from one of the people we are going with that the double double bonus game he played was a 8/5 game at the $25 credit level, wow. I would walk past those at the dollar level in Las Vegas. Oh well, guess I'll go into it as a big gamble and hope I hit some 4 of a kinds or a royal. Sounds like the best bet would be blackjack as long as the rules are good. Double on any 2 cards, double after splits, etc.
  11. Just wondered how the odds are in the casino since they have a captive audience so to speak. Mostly interested in video poker pay tables and blackjack rules. On VP I would be playing double double bonus $1 machines, maybe some $5. Blackjack would depend on the minimums and if they are 3/2. Will not play 6/5.
  12. I paid my fare fully when booked and repriced it a couple of weeks later.
  13. From what I've read if you preorder the ultimate drink package you must buy for every night of the cruise for each adult in the stateroom. If you wait until on the ship to purchase there has to be at least 4 days remaining for the cruise. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/beverage-drink-package-products
  14. Thanks for the reply @Lovetocruise2002, good to know about the perks for the possible cabin upgrade. We are also cruising on the July 27th one.
  15. First post on any cruise forums, been lurking for a few weeks and signed up today. Anyhow, this will be our first cruise, my wife has been dead set against them, afraid since she can't swim. I always said if the airplanes we fly in has a problem can you fly on your own??? Lol. But since we have family that has been on 2 cruises now on harmony and has had a great time we are taking the plunge this summer. We are sailing on symphony in a junior suite eastern caribbean itinerary. I already purchased "the key" while it was on sale before the price gouge, no better way to describe that, IMO. We are sailing with our family and they are in a grand suite for the upcoming cruise. My questions are: I've read about the royal up program. If I am offered to make a bid and try to go for a GS or higher would we get the upgraded perks that go with those cabins compares to a JS? I'm talking about all day access to the coastal kitchen, lounges and all that? Next question is about the deluxe drinking package. It did go down to $52 a day , buy one, get 50% off second, but went back up to $56 a day for the 20% off total price. Sorta wished I pounced on the better offer. Should I hope for that to return or even a better one down the line? We are gamblers, we go to Las Vegas as much as we can. I was curious if anyone could share video poker pay schedules, my game of choice is double double bonus. Any other tips other than the above would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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