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  1. If you like the price available, lock it in now!! You can always cancel up to 3 days before sailing.
  2. Hoping for a better price. Our first cruise a couple of months ago I regretted not getting a cabana at Labadee, not this time!
  3. I just bought it at that price. For us a cruise is at most a once a year deal, might as well enjoy ourselves. I gotta admits it is an impulse buy, but why not.
  4. Well here I was stalking the cruise planner for the ultimate drinking package for a good price (haven't found it yet) and today I go ahead and buy the Coco beach club floating cabana for our upcoming cruise. At this point I might as well spring for the DBP..... YOLO
  5. Been holding steady at $65pp for our may 2020 harmony cruise. I know I want it, but won't pull the trigger at that price. Hoping for a good black Friday sale that I keep hearing about.
  6. Are you prime in the casino royale program? From what I've learned if so you do not get charged the normal 5% charge. We went on our first cruise and both reached prime. So I think I'll just "download' our casino bankroll for the credit card bonuses.
  7. We just went on our first cruise on Symphony with some family that recommended it. They previously cruised on Harmony. One of them wondered why they moved things around. Took him almost 2 days before he realized he was on a different ship.
  8. My wife and I went on our first cruise ever this past July on Symphony and we got the key at the same price. Since we wanted internet I thought it was a no brainer. Also got the DBP for$49pp. We have a May cruise on Harmony and the key is currently priced at $37.99 and the dbp is $65pp. No way at those prices!!! Gotta keep stalking the cruise planner I guess.
  9. You have to book your free cruise from the certificate within 30 days of your last cruise also.
  10. Do you go through RC or 3rd party?
  11. Ballon ride is available on the cruise planner for our May sailing on Harmony.
  12. On my cruise they dropped from $1299 to $999. Still a hard no from me tho.
  13. Just wondered, did you have a great time on our shared cruise on Symphony a few weeks ago? I was overwhelmed since it was our first cruise, didn't even take enough pics, lol.
  14. To be fair what my first concern would be convenience. Plus a nice stay pre cruise. Whether it is staying close to port, or airport. Transfers is a plus. Pre cruise and post cruise. Been there, done that with Orlando, (wife's family lived there, same with coco beach),. Just want it to be smooth.
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