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  1. No secret, I think I lost some money overall, but I earned over 2500 points by the last night.
  2. Excuse all the open tabs, most are for sports betting. Like I said, I gamble a lot, lol.
  3. If you are referring to me, why would I lie about that?? I've always been shocked on the free cruise offers I've gotten from my one and only cruise, but I gamble, a lot. I just rechecked and I now have 17 free cruise offers, thank you very much...
  4. 14 free cruises ranging from 3 to 8 nights. 3 Harmony and 1 Oasis sailings in the mix. I've only been on 1 cruise before, back in 2019.
  5. Guess I'm glad we booked the 4:20 PM nonstop flight home, sounds stress free, except waiting for the flight I guess.
  6. I thought about that also, went ahead and bought it yesterday during the sale.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. This will be my 2nd cruise ever, and I must of forgot about the gratuities added in on my first one.
  8. Our 6 night Mariner cruise in July came down to $75.99 a night. I went ahead and got it, $1075 total, oof. Still cheaper than yesterday, and I will check the CP daily if it gets cheaper I guess.
  9. Bummer, thanks for the reply. Was it always this way?
  10. I prepaid gratuities when I purchased my cruise, so I was surprised to see them want to add them onto the drink package also. Is this correct? I don't remember doing that back in 2019.
  11. What would of been my second cruise I had a TA book it using the printed offer I earned on my first cruise, but it was canceled due to the pandemic. Thanks for the replies, I'll call Casino Royale first.
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