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  1. So, I've got a cruise booked for March 2022. Out of the brand spanking new cruise port in my home town of Brisbane, Australia - yay! No flight or hotel expenses! And I lucked out big time in the Black Friday sales and scored excellent prices for the deluxe beverage package and Voom - I was a little surprised they were for sale so far out (I mean, it's 477 days today). But I still peruse the Cruise Planner regularly, mostly waiting for shore excursions to come up - I'm cruising back to the South Pacific, and it might be nice to get some more of the local history and culture. When
  2. My cruise isn't til March 2022, but I checked the cruise planner for sales and wow! Deluxe drinks had been $107AUD, and had dropped to $66AUD. Grabbed that, then realised they had Deluxe + Voom for $77AUD. Quick cancel and re-book, and I've saved myself almost $300 on what I was prepared to pay for both together. I call that a win! Plus, there's another Black Friday sale before I cruise - who knows? It may dip even lower?
  3. Thanks all for the advice. Five minutes on the phone with a very charming man named Mario and I had my guest invoice with no fuss! Only 629 days to go
  4. Hi all I recently booked a South Pacific cruise for 2022 (as soon as the itineraries came out here in Australia!) - I figure by then, we'll all be back sailing, even if it may look a little different to what it was in the past. Previously, once I booked (direct with Royal), I'd get a guest invoice, showing the breakdown of my cruise fare, showing the deposit I'd paid and when the balance would be due. This time, all I got was an email stating I'd paid a deposit. Is this the new process? Or should I be contacting Royal to get my guest invoice?
  5. Now I'm home from this cruise, I can comment from my original account! I can now say two things: I've been to New Zealand - Kia Ora to all my new mates there! And that I've cruised with @twangster … although, there were ~4200 other guests and I never knew who any of them were unless we had the good fortune to meet at dinner in the main dining room, or on a shore excursion. I chose this cruise for the Hobbitses - I did the tour out of Tauranga that takes you to Hobbiton. The actual movie set rebuilt for The Hobbit trilogy, in the same spot on the same farm where they filmed the Lord o
  6. 2 February 2020 - Ovation of the Seas, sailing to New Zealand from Australia
  7. I'm a little late to this thread, but as a person of Celtic colouring living in Australia, who has travelled through the Caribbean (my sister opined that the "whitest person on the planet" travelling there was nuts!) - here's the Aussie message about sun protection: slip, slop, slap! Slip on a shirt - long sleeved is good Slop on sunscreen - SPF50 is good, SPF15 is a waste of time and money Slap on a hat - not a baseball cap, which will give the back of your neck and your ears zero protection. Go for something with a brim all around. Following these rules, I came back from
  8. +1 on Cape Canaveral/Kennedy Space Center - fascinating place to spend a day.
  9. I've noted your other questions, but this one I can answer right away - yes, the Mystery Dinner Theatre is on offer. Cruise planner price right now is $109 pp but that's Australian $. It works out to about $80 US. I thought about booking it, but I'm already booked for the Chef's Table and figured next time on Explorer I could do the Mystery Dinner Theatre - hope that decision doesn't bite me on the behind!
  10. I'll be onboard Explorer of the Seas in March this year (a month and a day to go, very excited!). Wouldn't call myself an experienced cruiser, as this is only my second ever cruise, but I'm very keen - it's only been almost 2 years since I made my booking! Explorer cruises out of Australia in our summer, and we'll be going to the South Pacific. If there's anything in particular you want to know about, let me know and I'll see what I can find out for you!
  11. This dates back to 2015, but I'm fairly confident it will hold true to this day. My first cruise, I was about to settle down in the champagne bar on Independence, and was perusing the menu of champagne based cocktails. Had just spotted one made with elderflower liqueur when my surly (now-ex) other half griped and grumbled and made me leave. At dinner in the MDR that night, I asked the bartender for "a drink I saw on a menu, I can't remember the name, it had champagne and elderflower liqueur". The ultimate vague drink order! And that's exactly what she brought me, and it was deli
  12. Got an email this morning advertising sale prices on drink packages, dining packages etc - so yes, the Black Friday sale does apply here in Australia. May not be exactly the same deals as offered in the US, but there are some savings to be had!
  13. Oh @Tink0110, if you're going to be on Independence, I'd love a shot glass from her. She was my first cruise ship, but I was with a surly (now) ex who didn't get the idea of having a small souvenir from travels! Happy to pay (plus shipping to Australia) - or I can offer an exchange, as I'll be on Explorer in just over 100 days
  14. Certainly true about Australia - as an island nation (but it's a pretty big island!), we have a very unique ecosystem and yes, we're very strict on flora/fauna crossing our border. Guess if I want to sail on an Oasis-class ship, I'll have to do it from the US. Factoring that into my super sweet 60th trip in 2022 as we speak! Great blog, @twangster - RCI should have you on the payroll, given how many people you convince to cruise (more) with these blogs!
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