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  1. This is similar to the one they used during the Singapore sailings, my guess it is not changed at all. The actual protocols on the ship might differ though, since there should be a different government requirement
  2. Based on my trip from Singapore, while it is convenient to have everyone have the app, it is not completely needed. At boarding, they only required 1 person to show all the set sail passes. If the place required each person to hold their own, a simple screenshot should suffice. As for emuster, we found the app to be buggy in the sense that it didn’t actually register that you’ve watch the video. We ended up doing it on the Stateroom TV. You don’t need the app for reporting to your station, only your seapass. They can tell whether you’ve watched the video or not. I
  3. Yeah I don’t get why the Australian government is dragging their feet. With the talks about the travel bubble between Singapore and Australia, I would imagine having travellers within Australia is much simpler vs welcoming tourists from another country
  4. Based on the Singapore sailings, the buffet will be served by the staff, no self service. Also one thing I noticed was that plates were only in one location with a staff handing it out at the entrance to the buffet. No plates in the individual lines. For restaurants, it’s as per normal. You wear your mask till there is food on the table. The first thing they will ask you is what kind of water you’d like. Once water is on your table, masks can come off. The try to leave tables empty between groups as much as possible
  5. Oh no...I’ve made another mistake. I swear, it’s not intentional. Please don’t hurt me...again. Thank you and...Sorry? I’m kind of at a lost if I should apologise too. Lol.
  6. To close out my journey on Quantum. Here’s a little video for you guys to enjoy. Quantum of the Seas Ocean Getaway - 1 March
  7. I stayed in the OLS and while I could hear the sound coming from Two70 it actually didn’t bother me. The floor does vibrate but for me I could only make out the bass rumble. The first few times I heard it I actually thought it started raining and it was thunder lol
  8. Yep, posted it a few post ago. The one with the picture of Quantum as we drove away. Overall, the process was really smooth. At your allocated time, you head to the gangway and drop off your tracelet. Head through immigration and you’re done. No more post cruise swab test
  9. Thank you everyone. Really appreciate it. Post cruise withdrawal has started setting in. Walked by a Starbucks yesterday and realized I couldn’t just point at what I want and get it lol.
  10. Haha the thing to know with my dad is he always uses vague language. Like “it’s okay” and “not bad”, but never “great” or “fantastic”. But it did seem like he enjoyed himself so I take it he liked it.
  11. Unfortunately the crew caught me trying to sneak into a lifeboat. But thank you for following along.
  12. Bye Quantum, till we meet again Prior to disembarkation, they were calling out tag numbers to disembark at allocated times. You’d normally get your tag number the night before, but if you’re in star class, your genie will escort you off whenever you are ready. Last disembarkation time was 9.45am Disembarkation was smooth. I was expecting that we were going to do an Antigen Rapid Test at the cruise centre but it seems it has been scrapped. We could leave as soon as we went through immigration. And that’s it. The end of my first cruise, first star class and first li
  13. It’s a bittersweet morning today. We’re back in Singapore, which means that the cruise is soon over. Please, can I stay?
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