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  1. I got my first contact with the Genie around 1 month before the sailing. The pre cruise survey around 10 days before that
  2. Oh my god yes. Its not so much how much to tip since the amount differs quite a bit, but whenever travelling to the US/ places with tipping Culture, I get anxiety about how to go about tipping. On my last cruise, we brought along cash and wasn't sure how to hand it over. Do we leave it in the bill folder or hand it over personally? What if we ate at a complimentary venue where you don't get a receipt? Do we still write the amount in tips on the receipt or will the money inside be indication enough? So. Many. Questions. Once, we left some cash in the folder and wrote the amount on the bill as well. I noticed that I was also charged on my onboard account.
  3. The food is definitely colder compared to eating at the restaurant. I think it really depends on how much the food experience matters to you. Especially for Wonderland, I think one of the main things is the experience you get in the restaurant. For room service, the food also all arrives at once, so you don’t get the courses spaced out.
  4. I wear a few different pairs of specs and depending on their design, I will either get fogging or not regardless of if I put the nose bridge over the top of the mask. A little tip if you can’t get your glasses to stop fogging. Get a small piece of tissue paper and fold it into a thin strip. Place it under your mask just below your nose bridge. It almost always eliminates fogging. It is a little troublesome whenever you take off your mask, but it was something we learnt at work since we have to wear one all day.
  5. Oh, I didn’t know there was an antigen test at the terminal now. In other news, super excited for you. Sad that the seafood tower is gone though. ?
  6. I personally have never seen a no tipping sign here. Tipping itself is getting slightly more common with ride hailing and food delivery apps becoming the norm. Whenever its raining (which is quite often) we tend to tip them just for the slight inconvenience it causes them, but of course it's not expected. And yeah, with ride hailing apps, flagging a taxi down is now a thing of the past lol
  7. As someone from a country where tipping isn't the norm, it gives me a little anxiety whenever I'm tipping. Am I tipping too much, or worse, too little? I feel like the staff are in the back scowling because we short changed them.
  8. Yep I received 1 right when I booked the sailing even though it was over 6 months away. I was like, that can’t be right. Even before covid, check in was 90 days earliest
  9. Thanks everyone Yeah that's what I was thinking too since there is different accounts for both getting and not getting it. That's good to know. I remember sticking to the mini bar last time as I was worried we would get charged for it
  10. Guess I just want to clarify on special case scenarios where the dining and beverage packages can and cannot be used. For the most part, I understand what each of the packages include, but what about the small clauses that is not immediately apparent. Also, what is part of the package itself vs Suite/Star class benefits UDP - Does it include food served in snack locations around around the ship that cost extra (e.g La Patisserie / Bar foods) DBP - Does it include drinks that are ordered from room service? Does it differ if you're in a suite with free room service (i.e Sky class) or star class with in suite dining? - Starbucks isn't included but what about drinks from Vitaly Bar on ships that have them. While I know it may differ from ship to ship, curious on what has your experience been for those who have purchased these in the past.
  11. I hope it’s only temporary. I’ll be really sad if it’s a permanent change
  12. I filled out this form for my CPAP as well. They will provide an extension cord as well as distilled water for your humidifier (If you're using one) They did forget to put the extension cord and water in my stateroom on the first night, but a quick call to guest services got that sorted real quick
  13. In general, the first few emails were spaced around 3 - 5 days between mails. With then having to assist more immediate guests. Once it got closer to the cruise, emails basically went daily for the most part.
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