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  1. My girls ( 9 &11) loved the turtle rescue in GC. They swam with turtles and spent time in a non-turtle pool. It wasn't a ship sponsored excursion but easy to do on your own.
  2. We' eve been to Cozumel 2x. We chose Nachi Cocon Beach club. It was all inclusive and limited to 130 people. Grounds were clean, food and drinks were delicious and the staff were wonderful. We had access to their pool and swim up bar or chairs and umbrellas on the beach. Other clubs have inflatables and are more of a party atmosphere. My family enjoys relaxing (with a little pampering).
  3. I recently messaged RC about the amp- I'd go either way but I'm booked in a suite that was to be built as part of the amp and don't know if I can/should switch rooms(non refundable deposit). Knowing how busy they are I was plesently surprised they responded. They wrote: with global developments rapidly evolving, we're reviewing all options to bring Allure into dry dock this year and determining the extent of enhancements we can make ..." Of course they don't know what's going to happen but it sounds like they are not giving up on the idea of some changes.
  4. Thanks for your insight. I guess we'll find out in the next month what has/hasn't been done. Good luck to all and stay safe.
  5. Hi all- Newbie here. Planned our 1st RC cruise for Aug 2021, before the world changed. We booked Allure's new ultimate panoramic view suite. I realize no one knows what will happen, but just in case the rooms aren't built .... should I put a deposit on another room ( so many people need to rebook cruises I'm afraid inventory will disappear)? Would RC offer something else or just tell me sorry, out of luck? We don't have a lot of extra $ but if we don't make that cruise date we may have to wait until the following summer before we cruise. I was hoping one of you experienced
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