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  1. HA! We have been on 4 cruises never ONCE got Norovirus... first time in WDW it ran through our entire family... 😐
  2. We had a late July cruise this year, we did move it to August 2021 because of the uncertainty. BTW - I am a HUGE Disney World fan and there has been nothing official from them about when they will or won't open. Let's hope we can have nice things again before 2021 🙂
  3. I just got set up with Sharla and she is AMAZING... she was handling stuff for us late in the evening on Friday! I booked our trip myself but with all the COVID-19 stuff going on I switched it over to her to be sure we were covered. Really a fantastic experience so far!
  4. hokaye... that's enough internetting for me today. 🙃
  5. OH THANK GOODNESS - sounds like I'll be getting to enjoy it on the ship!!! Thank you!!!
  6. oooo replying to bump for opinions... I'm looking at the Discovery Bay one also. I really want to snorkel in Jamaica!
  7. Thanks... I'm actually looking at Resortforaday.com and it looks like it's cheaper to go that route AND there are buses every hour back to the port. My husband is really sticking with not doing anything on our own since our kids will be with us *shrug* - this is one of those situations where he feels SUPER strongly and I'm going along with his wishes on it. 🙂 For whatever reason he's ok booking via the resort website.
  8. Hi! Does anyone know if the transportation from the water park back to the port will be by the ending time listed on the excursion description (2pm) OR if there is transportation that runs every hour back?
  9. Oh man I really want to try Izumi but it's not on Liberty of the Seas. They have the express but highly doubt it's even close to eating in the restaurant.
  10. Thanks! I was hoping it was still available because that was a great way to start the cruise 🙂
  11. Hi! We are booked in July 2020 on Liberty of the Seas and was wondering if RC still offered First Night Done Right? We did it in 2017 when we cruised on the same ship; but as of today I haven't seen it on the Cruise Planner.
  12. We have cruised out of Galveston twice in 2017 we never noticed anything to make it faster. I will say the lines were long but moved very quickly. We were there during the rush (I would say 11a) and were on-board in about an hour.
  13. That's a great thing to know!! Thanks for sharing! :)
  14. Hello! What time is muster drill usually done at? We are scheduled to leave Galveston port at 4p. The only reason I am curious is we made First Night Done Right reservations at 6p. I'm concerned we won't have time to get ready after the drill - from what I've read they can last 2 hours... is that correct?
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