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  1. COMPLETLY agree!! We are about 5 hours from port and plan on leaving by 6a. I'm sure I'll be up all night doing last minute stuff before we leave so I will add "checking traffic" to that list!
  2. I'm concerned because we are driving to port that there will be construction delays and we will be late to our 1p check in. I would hope that wouldn't be that big of a deal if we are an hour late
  3. I am taking reef safe sunblock - SunBum brand (smells INCREDIBLE) to use and I have 5 bottles of the spray kind for 2 adults & 2 tall teens. I would rather overpack with a sunscreen I know works for our skin than have to risk getting something that we never tried before. Plus if I have too much I will have all summer to use it up!
  4. Are you 45 or 30 days out? I've noticed some folks can start loading things at 45 days, like me, but can't do the check in boarding until 30 days (hoping that's me) but it did give me the chance to upload EVERYTHING in there so all I have to do is select my boarding time on day 30.
  5. they might, I would suggest checking daily if not multiple times a day.
  6. well I just got a NEW message this time... it says "sorry, we hit a snag try again later." My hopes are like a roller coaster right now . I needed a 1p boarding time so I'm not really sweating it but man it would be NICE to have this completed!
  7. and of COURSE I'm the type A personality and was looking forward to checking this step off the list! hahaha!
  8. When we sailed out of our local port in 2017 for 2 different cruises we were in the line for at least an hour. I'm VERY pleased with the assigned times so we hopefully won't be in a crowded small terminal for a lengthy time.
  9. I love this cause this is ALSO ME! I've had 3 cruises and we do a nice vacation every year (except 20-21) but I have that mental checklist that HAS to be completed before I can even think about relaxing. I think you might be forgetting the "car pre-pack" - where you take everything out and make sure it all fits in the car at LEAST 3 days before you leave.
  10. I saw on a Facebook group that the cases are going back up in Belize.
  11. has anyone had the "not quite ready for you" message when trying to select your arrival time? Curious to see if we are all getting it meaning it's something to do with our departure port or ship or if it's something else entirely if some people are able to get into this part of the check in.
  12. this is happening to us also... we are sailing out of Galveston June 5th, and I'm getting that same message. what fun...
  13. if it's not open when we go in June I will try to remember to ask & report back!
  14. Yesssss!!! I am really hoping they open again. I think they just built one in El Paso, Tx recently so there is a smidge of hope!!
  15. I don't remember where I saw it for sure, but probably posted here, that it might be opening back up in May. If it does I'll cancel the other excursion that we have booked at this port to go to the water park. We did it in 2017 & it was so much fun!
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