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  1. Thanks for the link, @LogicallyLazy! I'll have a look at it and see if they can arrange anything. Oh by the way, not sure if you've heard about it but Wonderland has been suspended temporarily. Heard that it's due to staffing issues. Hope it'll be back by Jan 2022, but seeing as how unpredictable things are right now, I'm not keeping my hopes up.
  2. Hahaha, @LogicallyLazy thanks for replying to me on this post as well. Based on current prices, the upgrade would cost an additional SGD 2.6K. Pretty hefty (as least for me) for something that is entirely a want and not a need. But to be honest, prices for this sailing are pretty low compared to the rest, hence the temptation. Actually, I'm not sure how the price differs from pre-covid times. That is, if the current prices are a steal. Does anyone know how much a GLS cost pre-covid?
  3. Oh I see. Thanks for listing out the rooms for the various classes! Hope I do get to bid for SC! Anyway, I was looking up on the minimum bids and in case anyone is interested, Milelion shed some light on this in his blog - https://milelion.com/2021/01/16/cruise-to-nowhere-a-first-timers-booking-guide/ For some context, the numbers are based on an upgrade from a Grand Suite - 1 Bedroom on a 5D4N sailing on Quantum of the Seas in 2021.
  4. Thank you so much for this live blog! I'm booked for a Jan 2022 sailing on QOTS too, albeit a 3N one so it'll be a different sail date from your upcoming 4N cruise. Our previous sailing on 17 May 2021 got cancelled at the very last minute due to the heightened alert restrictions that took effect on 16 May. Was utterly disappointed and crushed until recently when RCI released new sailings till Feb 2022. Keeping fingers crossed that my Jan sailing would materialise this time. I'm contemplating making an upgrade from Sky Class to Star Class. Hesitant about splurging but I'm also keen to make this experience a memorable one for my parents. It's been such a looonnngg time since we travelled so this cruise would be an amazing opportunity to get out of Singapore (well, sort of). Coincidentally, my dad LOVES seafood as well so the SC seafood tower rite of passage is definitely enticing. I've gathered a lot of valuable information about the genie/SC experience on this forum thanks to you guys and am almost certain that I want to make the jump. Guess the only thing holding me back is that my dad, being frugal, advised against paying more for a cruise. Not sure how much it'll take to convince him that being in SC almost guarantees it'll not just be another cruise experience. I've digressed... but anyway, I was wondering if you had an opinion on whether the loft suites are relatively accessible as my parents have mobility issues. Based on my understanding, unlike on other ships, the loft suites on QOTS are not equipped with a lift so that'll make climbing to the 2nd level tough. That said, it seems that the sofa on the 1st level converts into a bed, thus my question is - is this bedding uncomfortable? Also, as a few of you have mentioned in other posts, loft suites are situated at the AFT and so walking to and fro the suites and other parts of the ship would be an issue for us as well. Wished that was another lift nearer to the lofts... Lastly, do you know if we'll be able to request for a wheelchair or anything that might come in handy for guests with mobility issues? My parents can walk and climb stairs but it's just strenuous for them. I'd hate to think that an upgrade from a non-loft suite to a loft suite inconveniences them. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I'll be sailing in Jan 2022, 4D3N on Quantum of the Seas and was wondering if anyone knew what are the minimum bids from a Grand Suite 1 Bedroom to the other suites? (i.e., Grand suite 2 BR, Owner's suite, Sky Loft, Grand Loft, Owner's Loft and Royal Loft) (not sure if I misspelled any of the suite categories but basically anything higher than a GS) It's roughly 6 months to sailing but I'm just REALLY excited because my May 2021 sailing got cancelled due to Covid and I'll be celebrating my graduation this time around. Another thing...after reading about all the wonderful reviews about Star Class, I'M SOLD. It sounds like a great experience but a grad school pay doesn't cover much. Was hoping to "save" some moolah through a RoyalUp (since we're currently in sky class) but I'm not sure how much to bid for. Thanks in advance!
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