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  1. Just jumping in on this thread instead of starting a new one.... If my cruise was cancelled before Lift and Shift was offered, and I have the unused FCC I was given for the cancellation...can I exchange that FCC for the Lift and Shift and just have them move my previously cancelled cruise ahead one year.?
  2. I think what is getting me, is that I am looking for another summer cruise in July and the final payment date is due now (or very soon).
  3. Agreed. You would think after all of this and the negative press cruising in general got, they would want to make it as easy as possible to get people back on their ships. As it is now, I'm probably just going to opt for the refund and choose a summer cruise based on price whether it be with Royal or not.
  4. I think what is messing me up is that the final payment for the July cruise is now....so I can't wait until May 31st to pay the balance with FCC.
  5. It really puts people in a bind who had a summer (June) cruise cancelled, and want to rebook another summer cruise (July) using their FCC. Since the final payment date is basically "now" and I won't get my FCC until May sometime, there is nothing I can do, at this point opting for the refund might be my best bet (but I hate giving up that extra 25%).
  6. It is confusing the way they name it. Basically it refers to how many devices you can have signed in at one time. You can bring ten devices...but only three can be logged in at one time.
  7. There are also some off site parking options available at Miami with shuttles (just have to Google for them). Also, some hotels offer Park & Cruise deals that allow you to stay a night at the hotel and park your car there while on the cruise. Some offer free shuttles, while other's charge for the shuttle, so do your research so you don't get hit with an unexpected shuttle charge.
  8. This is all your fault: https://www.10news.com/news/some-americans-refusing-to-buy-or-drink-corona-beer-amid-coronavirus-outbreak-according-to-survey
  9. You can play both MyVegas and the Konami slots game using the same Facebook account (I am not sure what other type of account you can have) and run up loyalty coins simultaneously. The thing I have done, though it is a grind, is just find a game that requires no (or very little interaction) and let it run in the background at work or at home making manageable bets so I can withstand the frequent losing streaks. It seems like some days the loyalty points are capped and stop accumulating after a certain number...other days it seems like there is no cap. When I see I am not accumulating loyalt
  10. Check out MSC if you ever see them come up as a reward. They had some absurdly priced "free" cruises this past winter (50,000 loyalty coins for a 7 day cruise). I hope they bring those back next year.
  11. The only thing that may have changed since I went is that I know that NCL now (and maybe they did before) offers an interior guarantee for cheaper that does not get the perks. If that is the cabin category they give now with MyVegas then you would be right...I'm thinking you wouldn't get it. When we went in 2018...we did....but again, not sure if that cabin category was available then or not.
  12. I took a "free" NCL cruise with my 19 year old son without issue (in Dec. 2018). I say "free" because NCL hits you with the normal taxes and fees plus another charge for booking through their casino program. I did however get the "free" beverage package included and my son got the "free" soda package (which we were able to upgrade to their beer/wine package on board). Overall, it ended up being slightly less than half price for what it would have cost me to book the cruise myself. It was definitely fun and I would do it again.
  13. Is that by ship? Somebody posted a flyer on a forum yesterday from the BOGO offer they saw when they got on the ship which took the price considerably lower than I ever saw it on the Cruise Planner for our cruise (I check a lot too). However, the flyer they showed was not from the ship I sailed on. My question is....is it always cheaper to purchase on the Cruise Planner for your sailing, or is there a chance you could see it on board for cheaper (i.e. would somebody from the sailing for the flyer that was shown have gotten an even better deal than that on the Cruise Planner)? (Sor
  14. I had a NYE cruise booked on Oasis and "thought" I could buy the AARP RC gift certificates to pay it off and save money. I didn't read the (not-so) fine print (AARP had it right on the screen, I just assumed these were like the Carnival cards I had used the year before). When I went to apply them to my NYE cruise I was told I couldn't use them, that they could only be used on new bookings made directly through Royal. The only "upside" in all of this is that I have another Oasis cruise booked for June now (using those gift certificates). I would steer clear unless you are very sur
  15. On our cruise on Oasis over New Years, the first night was called "casual" or "resort casual" or something. It was basically, "Wear what you have because we know we probably haven't gotten your luggage to you yet."
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