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  1. How and when do you claim this credit? I have a cruise coming up and own stock and had no idea
  2. Could someone just say they’ve been within 6 feet of someone who went to China and get a full refund?
  3. Is there a dress code in main dining room at dinner? For both kids and adults?
  4. there is a lot of talk about "to go" or "not to go". my question is more about the environment on cruises right now and if things aren't normal will it put a damper on the trip (like everyone on the pool deck wearing masks).
  5. supposed to cruise from ft. lauderdale on march 8 (in 9 days) with wife and 4 kids. trying to decide if we should go (leaning toward yes). are things "normal" on cruises right now? i'm not that worried about anyone getting coronavirus but will everyone be wearing masks? will the cruise be half empty? are things normal? no idea what to do.
  6. hello - i have an upcoming (march 9) 6 night cruise from ft. lauderdale (to grand cayman, and mexico). will be with wife and 4 kids between 4-8 yrs old. we have never gone on a cruise before. all of the coronavirus stuff is making me re-think the trip. anyone have thoughts? no idea if i'm being too paranoid and if i should create a plan-B. leaning towards just going given the safety measures in place, and the statistics seem favorable. at same time, do not want to be quarantined with 4 kids. appreciate anyone's thoughts.
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