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  1. Skip the beach and do the Kennedy Space Center!
  2. What do you think it’s lineage will be: Evolution of the Oasis Class Evolution of the Quantum Class Clean sheet design Or something else? My realistic vote is an evolution of the Quantum Class. My wish is for a clean sheet design!
  3. I wouldn’t mind helping with something like this.
  4. Correct, for a court to rule on an issue, someone has to sue. To sue you need to have standing. To have standing you need to have been ‘harmed’ by said law. There are plenty of historic examples of people purposely putting themselves in violation of a law in order to challenge it in court. This could be one of those times.
  5. I don't think Florida has a leg to stand on when it comes to banning so-called "Vaccine Passports". In Zucht v. King (1922), the court ruled that schools could bar students who had not been vaccinated. The court has also ruled that denying service to a customer is legal as long is it not because of a person's status in one of the following protected classes: race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. The unvaccinated are not a protected class. And federal law clearly has jurisdiction as the cruise lines are engaged in interstate commerce. Health privacy laws don't apply because RCL is not your healthcare provider and it would be you who would be divulging your medical status. Now a new ruling could change this, but the court has (at least historically) been hesitant to overturn previous precedents. Clearly Celebrity either has an inside track they are working or are very confident in their legal standing.
  6. I second this. There are a lot of hotels near the Newport stop on the PATH train. You can walk to the Hudson River and enjoy the view of Manhattan, there are stores and a mall right there in case you forgot anything. A quick train ride will have you in Midtown or Downtown Manhattan. Lastly, it is a convenient 20 min drive to the port and about the same to Newark. Here is the area I am talking about.
  7. Found it. Most likely the trains would be routed right through the middle of Philadelphia in order to cross the Delair Bridge. https://www.inquirer.com/business/philadelphia-lng-gibbstown-new-fortress-energy-port-drbc-fracking-trains-20200920.html
  8. What stretch of rail was the problem? Howard Street Tunnel in Baltimore?
  9. It looks like Southwest is coming to MIA. That should mean cheaper flight directly to Miami instead of the detour via Fort Lauderdale. Link to article
  10. Well if it makes you feel any better, they are simulated mines...
  11. Apparently there is s a lot more going on off the coast of Coco Cay than you might think. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/33090/how-american-and-allied-submarines-regularly-fight-to-the-death-off-the-bahamas That’s right, there is a US Navy shallows/mine field training area just to the west of a Coco Cay. I had known about the much larger deep water training area to the south but the minefield was news to me. The facility that support these areas, AUTEC, was used to support the US response to Hurricane Dorian. How cool would it be to see a sub surfacing while cruising near Coco Cay?
  12. @twangster St. John. I paid attention to your live blog.
  13. After a quick check of Google Maps, you are correct! Tamp never even occurred to me, I was thinking Europe somewhere.
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