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  1. They have added stuff other then specialty restaurants to the smaller ships over the year just not on the same scale as the Amplification Program. Most of the smaller ships have had kids splash pads installed, rock walls were added. The most significant renovation to a smaller ship was when they cut Enchantment in half and lengthened her. That added an additional pool and pool bar, more shops, Boleros and obviously more cabins. At some point they also added the trampoline thing to the front of the ship (not that it ever seemed to be open when I was on in 2015). All that said, I don't think you will see any big changes anymore. The ships are paid for, just keep them in good shape and make the money.
  2. This is where Mariner got its Izumi and they got hibachi as well.
  3. You might have to be a member of the group. I’ll see if he posted it anywhere else.
  4. I found this on Facebook from Rob Stone Photography. He brought a drone to Coco Cay (he was initially told he could use it before someone else told him no). You can see a tiny bit of what is going on behind the construction walls. Unfortunately is is not very much. But hey, something is better than nothing. Edit: new link as the last one was private.
  5. Out of curiosity, what about sea days do you like that would be unavailable while parked at CocoCay?
  6. Is that a ISS module being the 747 tail? Looks like maybe a mock up of the Destiny Lab?
  7. I will gladly take two days at CocoCay. We were just there in June. I think my wife would kill me if I booked another one, but she might forgive me if there were two days at CocoCay.
  8. That’s kind of ironic because they were originally built for the Navy! Heck of a plane.
  9. I’ve slept great on all three ship I’ve been on, including Navigator earlier this summer.
  10. Classic Lounge works. I am not sure it is the best but I can't think of anything better. While it does have a bar, you would only ever go in there for the entertainment. Since it is entertainment first, bar second, I would keep in in entertainment.
  11. Thanks for all of the work. Possible suggestion. Maybe combine venues that differ in name only. The biggest example I saw was the classic lounge. On Majesty it is called the Spectrum, you have all of the vision class lumped together, and on Navigator has the Star Lounge, but they are all pretty much the same venue. Just a thought. Thanks again.
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