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  1. I like any of the hotels near the Newport PATH train station. On the water, nearby stores and restaurants, not far from the terminal. And most importantly you can take the train (more like a subway) directly to Greenwich Village and Midtown Manhattan. Do some shopping, sightseeing, or what I do, see a show! Link to Newport Station on Google Maps
  2. Pretty sure that is the end of the dock. They don't need the dock to go the whole length of the ship. There are tie off points beyond the end of the dock structure to help secure the ship. Here is an example from San Juan. And another from Roatan.
  3. Looks like they have it back under control but man, that looks like a rough day.
  4. That's okay, when I booked my European vacation I accidentally booked our last hotel in London for one more day than I needed. Unfortunately, it was unrefundable. The lady at the desk looked at me weird when I checked out a day early. OOPS.
  5. Well, you have created a problem for yourself. Cruise ships work differently than a hotel. Your SeaPass card is what is used to get into your room. It is also your identification for the ship as well as what they use to charge your account for purchases. If you switch rooms, then you have to switch SeaPass cards. If you do that then you will run into problems when you try to leave or return to the ship because you will not match the picture that appears when they scan your card. Additionally, you will be responsible for any charges made on that SeaPass card. You could possibly work around these issues by trading back SeaPass cards before a port visit but that would be a nightmare. I am not sure if they will switch things for you at guest services. Doesn't hurt to ask, but don't get your hopes up. (if any of this is wrong please correct me)
  6. It’s legit. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/03/16/first-look-new-offerings-perfect-day-cococay
  7. I am considering booking a cruise for myself, my wife, and our 18 month old (at the time of the cruise). While I realize that cruising with a young child is different than without, what would a sea day look like in this scenario? Can anyone who has done this before give an idea what kind of activities you did with your toddler on a sea day or a rough timeline? Thanks!
  8. Maybe because the ship is destined for 3/4 day cruises they figure there will be few diamonds etc?
  9. For Amtrak stops you have two main options: Newark Penn Station and New York Penn Station (confusing I know, they were both owned at one time by the Pennsylvania Railroad). If you want to stay in Manhattan and do that thing before the cruise get off at New York Penn Station. If you want to avoid all of that, get off at Newark. I would recommend hotels by the airport/Elizabeth or in Jersey City. Jersey City also has the advantage of being able to take the PATH train to Manhattan for cheap and nice views of the NY skyline. I made a little map to help. Have fun and I am super jealous.
  10. The water slides and tower are all prefab. It will go up very quickly. Once the foundations are ready (which they obviously are) the rest is easy.
  11. Let's have a little fun. For each ship you have been on, list your favorite and least favorite thing about that ship. Could be something about the ship itself, an activity, a crew member, food, drink, etc. Enchantment of the Seas Best: Large pool deck for sail away parties with ocean-facing bar! Worst: Limited food options Majesty of the Seas Best: The largest Boleros in the fleet (?)! Worst: Viking Crown Lounge is underutilized.
  12. I can easily find which ships have children water areas but which ships have areas for small children in swim diapers? Thanks, StayFrosty
  13. I was watching LovetoCruise’s scope for Coco Cay and she said that she was surprised how small it appeared. Made me wonder which is bigger. So here are two screenshots from Google Maps that are at the same scale. Coco Cay Labadie Coco Cay is significantly bigger then Labadie in physical area but the developed area is slightly smaller. This is part of the reason I loved Coco Cay. If you kept walking you would eventually leave the rest of the visitors behind and have your own little slice of paradise. Once the “Perfect Day” expansion is complete, the developed area on Coco Cay will be significantly larger than Labadie So why does Coco Cay seem smaller. It is an optical illusion. Coco Cay is an island and flat while Labadie is a peninsula and has more varied geography. While I know I will love the new Coco Cay in its own way, part of me is going to miss the undeveloped nature of what it used to be.
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