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  1. Same thing happened to me. They looked at me like I was crazy. We unfortunately were not able to talk our way into traditional. I am not a fan of MyTime Dining. We were seated at a two-top by ourselves every night. I like being seated with other people in traditional dining. I also felt like the waiters were much more rushed in MyTime. I am glad you got it worked out. Love Navigator!
  2. The escape room pics that @Matt posted on the blog look awesome. Great production values. I am a huge escape room and space history fan. I might have to book the ship just for the escape room. Most expensive escape room ever!
  3. Hit the slides while in port. Don’t miss the piano player in the Schooner Bar. I love the movies by the pool (the Lime and the Coconut Bar is open late!). Book the escape room. Don’t miss iSkate, the drones are amazing! Here is my live blog from June.
  4. That escape room looks amazing!!!!! Is it bad that I want to book a sailing just for that?
  5. No worries there. The Virgin Pendolino trains, like almost all British trains, have a narrower loading gauge (the trains are narrower). US lines can take wider trains so using a UK train set here would unnecessarily squeeze passengers. Those trains are electric and use a tilting technology that is not really needed on the Florida route which is very straight and non-electrified. Lastly those trains wouldn't meet US crash worthiness standards. I haven't heard any complaints about the new trains that Brightline purchased but they will need more once service expands to Orlando. Hopefully Virgin will make better choices than they did for their British franchises.
  6. I think that the staff member running the escape room on Navigator said it had around a 30%ish success rate. It was not the hardest room I have done but it was a lot of fun. We only barely finished in time mainly due to not being able to fine something at one point.
  7. It is my understanding the Virgin Trains bought out Brightline and will be changing the branding to Virgin sometime next year. That is how I read it as well. If it was the same train, it would need to do a fairly significant reverse move to access the Miami terminal and the port. Everything that I have read about this previously sounds like it will just be a single station at the port near the current trans-loading facility. So you still have the problem of the "last mile" to the terminal. Seems like a waste if you have to take the train to the Miami terminal, transfer to the train to the port, then transfer to the bus to the terminal. Might as well just get on a bus to the port at the Miami Terminal. Now if they the do a time-separated light rail and do a loop to all of the terminals via a combination of private right-of-way and street running, that might be worth it but it would be more difficult and costly to construct.
  8. Enchantment of the Seas (988ft) has been in Baltimore previously and will be again and it is longer than a Radiance Class ship (962 ft).
  9. They have added stuff other then specialty restaurants to the smaller ships over the year just not on the same scale as the Amplification Program. Most of the smaller ships have had kids splash pads installed, rock walls were added. The most significant renovation to a smaller ship was when they cut Enchantment in half and lengthened her. That added an additional pool and pool bar, more shops, Boleros and obviously more cabins. At some point they also added the trampoline thing to the front of the ship (not that it ever seemed to be open when I was on in 2015). All that said, I don't think you will see any big changes anymore. The ships are paid for, just keep them in good shape and make the money.
  10. This is where Mariner got its Izumi and they got hibachi as well.
  11. You might have to be a member of the group. I’ll see if he posted it anywhere else.
  12. I found this on Facebook from Rob Stone Photography. He brought a drone to Coco Cay (he was initially told he could use it before someone else told him no). You can see a tiny bit of what is going on behind the construction walls. Unfortunately is is not very much. But hey, something is better than nothing. Edit: new link as the last one was private.
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