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  1. Somehow talked the wife into letting me go solo. Actually wasn't that much arm twisting, especially with the great price on a solo studio.
  2. I agree with what's been said. With all of the activities, Star Class was a huge plus for us on Anthem. Not having to wait in lines for bumper cars, or being able to get right in to the shows was fantastic. I also agree that it was quite a long walk back to the aft of the ship every time to go to our room, and I missed the atmosphere of the O class ships.
  3. I loved the Schooner Bar on Majesty. It was very big to accommodate trivia, etc. And the views were fantastic with the windows.
  4. We stayed in a Grand Suite on Enchantment last Thanksgiving. The concierge will help you with any issues instead of Guest Services. You'll also get water and fruit delivered to your room. You get to order free room service, and you can order room service from the MDR during dining hours. We did not use the concierge lounge at all on our 4 nighter. You also can dine at Chops for breakfast, which is nice. On debarkation, you can dine in Chops for breakfast, and then the concierge will walk you off the ship, somewhat expedited. You can also get priority lines for getting off the ship in ports, although it was never really an issue on Enchantment for us. One word of warning, we had a fair amount of noise in our GS from the pool deck above. You can follow the link in my signature for our live blog from the Oasis/Enchantment S2S we did last year.
  5. Stephanie is my agent and is fantastic.
  6. We will be on Oasis 2/23/2020. I don't think I would be able to get away with 2 star class sailings within a month...
  7. Just let him go to Windjammer and get Mongolian.
  8. @Lovetocruise2002 thinking of eating somewhere other than CK? I'm shocked. Not very on brand for the President of #TeamCK! 😂
  9. Could be sooner. I have a feeling we are booking Brilliance...
  10. Me, Abby, and Virginia will be among the Deck 17 crew.
  11. Oasis Class are our favorite. We love the neighborhoods and how wide the ship is. We also really like being able to move from aft to forward easy via deck 5,6, or 8.
  12. We did a LyftXL for three of us with 5 suitcases and it was $27 total.
  13. @Lovetocruise2002 as I sit at work, (ugh that sucks typing it. Where's Shane?) I'm still riding a high from this cruise. So many great memories and stories. Putting faces and personalities to usernames was awesome. We can't wait to see everyone again!
  14. He has been throwing around celebratory sweet treats today, so maybe. Or a gift from Next Cruise for all of the bookings for Allure 2021. 😉
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