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  1. Just let him go to Windjammer and get Mongolian.
  2. @Lovetocruise2002 thinking of eating somewhere other than CK? I'm shocked. Not very on brand for the President of #TeamCK! πŸ˜‚
  3. Could be sooner. I have a feeling we are booking Brilliance...
  4. Me, Abby, and Virginia will be among the Deck 17 crew.
  5. Oasis Class are our favorite. We love the neighborhoods and how wide the ship is. We also really like being able to move from aft to forward easy via deck 5,6, or 8.
  6. We did a LyftXL for three of us with 5 suitcases and it was $27 total.
  7. @Lovetocruise2002 as I sit at work, (ugh that sucks typing it. Where's Shane?) I'm still riding a high from this cruise. So many great memories and stories. Putting faces and personalities to usernames was awesome. We can't wait to see everyone again!
  8. He has been throwing around celebratory sweet treats today, so maybe. Or a gift from Next Cruise for all of the bookings for Allure 2021. πŸ˜‰
  9. @WAAAYTOOO covered it very well. I would just add that if you let Shane know ahead of time what you like to eat, and what activities you want to do, he will get it all organized. On embarkation day he had a spreadsheet that covered every day, and included the group cruise activities that I emailed him about. Every night he also emails us the next day’s schedule. He has been so great with the group cruise. We communicate with him via email. My wife sends him our desired breakfast order every night for the next morning and it shows up, plus whatever she wants from Starbucks. We see him several times per day, and any changes we’ve wanted to make have been very easy to communicate and change. He booked Northstar multiple times, as well as iFly and the Escape Room, that way if we missed one we could do it later in the sailing. Attached is an example of the schedule.
  10. So, we stopped at the Amsterdam Cheese store, and we are not big Gouda fans, but it was delicious. Definitely thinking about getting some to bring back when we are here next. We also stopped at La Suciere in Coles Bay, and it was fantastic. It appears the Belgian Chocolate place may be closed, at least according to GoogleMaps. We didn’t look too hard for it, but I know @tiny260 was planning on trying to go.
  11. Shane is fantastic. Such a great personality and willingness to provide a great experience.
  12. GPC was fine. We had booked it with a hotel package in Orlando. Our problem was that it didn't pick us up from the hotel until 11:30 am, so we wouldn't have gotten to the port until almost 1. We like to arrive earlier than that, so now out of PC we either rent a car or go with smart-two.
  13. Yesterday my in-laws were asking my wife where we were going and she said "The Bahamas", as I quietly muttered "No" under my breath... To which she replied "I don't really know, I just get on the plane and go on vacation." Also freaking out a little because I have yet to pack anything. Brought the suitcases upstairs yesterday, but work has been severely getting in the way of my packing ability.
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