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  1. Is there anyway to see excursions offered before booking? I know they can change but would like to get an idea of whats availble and pricing.
  2. So what are my options here? pretty much nothing? Do I have to call and spend 5 hours on hold to find out?
  3. yes I really prefer to go out of Puerto Rico. I dont like the extra 2 days of crusing. I like a schedule of wake up eat and go, get back late, eat sleep, repeat. but so far I'm not seeing anything
  4. I had a cancellation for My current Oct 11th out of PR, I want to use the Lift and Shift for the same cruise in Oct 2021, but no cruises show for Sept or Oct ( under new bookings, I didnt do anything with my actual Lift&Shift yet). Does that mean there really are no cruises or are they just not showing in the new booking section yet waiting to see if they fill with other Lift and Shift's - I can only go in Oct 2021, so I cant take the Nov that does show
  5. Thanks again for all the responses. I ended up getting an Annual insurance from "April Travel Protection" - the cost was only a little more than buying it for the1 trip and gives me coverage for multiple trips for the next year. I have a few days to cancel, so if anyone knows of a reason this is bad or has bad experience with the company please let me know.
  6. Lots of good info above, brings me to 1 more question.. using the actual fly leave date to return fly date and including all expenses, how would it work if the ship got quarantined at sea 2 weeks? I assume the insurance only kicks in for the days/expenses missed after it SHOULD have returned to port? so if medical expenses were incurred during AND after the coverage date, would they be covered? the thinking is, if I had the extra 3 days coverage supposedly in Orlando, but stuck on ship for 2 weeks instead ( making 11 days past coverage), would any associated expenses up to the amount in
  7. Hi Joe, That all makes sense. It looks like I will include everything in the costs and dates. Thanks for the detailed reply and suggestions. Fred
  8. I'm looking at online quotes and they ask for "trip Cost" and dates- What do I include here? My trip would consist of flying in, hotel 1 night, cruise 7 days with 6 days excursions, return to port, car rental drive to Orlando hotel for another 3days then fly home. ( 12 days total) I really am only concerned with the fly in and cruise and excursions - the car/orlando/hotel- is not an issue So what do I include in that "trip cost" and dates? do I have to include everything? Can I just use the dates until the cruise ends and not worry about anything after that? do I in
  9. It looks like I have some calls to make to determine which offers the coverages I'm looking for. Thanks for all the replys!
  10. I've read through a few documents for coverage but am not really sure whats covered / not covered.. is the insurance offered by RC the best one to get or should I go with someone else? Does the Insurance cover just the Cruise or also the flight to the cruise and extended days after the cruise ( IE staying in orlando a couple days) before flying home are delays causing missed flights covered - If ship gets back a few hours late and miss flight, are new flight, transportation, and hotel costs covered? ( relatives just got back 9 hours late, had out of pocket expenses $1500 for hot
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