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  1. My wife and I are on this sailing also. Can't wait to sail on this ship.
  2. The only thing is, all the voucher numbers are new codes that I have never seen before, and I would have never known about the other amounts if I wouldn't have contacted them myself. This would all be easier if royal had a website where you could check FCC amounts issued in your name.
  3. I took the advice of some members on here, and contacted Royal on messenger with an FCC question. They responded in lightning time, and actually found more FCC's under my name and my wife's name than my TA had told me we had. I was very happy with the chat results with customer service. All up until the end. I asked if I could have all the info emailed to me, so I could forward voucher numbers and amounts to my TA so she could apply them to a cruise we have on hold. This is the exact quote from my chat with customer service. "Hey Brad, we are not physically reissuing FCC's. You can just
  4. 2 right now. Odyssey Jan 2022 Independence May 2022 Hope we get to go on both.
  5. So do I need to request a new FCC cert? When I try to check the balance on the RCCL website, it keeps saying that my original cert has been used.
  6. I'm sure someone knows the answer to this, so any help would be great. As with everyone else, my wife and I have FCC's from several cancelled cruises. We had original FCC certs issued after the first one. We have now booked Odyssey in Jan of 2022, using some of the FCC we have. Do we have to wait until after that cruise is complete to get a new certificate issued for the remainder of unused FCC? We are looking to book another cruise in May 2022 to use them up. But, if I remember correctly, we have to use FCC's by April 2022, and sail by Sept 2022. Are these rules still in effect? Will
  7. We are booked on Navigator in May. We have 2 joining balconies, my wife and I in room 1, and our two teen daughters in room 2. Our travel agent booked the rooms under 2 different reservation numbers. If I buy the 4 Device Voom internet under my reservation, can the package be used by people in the other room? This is probably an easy question, but I cannot find that info anywhere on the RCCL website. Thanks for your help.
  8. Can't wait to sail on her in Jan. 2022!!!
  9. June 2018 Alaska on Explorer. My wife and I enjoyed the BEST crab we have ever had at Tracy's Crab shack in Juneau. I will never forget that. My 2 teenage daughters didn't want to eat crab that day, they should have!! Also, just the family time together in Alaska, it was beautiful.
  10. Shows up on our Jan 24 Independence sailing also.
  11. On both of my Symphony and Adventure cruises that got cancelled, I prebooked my spot at each of the tourneys through the cruise planner, so yes, they have been offered before. You could also buy casino lessons and other things through the casino. But they are not listed now.
  12. Just looked in cruise planner for my Jan 24 cruise on IOS, and there are no listings for any of the casino tourneys. I was looking to reserve my spot at the Black Jack and Texas Holdem tourneys, but they are not listed in the cruise planner. Has anyone heard anything about this? Should I be worried that the casino won't even be opened?
  13. Just wondering if anyone has tried the Redeem Your Cruise Credit on the RCCL website. Seems easy, but I wonder if they will let me put some of my FCC towards the down payment online? I have a new cruise on a courtesy hold, waiting for them to reissue some FCC that didn't really get used, because my Aug 29 cruise was cancelled. I am thinking of trying it out, but really hoping my new FCC gets issued before July 15, when supposedly my courtesy hold runs out.
  14. Are they just waiting as long as they can, to hold our money even longer? My Aug. 29 cruise on Symphony still shows on my cruise planner, they haven't changed the date from July 31 yet on their website. Is this another one of their tactics to start the 30, 45, or 90 day clock, whichever one they are going by now? They have now got money of mine for 2 cruises that have been cancelled. I am getting a little worried that I may never see any of it back. Any thoughts on why they have not announced anything yet?
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