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  1. Is it sort of like the Atkins diet? Protein heavy? I’ve often thought about this but I love bread and all forms of potatoes so don’t think I’d cope too well!
  2. We cruised, our first one, on explorer back in August and our eldest had decided she is vegan. The menu was pretty good, she enjoyed it. It was a 13 night cruise and it got repeated after the first week but with 2 or 3 choices for each course she was happy ( minor miracle with a teenager!! ). They were also printed on card and looked like a “proper menu” if you know what I mean... Just to be clear about my personal preference I have 2 lamb shanks and a steak one night, but each to their own live and let live 🙂 Nikkoo
  3. Hi, The biggest benefit we found was they could use ‘either’ the US or UK offer and give you the best offer, on top of what ever they were offering on the cruise it’s self. We have one booked for early 2021 and it was £300 per person cheaper than if I booked through the uk website. They were very helpful to boot 🙂 Booked another buy only saved £50 pp but also got $100 OBC per room, 3 rooms! Check the website before you visit and see how you get on. Booking holidays is fun 😉 Nikkoo
  4. On our recent cruise from Southampton on the explorer they had strong bow dark fruit. It was so nice on the hot days ❤️ Do they have that when sailing out of the us? thanks, Nikkoo
  5. We peaked on day 4 spending 4x the daily value! After that we kept at a respectable 2-3x the daily value 😉
  6. On our cruise every spirit poured was a double. In the uk 50ml is considered a double. Every spirit was poured in the big cup until it over flowed. We we had a great time 😉
  7. Hey, We are in Europe and we’re not able to reprice. Even though the price change was considerable, we had 3 rooms! I pushed and pushed on the phone to them and got some extra OBC for each room. No where near the amount I was short but better than nothing. Keep on asking and play the silent game with them, if they talk first you’re closer to getting something 😉 Something to note though... when booking on board a couple of weeks ago we were told that even though we are in Europe we would be able to reprice one time the cruise we booked on board. I hope that’s true 🙂 Nikkoo
  8. Just a quick note / suggestion from our cruise just gone, our first ever so I’m in no way an expert, but if you have to drive after disembarking think about that the night before! In all fairness our usual Barman asked me at about 8:30pm if I was driving from Southampton or getting picked up. When I said driving he said “not too much tonight then” which I thought was a great thing. I had planned to stop at 9 anyway to give it a good 12 hours but the fact he asked was a really good and responsible thing. I had not been rolling around drunk or anything but some nights we were in there until 12 or later. I felt like he genuinely cared 🙂
  9. We have about 18 months until our symphony cruise! I hope you enjoy yours 🙂 We had a white night on the explorer last week but as we knew nothing about it, first ever cruise and no compasses for it, we did not have anything. Was still good fun though 🙂 Nikkoo
  10. I’m sure there must be a doctor or scientist on the forum but... I’m 99.9% positive you can’t get sun burnt through glass. You get hot, but the glass reflects the uv which causes the burning. Please double check with somebody who does more than build tall buildings for a living!!
  11. Hi guys, We have been on Explorer for a week now, just starting day 8! I thought I’d give you my point of view on some stuff coming from a very first time cruiser and somebody who swore by all inclusive holidays on land. Its good. Very good in fact. The food is the best we have ever had on holiday. We went to Chops last night and it was easily the best meal we have ever had whilst on holiday. Even in windjammer I find the food to be a step or two above all inclusive buffets on land. The drink... wow. I’m not a big drinker but we have loved having a drink on board. The staff in the Crown and Kettle, Errol and Nower, are great. The live music in the most night is cool too. The entertainment is also several steps ahead of land based resorts. We usually go to the first half of one, realise it’s crap and never bother again! This last week has been really good every night. Not sure tonight’s ballroom and latin dance is for us but I’m sure it will be top quality. Everything everywhere is clean and tidy. I suppose as you’re mostly out at sea that’s why there are no flies, ants or other bugs, which is another plus point! The staff everywhere can’t do enough for you, they are so so helpful. Eric our stateroom attendant is also amazingly helpful 🙂 A few negatives? The surf and stream WiFi is pants. We are in Marseille today but with it being a Sunday most of everything is closed apparently so we stayed in the boat. The drinks are expensive and we have zero issue hitting the break even point of the package. We have booked 1 more cruise already and looking at 2 more. We are hooked!!
  12. 6 days into our first ever cruise and we have booked our next with plans for 2 more before we go on that one. Addicted!! Thanks to everybody for helping us make this leap! Nikkoo
  13. We visited the monkeys, went into the siege tunnels, visited europa point and went in the St Michaels caves. Then we had lunch in a place called ‘the ocean’. They had the most amazing meat paella along with fish tapas to die for. Overall a great port day. Have a feeling that’s going to be the best of the lot 😄
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