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  1. We were meant to be disembarking today :’(
  2. We picked up on this issue within a week. Here we are over 90 days later waiting for a refund. Wife currently on phone to RC now but I expect we will be fobbed off again ? Sad really as this will make me think twice booking with them again. Our first ever cruise was with them and we loved it so much we booked 2 more...
  3. I kept track on the notepad on my phone. It was scary to be honest. Was never falling over drunk but we were both tipsy a good few evenings. The package cost £1k but at ship prices we spent around £4K. I know this will scare some people but we had a great time and were no trouble! I’d copy and paste the list here but might break the site ? Enjoy, Nikkoo
  4. This. 110%. Even if it’s double the price, which it won’t be! Was great and so so so so so so easy.
  5. We parked on port last year and it was great. Parked up and they took our cases from us as soon as we got them out of the car and roof box, there was 6 of us. Then just a 3 min walk to checking in in the terminal. 20 mins later was on the ship ? It was our first cruise and one of the many things we worried about. Booked 2 more while we were on board we loved it that much ? Have a great cruise and look after the ship, we’ll be on it in August ? Nikkoo
  6. That’s really great news ? Its showing interiors and ocean views as fully booked now for our dates!! Hope a few people have saved a few quid Nikkoo
  7. I’ve got to say it’s a great package. I was not going to get it. About 4 weeks out we talked ourselves into it. We had a blast! Did not get drunk, just occasionally tipsy. It’s amazing how much you will drink when it’s hot. For fun we kept a list. Even on port days when we got off the boat we always drank enough. It adds up really quickly when a spirit and mixer or glass of wine is $12-13! I would not sail without, even if I ever get to diamond plus. Have a great cruise, Nikkoo
  8. Explorer had a motor bike when we were on her back in August, no car though!
  9. Mine was August 2020, so this year for 14 nights. Next year is still out of reach expensive for us as a family of 6 ?
  10. It might be a uk thing right now. We had symphony booked for feb 21, just for the 2 of us, and that is coming in £550 cheaper right now. As we booked on board for that one we were told we could reprice once. It’s a 23% discount so even though it’s a year away I can’t see us saving much more. If you’re in the uk reprice this weekend. You could well save a lot more than the deposit you would lose!!! Peace, Nikkoo
  11. I’d say keep on checking the price. We saved a huge amount today on a 14 day cruise out of Southampton going this summer. I had settled on paying far too much as we loved our first one. Today we got around 30% off, but lost our deposit as we are in the uk. Still a saving of over £3000!
  12. Even the things we had on the planner are a bit cheaper except the deluxe beverage package. I can’t believe we have saved this much, I hope others have too. I think the group cruise is 2 weeks or so before ours, be good if you all saved money too ?
  13. Hey guys, We just rebooked our 2020 cruise out of Southampton and saved over £3000 even after losing our £900 deposit. Was for 3 interior rooms Being from the uk we can’t reprice but even losing the deposit we saved thousands! If you’re already booked reprice quick before they realise ? Good luck guys, Nikkoo
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