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  1. Also, to be honest our kids used to visit us all the time 4 x 14-16 and nobody batted and eye lid. I would say not ruthlessly enforces. But the 30 min rule with saving chairs was. Thankless task that guy had but he done well 🙂
  2. When we were on there during the summer it had 18 on a bit of paper taped over the 16. Maybe this is a Europe or uk thing? Just a thought, Nikkoo
  3. If it’s just the 2 of you you’ll struggle to get anywhere with 6 cases. Public transport is ok with 2, maybe 3 but more than that is a pain. A lot of tube stations don’t have a lift also, so lots of stairs! I thought there was more of you to be honest but something like this, found after a 30 second search... https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p8049136?adultsCount=2&noDates=true is a 5 min walk from tower bridge and looks nice enough. LOADS to choose from and I picked this almost at random, I’m recommending the site not this particular flat! Have fun what ever you do, London is my playground and am here everyday for work! Nikkoo
  4. Hey, I have to say I’d avoid premier inn and travel lodge in the city. They are older buildings that are noisy and run down. Most are not even that cheap either! The tower bridge hotel mentioned is nice, stayed there last Christmas. Citizen M also do some nice rooms at reasonable prices. If there are that many of you I’d consider an ‘owners direct.com’ place on the outskirts near a tube or train line and commute in. If you stay on the outskirts you’ll find a transfer in a mini bus that can take you all and your luggage. We live 180 miles from Southampton and are paying £500 for 6 of us and our cases next August. That’s for a return, not one way. hope this helps, Nikkoo
  5. Wow, that’s a cracking deal! Can you let me know where and when. Might whisk the wife away for that sort of money 🙂 Nikkoo
  6. Hi, we thought this in the summer for 2020 August sailing. Just booked it last weekend about £5k cheaper in total for the 3 rooms we needed. I see everybody here saying book early for most likely best deals but maybe that’s an American thing, like repricing? We are also looking for 2021 but like you think it’s just too much. Unless you want a really exact cabin location maybe wait and see? We also hope explorer and or Indy comes to Southampton in 2021 as we had a whale of a time on Explorer this year. Was our first cruise and we loved it 🙂 Hooked!! Nikkoo
  7. Hi, When we were on explorer in the summer when ever we had photos taken they asked for the room key. We were one family in 3 rooms but had them all linked to one room. At the end we viewed ALL the photos on the screen all from our one card. I would assume that if we had the package we would have got them all? I’m sure somebody knows for sure here, everybody has been super helpful 🙂 Enjoy your cruise, Nikkoo
  8. That’s some great info there, thanks 🙂 Nikkoo
  9. While cruising around France and Spain this summer they had a sign up saying France or Spain, can’t remember which, make them charge a 10% tax on drink sales. We had the deluxe package and paid no extra. This was whole in the confirmed waters, not just in port. Pretty sure it was France but can’t remember for sure. With the cost of drinks just having 3 or 4 a day covered us. Was not a single day we were not ‘winning’!!
  10. Hi all, Just wondering what the best price would be for the udp on Anthem for 14 days? Go go go Black Friday soon!!
  11. We had booked direct for our first cruise and also with this cruise. We just don’t have the options you have in the states. We tried to book through MEI but could not book on board in dollars so that put paid to that! We think the bigger ship and longer cruise is going to win out. Flights to NY were going to be a big cost for the 6 of us and we will be better spending that money on the cruise rim Southampton 🙂 We are really excited and can’t wait to be on board again! Or for the kids to be older so we can go more often without it costing so much!! Thanks again, Nikkoo
  12. We booked on board and were told you can reprice once and once only. Normally in the uk you can’t reprice at all. We are looking to change to a totally different cruise not just reprice. I think the cruise we are looking to change to is now around £4K cheaper than it was when we booked the other and would make our life easier, but would be a totally different adventure. really wanted to cruise out of New York but this cruise will be £1k cheaper overall and 4 days longer on a way better boat so I think it’s a no brainer, New York will have to wait for us!! Thanks for confirming my suspicions about Black Friday. Nikkoo
  13. Hi guys. we already have our summer cruise booked for next year. We have just seen another that’s a lot cheaper than it was when we booked our current cruise. We have been told we can change without losing our deposit but we’re wondering if it would get cheaper for Black Friday. Being in the uk we can’t reprice... I’ve heard Black Friday deals are more about the add ons rather than the cruise price is this right? Thanks in advance for any advice. Nikkoo
  14. Is it sort of like the Atkins diet? Protein heavy? I’ve often thought about this but I love bread and all forms of potatoes so don’t think I’d cope too well!
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