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  1. Got 2 gty interior room assignments 10521 and 10523 on Anthem in the same booking 127 days out ?
  2. This is confusing me somewhat also... If seapass cards are left outside the cabin doors, how can purchases be made on embarkation day before guests are allowed to enter rooms if they don't have a seapass to make the purchase.
  3. Sailing from the UK therefore the currency here is Pound Sterling rather than dollars. I understand that a payment method needs to be attached to the seapass card. However will a foreign transaction fee apply to each transaction made on board or only for the final charge on the last day of the cruise as I understand all transactions are billed at the same time at the end of the cruise. How much are the fees people have experienced paying from GBP to USD on a RCI cruise if you are willing to share. Can visa debit cards be attached to the seapass account or just credit cards? Also can you assign a different card to everyone's sea pass card or does each stateroom need to have the same payment method assigned. Another newbie question!! Many thanks!
  4. Anyone familiar with Gijon, Bilbao and A Coruna Spain and Le Havre, France. 8 night from Southampton booked on Anthem and these are our ports of call. We have no plans to book excursions and would rather take it easy looking round the towns in each port. Does anyone know if the cruise ship Dock is within walking distance of each town or would public transport be required? Also does anyone have any nice cheap suggestions for transport into the towns of each port should it be required if so is this through Royal or local companies?
  5. Thank you!! Do you know which company/car park is best. I'm looking through a company called holiday extras offering multiple car parks at different prices. Would you have any better suggestions?
  6. Sailing out of Southampton in July. Is anyone familiar with the port and what parking is the best? I understand there is different parking options for different terminals however when/how will I find out which terminal the ship is sailing from?
  7. From what I’ve read from Matts blogs/videos the arrival time on your set sail pass is suggested only and not enforced. Boarding can start anywhere from 10-11am. with regards to arriving 2 hours before, this is in regards to the departure time of the ship from the embarkation port.
  8. Thanks very much, this helps!! in regards to my second question, will royal Caribbean recognise that our two staterooms are travelling together and therefore group us together for main dining room. We have booked MTD but concerned that we will be assigned different rooms? My only reason for concerns is because the agent on the phone did not link the 2 reservations (even though booking and paying deposit at exactly the same time) together, and I linked the second reservation to my stateroom reservation myself online. furthermore when booking activities once onboard the ship will it allow us to book both staterooms together so that we can all take part in the same activity/entertainment bookings together?
  9. Good day everyone! First time cruise on Anthem of the seas in July sailing from Southampton, UK for 8 nights. A party of 4 of us are going so have booked two inside staterooms. Having booked the cruise over the phone direct with royal Caribbean I soon realised following email confirmation that each stateroom has been placed under a different booking reference. After looking on the email receipt it shows that neither stateroom had the other linked to the same booking. I went to my online account and linked the bookings manually however I noticed that neither stateroom is linked to use the same cruise planner and instead extras need to be booked/paid for separately for each stateroom!? Is there a way to link the booking references to the same cruise planner so we can all book activities/dining together? Also having linked the staterooms to the same booking via my online account, will RCI recognise this as the same booking and therefore group all parties together in the same dining room to eat together? Sorry for the confusion. Novice cruiser here ?
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