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  1. Just depends on how much time you have and how you plan to spend that time before the cruise. If you have an early flight the day before, renting a car might be useful to get around. Then drop it off at whatever rental agency the morning of the cruise in Cocoa Beach or Port Canaveral. Use their shuttle to drop you at the port. Consider Uber if you don’t need the rental to get around the day before, especially if it’s just two people. Uber XL gets a little expensive. This is the very convenient because you don’t have to return any rentals. Straight shot from your hotel to the port. There are other ways like group shuttles but I don’t prefer that option. Mainly because you have little control on when you arrive at the port. You are on their schedule and everybody else’s that are on the shuttle with you.
  2. My daughters’s first cruise was 20 months. We kind of had the feeling she would be okay because we took her her everywhere with us and never much trouble. Was pretty much a -go with the flow- kind of baby. It ended up being one of my most memorable cruises. If I go back to watch a past cruise video, that’s the one I pick because it was so much fun watching her experience everything. Definitely not the same cruise vacation as before she was born but we expected it not to be. She even visited all the ports with us. It really didn’t change that much on how we previously cruised. She’s going on 10 and still hasn’t spent any time in the Adventure Ocean. I tell her she is probably missing out on a lot of fun but prefers to hang with us. If I had one tip, I would say to give your spouse time to go explore the ship or have time to do something on their own. Then you get the same opportunity.
  3. I agree with the $20 for the refreshment package bring a good price. I know of some that get there liquor smuggled in in all sorts of ways. Even some kind of sealing device that can reseal a wine bottle like it was never opened. They empty the wine and add their liquor of choice. No matter what I would do to disguise, I would get busted no matter how clever I would think I was being. Then my wife would absolutely want to throw me overboard! Too much stress for me! Lol
  4. Going on Harmony next month. Purchased it a $52. Booked this cruise in 2017 and I have only seen two prices- $52 and $56. Monitored closely since booking
  5. We are doing a private snorkel charter with JC Adventure tours. Very reasonably priced and highly rated on Trip Advisor. He can handle a very large group. Not sure if all 33 are looking to do the same excursion but if interested in something like this maybe reach out to him.
  6. Glad this came up because we are sailing in June and they would’ve went unused. Also, good to hear that the staff was up to speed on the policy. Hopefully preventing any awkward situations.
  7. I like how your thinking. Couldn’t agree more!
  8. Super appreciate all the great information!! Perfect example of how great this blog is and the great contributors that make it what it is, especially @twangster ! !👍
  9. Wow that never occurred to me that you could do that. If you think about it, those three drinks have been earned by being loyal. It would be a nice gesture to be a share a drink with friends that are going with us who didn’t purchase the package. Also, would be a nice gesture from Royal to allow that. These friends are cruisers who sail on another line. We convinced them to give Royal a try. I’m sure they would appreciate it and who knows, it might create new loyal to Royal cruisers. A see it as a win/win.
  10. So this wouldn’t be prohibited like sharing a drink package?
  11. Couldn’t wait to reach Diamond because I’d hoped the 3 free drinks would be enough to keep me from purchasing the drink package. Well, after realizing the drink options are limited, I’m still buying it. I could probably make it work for me but not much there for my wife. Not sure if this matters to you but I didn’t realize it was such a limited list.
  12. Did Junkanoo and was disappointed. I typically just look for a simple beach break. Just wanted a clean beach with good water. Junkanoo had mixed reviews so I figured to give it a shot. Beach was litter filled and service was bad. To be fair, I went about 50 yards from the Tiki bar. Maybe things are kept up closer to that area. If I go back I won’t visit Junkanoo.
  13. Agree 100%. I think there are a couple other places in Cozumel that seem to be similar and just as good. I happened on Mr. Sancho’s first so that’s my go to when in Cozumel. No need to look elsewhere for me.
  14. I appreciate your post and your actions seemed perfectly reasonable to me. On all fan blogs you will find that some are apologists to the brand and will defend any comments that are perceived as negative. Don’t let it bother you. Thanks for posting and ignore the little snarky comments. I hope you continue to enjoy this overwhelmingly positive forum that had loads of good information.
  15. Same month, ship and plan as me! I’m Diamond now so I have been contemplating even buying but if it hits an number in the forties I’m buying
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