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  1. Finally decided to jump in today. Only 100 shares. If the stock drops much more I will seriously consider jumping in for more. Depending on where we are with the overall virus situation and the economic climate.
  2. Good points. Makes sense. Thanks
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Problem right now for me is getting my account funded so I can jump in. I tried today but as a security measure they wanted me to enter my phone number. I never had a phone number linked. So I called and they said it’ll be 24-48 hours to update. Then I’ll have the typical 3 days for my funding account to clear.
  4. With your experience, would you assume that we have already seen the bottom then? My inexperienced hunch thinks we might have and will now see ups and downs but with a slow, gradual climb?
  5. How did you do that?? You nailed my situation and thought process exactly.
  6. Again, very good information. Much appreciated
  7. Good information. I’m trying to time the bottom like a lot here are. This will be my first time purchasing individual stocks, except for employer company stocks. I have been researching for a couple weeks now. But I think it’s the time to get my feet wet.
  8. Interesting. I have been contemplating doing the same thing. I have faith in the company and the industry to make it back. Just trying to figure where the bottom might be.
  9. 8-3-20 Independence sailing is hopefully far enough out that we will have a handle on this virus. Hoping there’s truth that the virus doesn’t like warm temps. and humidity.
  10. Yep. Drop the family off and return car. Walk to terminal. Did this many times. One time I had a shuttle driver stop and pick me up as soon as I started to walk back. But the walk is quick and easy so no worries.
  11. I’d never make a situation about it to make them feel some awkward or uncomfortable kind of way. That’s just a obvious way you’d handle that if they are friends. To handle it any other way would be acting as the lesser person. Like I said, I stand by thinking it’s fair to feel excited for them and yet normal to quietly feel that would’ve been great for that to fall your way since you sailed with them for so long.
  12. One more point... I think you could have two feelings on the situation. One, you could still feel happy for your friends on the upgrade. Two, in the perfect world, feel like it maybe shoulda/coulda went your way.
  13. I have to admit, I’d feel a little bit upset by this. I understand how the upgrades happen so it was definitely luck of the draw. No intentional slap on Royal Carribean’s part. But if the situation is as explained, and we all are being completely honest, I think everyone would feel a little something crappy about it. No shame in admitting it would feel like a little gut punch if you’d been that loyal and a first timer in a group that you organized got that upgrade over you. Just my thought
  14. Sounds like a real nice strategy to me. One that I think I could follow
  15. Good point. Never considered that. To be honest, I couldn’t even tell you where any of the D lounges were on any of the ships we have been on but something to consider. I will say that I still buy the drink package but really enjoy being able to gift drinks to friends that don’t.
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