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  1. Same month, ship and plan as me! I’m Diamond now so I have been contemplating even buying but if it hits an number in the forties I’m buying
  2. Going to Mr. Sanchos in June for the third time with our 9 year old daughter. She has a fun time. First time in Roatan. Doing a private charter sail/ snorkel with JC Adventure tours. First time doing something like this. First time in Costa Maya, as well, but just looking for another beach day.
  3. I would weigh myself first thing in the morning and shoot for a 2 lb goal by embarkation morning. Won’t be easy but it’s doable. 2 less lbs that you will have to deal with post cruise. Better than nothing
  4. I book through Alamo but I think they share an office with enterprise if you have a preference.
  5. Yes. Last time I did it I was lucky enough to have a shuttle bus driver stop and pick me up and drop me off at the terminal. He knew exactly what I was doing. I estimate the walk to be 5-10 mins. so no big deal if he didn’t but it was much appreciated.
  6. This is what I do. I use Alamo because they are within a reasonable walking distance to the terminal. Very convenient.
  7. I used Alamo when cruising from PC last year and doing it again this year. Their office is reasonably within walking distance to the port. So, I drop the family and bags off at the port and return the car then walk back to the port. Estimating it to be a 5-10 min walk. Last time I didn’t even have to walk back. I had a very nice shuttle driver stop and pick me up. He knew exactly where I was going as he was headed to the same place. He mentioned a lot of people do the exact same thing. I tipped him for his kindness.
  8. I’ll also be on there on Harmony in June. I cruise the Caribbean for the beaches and the water. I typically pick ships with slides now because my daughter is just starting to enjoy them so the ship has that covered. As long as the pier is completed by then I’ll be happy. We did book the hot air ballon ride but won’t ruin my day if we don’t get to do it. Once completed though, it looks like it’s going to be one heck of place.
  9. Great pics! I, too, am a boater but in a lake where all you see is other similar boats as yours. Crazy to think what that would be like to boat near a cruise ship. In the rare occasion that I’m in the river, I think it’s crazy when a loaded barge cruises past. No comparison to what you share the water with.
  10. Thank you. Fingers crossed for pier completion for June sailing but after your photos it looks as though that shouldn’t be s problem .
  11. I agree with Matt that Magen’s Bay is the place to go. Last time I was there they had roving bar service. From what I could tell they only had a couple to service the entire beach so I made sure to tip well to keep her checking on us.
  12. Man that really sucks. I’m thinking if you returned to the casino they would have corrected the payout. Cameras everywhere to review the situation. I only say this because I visited a casino two weeks ago and won a hand and questioned the payout with the dealer. He said it was correct so I dropped it. I later returned to the same table to play again and the pit boss came over and gave me the correct payout. I don’t spend much time in a casino so maybe this situation was rare that they made it right.
  13. Fingers crossed that the pier is finished by June this year. Thinking it’s a 50/50 chance
  14. No price change for June Harmony. Not expecting it either since it’s peak season on a newer ship. This cruise shot up in price steadily since we booked right after it was released. So cabins must have filled fast and I assume the same with the optional packages. No need to offer any promotions to boost revenue.
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