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  1. If they are trying to recoup some funds from the $18 gaffe, it won’t be from me. I unfortunately didn’t benefit so I’m not gonna be participating in the recovery! Lol I’m just being silly but sales must be going well because it’s been $65 since the summer. I would jump at $57 too but that’s my limit
  2. Labadee is awesome but Grand Cayman gets my vote for sure. Have been on over a dozen cruises and seen many beautiful beaches and stunning waters but GC tops the list. I would be okay if every cruise visited there.
  3. I’d jump on $57 too. Probably won’t pay anything more. Fingers crossed!!
  4. Visiting both private islands is exactly why our group booked the August, Indy sailing. Just wondering if you priced the drink package yet? It’s $65 for our sailing.
  5. I waited for a Black Friday cruise planner sale last year for this summer’s Harmony sailing and it never changed from $52. But still purchased at that price as I never sailed without the ultimate beverage package. So not holding much hope for a Black Friday sale this year so probably will go without a package for the first time.
  6. Just checked my 8-3-20 Independence sailing. Still stuck at high price of $65. Visiting two private islands so I suspect that’s why it’s the highest I have seen. But at that price I won’t be buying. I’ll be utilizing the diamond happy hour drinks instead of gifting them as I have in the past. I like the convenience of the package but not at price.
  7. You absolutely have to be joking, right? At least I hope this isn’t how you really feel!!
  8. Great work! Keep them coming!! Harmony is my favorite ship
  9. Excitement overload! Have a great vacation.
  10. Done this multiple times. Agree that this the best way to go.
  11. Really shouldn’t be a concern at all for you. I’m surprised that I don’t see more people who have had one too many but I RARELY do. I think the clientele on RC is a little different. Not judging other lines but I think it’s part of the reason.
  12. Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Will definitely check it out.
  13. We just recently booked and was wondering if anybody has sailed on her post-amplification. I have found some videos and since the independence is/was used in the European market, it seems some of the new features are different than the recent upgrades I have seen on the latest amplified ships. Any experience or opinions? Very familiar with the Freedom class and most recently have exclusively sailed Oasis class. Thanks in advance
  14. We attempted maya Chan last month but the seaweed was so bad we couldn’t stay. It was mounded up a couple feet high all along the shore which made it impossible to swim. We hated leaving because they were working their tails off but it was just too much for them to handle. Our noses never acclimated to the smell after 30 minutes. Had kids with us so without the ocean and only a small pool, it was going to be a challenge keeping them happy. I hear the seaweed situation changes by the day so maybe we caught a bad day. And with you going in February it could be completely different. Would definitely visit again it conditions improved. Also, they refunded our money immediately, as promised and with no hassle, so no harm checking them out.
  15. Just off the Harmony, too, and I also saw $5 minimum 3-card table every time I was there. I thought the slots were looser than I expected for a cruise ship casino. That’s not saying they were spilling out money but not completely awful. My brother hit a $1 Wheel of Fortune for $360 betting max. Also saw person hit for $2000 in a slot.
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