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  1. Great work! Keep them coming!! Harmony is my favorite ship
  2. Excitement overload! Have a great vacation.
  3. Done this multiple times. Agree that this the best way to go.
  4. Really shouldn’t be a concern at all for you. I’m surprised that I don’t see more people who have had one too many but I RARELY do. I think the clientele on RC is a little different. Not judging other lines but I think it’s part of the reason.
  5. Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Will definitely check it out.
  6. We just recently booked and was wondering if anybody has sailed on her post-amplification. I have found some videos and since the independence is/was used in the European market, it seems some of the new features are different than the recent upgrades I have seen on the latest amplified ships. Any experience or opinions? Very familiar with the Freedom class and most recently have exclusively sailed Oasis class. Thanks in advance
  7. We attempted maya Chan last month but the seaweed was so bad we couldn’t stay. It was mounded up a couple feet high all along the shore which made it impossible to swim. We hated leaving because they were working their tails off but it was just too much for them to handle. Our noses never acclimated to the smell after 30 minutes. Had kids with us so without the ocean and only a small pool, it was going to be a challenge keeping them happy. I hear the seaweed situation changes by the day so maybe we caught a bad day. And with you going in February it could be completely different. Would definitely visit again it conditions improved. Also, they refunded our money immediately, as promised and with no hassle, so no harm checking them out.
  8. Just off the Harmony, too, and I also saw $5 minimum 3-card table every time I was there. I thought the slots were looser than I expected for a cruise ship casino. That’s not saying they were spilling out money but not completely awful. My brother hit a $1 Wheel of Fortune for $360 betting max. Also saw person hit for $2000 in a slot.
  9. As far as waiting for a drink at a bar on the ship, I’ve found that it’s very unusual to have to wait more than a couple of minutes at any bar on the ship. Typically no wait at all. On the other hand, the last couple times at Labadee, the bars were understaffed badly. The roving bar service was nonexistent as well. Unless they were pushing the extra charge pineapple filled drinks. I blame this on the drink packages. The push for additional drink revenue is gone, imho. I honestly stopped drinking because it was so frustrating. We will be visiting CoCoCay next week. I’m hoping to see improvement in this area. I’m planning on overtipping to hope for better service.
  10. About to do our 14th cruise. Only once in a balcony. I thought it was okay. My wife didn’t really see much value in it. As others have said it’s really a individual thing.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Doing a private snorkel charter with jc Adventure tours in Roatan. Glad to hear the disease carrying mosquitoes were a non issue and the snorkeling was awesome. Lol I figured it was more hype than anything. Maya Chan gives a full refund if conditions are bad. I guess we will have to determine that at the port after speaking with their rep.
  12. Will be boarding Harmony in 10 days so doing the same itinerary. Just wondering what you did in Costa Maya. We have Maya Chan booked but have been hearing a lot about the seaweed issue and smell. I know it a typical issue there but wondering if it’s worse than normal. Also, any concerns in Roatan with mosquitoes? Again, I think this concern is typical but I’m thinking I’m hearing more and more from groups about these issues since it so close to sail date?
  13. I have that feeling already too. We board the Harmony the day you disembark the Allure. Congratulations and have an awesome time!!! That anniversary milestone is definitely something to celebrate, especially in today’s time.
  14. Love the list, especially since I’m on it!! So close, So ready. Happy sailings to the other June Cruisers
  15. I described it has an adventure but some may describe it as dangerous!! Lol. Their mountainside roads are not like anything you would see in the United States, at least anywhere I have been. From the narrowness and curviness and speed traveling alongside steep drop offs with no guardrails. To me it really is part of the adventure of the day. I just sit back and think that this is just how they do it and they do it everyday so I just go along for the ride. Also, the mountainside provides a nice lookout point for taking awesome pictures of Magen’s Bay below.
  16. I really love St. Marteen. We are beach people so Great Bay Beach, I believe is the name, is super convenient. It’s within walking distance or a very easy water taxi trip from the ship. Drinks, food and chairs are reasonably priced and readily available. St Thomas has beautiful beaches and magen’s Bay is a can’t miss if you are beach person. We grab a independent taxi bus which is an adventure by itself traveling the narrow, winding roads along the mountainside.
  17. Yes. Exactly what I’ll be using mine on.
  18. Very Good info. I didn’t remember National being in that space. Also, I guess it depends on your terminal. I have always been lucky enough to be in CT1 and pretty sure Harmony will be there in 20 days
  19. I have returned a car to Alamo and walked to the ship, after dropping family and luggage off at the terminal. Will be doing it again in 21 days! I estimate it to be around a 10 minute walk. Enterprise and Alamo kinda share office space so using either agency would work.
  20. Just depends on how much time you have and how you plan to spend that time before the cruise. If you have an early flight the day before, renting a car might be useful to get around. Then drop it off at whatever rental agency the morning of the cruise in Cocoa Beach or Port Canaveral. Use their shuttle to drop you at the port. Consider Uber if you don’t need the rental to get around the day before, especially if it’s just two people. Uber XL gets a little expensive. This is the very convenient because you don’t have to return any rentals. Straight shot from your hotel to the port. There are other ways like group shuttles but I don’t prefer that option. Mainly because you have little control on when you arrive at the port. You are on their schedule and everybody else’s that are on the shuttle with you.
  21. My daughters’s first cruise was 20 months. We kind of had the feeling she would be okay because we took her her everywhere with us and never much trouble. Was pretty much a -go with the flow- kind of baby. It ended up being one of my most memorable cruises. If I go back to watch a past cruise video, that’s the one I pick because it was so much fun watching her experience everything. Definitely not the same cruise vacation as before she was born but we expected it not to be. She even visited all the ports with us. It really didn’t change that much on how we previously cruised. She’s going on 10 and still hasn’t spent any time in the Adventure Ocean. I tell her she is probably missing out on a lot of fun but prefers to hang with us. If I had one tip, I would say to give your spouse time to go explore the ship or have time to do something on their own. Then you get the same opportunity.
  22. I agree with the $20 for the refreshment package bring a good price. I know of some that get there liquor smuggled in in all sorts of ways. Even some kind of sealing device that can reseal a wine bottle like it was never opened. They empty the wine and add their liquor of choice. No matter what I would do to disguise, I would get busted no matter how clever I would think I was being. Then my wife would absolutely want to throw me overboard! Too much stress for me! Lol
  23. Going on Harmony next month. Purchased it a $52. Booked this cruise in 2017 and I have only seen two prices- $52 and $56. Monitored closely since booking
  24. We are doing a private snorkel charter with JC Adventure tours. Very reasonably priced and highly rated on Trip Advisor. He can handle a very large group. Not sure if all 33 are looking to do the same excursion but if interested in something like this maybe reach out to him.
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