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  1. I have just booked my first cruise in 2 plus years and always went through a TA. I never had one find a price drop. I would have to notify them to reprice. I booked direct throughRoyal this time. And plan to do so moving forward. I prefer to be able to communicate directly with RC to handle my booking. In my experience, I'm my best advocate when I need something handled.
  2. And let's hope that by then the Covid stuff settles a bit and we can take as close to a "normal" cruise as possible
  3. Sounds like a good plan. One that I think we will follow if the DX package doesn't come down to a reasonable(to me) price
  4. Not willing to buy at $88 a day. But good advice though about being able to repurchase if price drops
  5. I'm Diamond as well so it's nice to know the coupons still exist. Plus, the non alcoholic package seems to be priced okay. If prices never drop, maybe purchase non alcohol bev package to cover all other drinks and use the coupons where we can and just pay for alcohol drinks separately? I know it all come down to your level of consumption. But it's fun to be back in the planning phase of cruising again!
  6. Thanks for the reply. That's definitely closer to what I remember. I remember the process of checking closely for price changes so I'll be doing that.
  7. Just booked this sailing. Like the shirt! Will be on the look out for you!
  8. Hey folks, it's been a while since I have checked out the forum. Just booked Oasis, Cape Liberty, 8-5-22 to 8-14so it's time to start planning. What is the average, going rate for the deluxe nowadays? I'm seeing the deluxe bev package currently $88/day buy one get one 50% off second. That feels kinda high comparing the pricing pre pandemic.
  9. If you find a good one keep them close. I have used several. The current one(first time Using) never returns emails and is annoyed when you push to get communication from her. I’m to the point that I’m probably not using one anymore. I like to control my booking so I’ve never found real value in one. Not one has ever informed me of a price reduction . I had to notify everyone when the price dropped. Not once did one surprise me. This is really the reason I started using TAs in the first place. And I believe if there is a reasonable dispute, nobody is going to fight on your behalf like you. My experience is that A TA quickly says there is nothing that can be done. But in reality, I believe if I had the ability to deal with RC directly I could easily get reasonable disputes corrected. I’m sure there is great value in having a great TA handle your reservation. I just have struck out pretty much every time.
  10. I understand, completely, how you feel. I’m still owed half of the money I have invested. They did return the first half last week but I have to wait to the second week of August for the other half, so they say. They say there is a delay because of the amount of requests. Okay, I understand that. But 60-90 days is ridiculous. So finally somebody was able to finally find the time to process one half of the money owed. But what in the world is the reason for only refunding half?? They are definitely sitting on refunds. I don’t think it can be explained in any other way. With that said, I’m a loyal customer and will sail as soon we can. I just think it’s unfair how they are handling refunds. When you make a purchase, it’s immediately charged to you account. I don’t expect the refunds to be immediate but a 7-10 days is reasonable. Southwest changed my flight so I was able to get a refund, not future credit. I was getting the refund alerts on my credit card while I was still on the phone with them requesting the refund. Just saying
  11. I’m betting there are charters for the type of swinging we all assumed that was being referred to!?
  12. Southern carribean(ABC islands) out of Baltimore on a oasis class ship!! Talk about a dream... lol I understand all the reasons why this can’t happen but one can dream, right?
  13. I started looking into all inclusive today. August 3rd Independence isn’t looking like a go. I just wish, like all of us, that they make a decision soon.
  14. You are definitely killing it right now!
  15. I am also inexperienced in the stock market. But I always believed the industry would return and recover and I really believed in RC as a company. My only regret is not buying the amount RC shares that I originally planned. When I first considered buying I only was going to buy RC as they are our brand of choice. But I decided ended up buying and Carnival and Norwegian which kinda takes the sting away from not investing as much in RC as originally planned. I also realize anything can still happen but I believe the industry getting nearer to sailing again than maybe most do. Might have something to do with our Aug. 3rd sailing on Independence! Lol
  16. I purchased two bungalows for our group some time ago for $183. Just repriced at $157 this week. First time to try but at these prices it seems well worth it especially when breaking it down for a group of 16.
  17. I purchased RC @$35, Norwegian @ $11 and Carnival @ $12.50 a few weeks ago. Happy days so far.
  18. 8-3-20 Independence, 5 day, only CoCoCay and Labadee Stops. Fingers crossed that this shorter cruise with only their private island itinerary kind of fits the description of what he talked about. One can hope!
  19. Interesting. 8/3 Independence Sailing so I’m choosing to see it as a faint light at the end of the tunnel.
  20. Volatility reigns but RC stock climbing today.
  21. Finally decided to jump in today. Only 100 shares. If the stock drops much more I will seriously consider jumping in for more. Depending on where we are with the overall virus situation and the economic climate.
  22. I was thinking the same thing. Problem right now for me is getting my account funded so I can jump in. I tried today but as a security measure they wanted me to enter my phone number. I never had a phone number linked. So I called and they said it’ll be 24-48 hours to update. Then I’ll have the typical 3 days for my funding account to clear.
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