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  1. I loved the YVE, hotel was nice, location was perfect. would def stay there again.. they did offer a shuttle service (3rd party)to the port and and will arrange to pick you up after the cruise to bring you to the airport.
  2. This happened years ago on NCL when we stopped in Miami.
  3. Jiffy Jeff Transportation. There are great. Took our group of 6 to Miami, and then back to FLL for our cruise , and then picked us up after the cruise., no issues, communication was great, would def use them again.
  4. YVE is a nice hotel right across from the Bayside Marketplace, tons of restaurants and shops, and you can see the port, the ride to the port is about 5 minutes from there.
  5. I was on Symphony back in Feb, never had any issues with the windjammer, or getting any kind of drink/shot at any of the bars, the bartenders took great care of us. Sorry you had a bad experience.
  6. I guess it all depends on what airport your are traveling from/to, vice versa, and the time of your flights... my husband will not shell out the $85.00, and I hate to admit he was right the last time we traveled, there was hardly no line in the regular tsa line on our 1st flight and on our way home from Miami, there was maybe a 5 minute wait through tsa, and taking off shoes and belt really isn't a big deal, imo.
  7. We cruised in Feb 2022 , and I ordered my tests in Jan 2022, the expiration date on them is Nov 2022. So go ahead an order them., you should be fine.
  8. Try Cocoa Beach Shuttle., used them in the past.. good service.
  9. If there is a storm, they will just alter their sailing path, trip won't be ruined.
  10. Very easy using a phone, and I used a dining room center piece to hold up the phone.
  11. We always for up to the top deck aft.. and enjoy all the people waving to you from land.
  12. Wait until you are on the ship.. and especially on port days..
  13. I wouldn't expect the TA to be involved in the insurance claim.. It is a totally separate company,
  14. Me too.. I never get a good nights sleep on the last night of the cruise.. I am usually up and ready around 6am.
  15. So hoping someone can help clarify, sailing on Symphony and have my time dining, we are vaccinated, now online it shows main dining on decks 3,4, and deck 5 says (V), now for my time dining it shows deck 4, no (V) next to it. Shouldn't my time dining be deck 5 for vax? Just curious.
  16. I am late to the party but following along.. love all your pictures!
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