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  1. I wouldn't go with the 10:30am flight, give yourself more time just incase there is a hiccup or two.
  2. That price is a good deal compared to what I am paying for it next year. $336.00
  3. and that's your opinion, which you have a right to, but not everyone can just get an appt to get tested 3 days before a sailing.. not so easy.
  4. All set everyone.. Brock helped me book my cruise !
  5. So decided to book another cruise finally.. now who would I contact @ MEI, my TA retired a few years ago, and since then I booked my last cruise myself, so I am debating what to do for my next one.. planning on going Feb 2022.. help please ?
  6. Nope,,, I had a beverage package purchased and my cruise got cancelled., they refunded it right back onto my credit card.
  7. You may just receive a refund on your credit card for the shore excursions and the drink package, I just received my refund for the cruise that they canceled.
  8. I believe no cruising at least to the fall also.. at the earliest.
  9. I have the credit card and used it towards the booze package. I pick and choose which purchases I make with the card. It took me a few years to get enough points to cover the cost of the package.
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