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  1. I thought 3 days in advance was close enough
  2. Yes! She still wants to go. I told her worst case scenario, we can't really do many outdoor activities, but we will still have a good time. I also told her I would book another one if it does get ruined by the weather. I feel a little more positive today and just hoping for the best.
  3. We leave June 3rd and the weather is calling for a possible tropical storm near the Bahamas. Of course the updates are saying it is still hit or miss, but I am just worried our trip will be ruined. Does anyone have any advice?
  4. We are leaving Friday to go to the Bahamas and I am so torn on whether or not we should cancel due to the chance of a tropical storm. I am taking my daughter for her 13th birthday and all she wants to do is spend time in the sun and visit the different stops. Does anyone have any advice. I am driving myself crazy trying to make the right decision.
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