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  1. Is Uber the cheapest way to get from Port Canaveral to the Orlando Airport?
  2. We are new to cruising so I have no idea how it works. Since we are new I picked the cheap route, but would love for one of my Royal up buds to be accepted and surprise the kids. We shall see!
  3. I was expecting it to be a while before being offered the Royal Up offers, but surprisingly it was the same day as check-in. Is that typical? Any ideas when I’ll find out if they accepted my bid?
  4. Thanks everyone! I'll keep checking and arrive a little early "just in case"!
  5. Our check in window opened at midnight, I was on my phone ready and got the 11:00 spot, which I'm assuming is the earliest. Would you arrive earlier than that or do they not really start letting people on the ship until 11:00?
  6. Thank you so much! I would have definitely messed that up. T-minus 13 hours until check in!!!
  7. Where is the "right" spot? I check in tomorrow at midnight.
  8. I thought Royal Up didn't start until 30 days prior to sailing??
  9. Can anyone give an idea of what you have had as an accepting upgrade bid in the past? We are sailing for the first time in June, chose interior room to keep cost down, but would love to win a bid and surprise the family! Just looking for a ballpark idea on what to expect. And does anyone know if the ships are still at 50%??
  10. Maybe I should have included that we are sailing from Port Canaveral to Nassau and Coco Cay.
  11. My husband and I have current passports. 17 year old daughter has a license and birth certificate, which I'm told is enough for her. 14 year old son has a birth certificate....is a passport CARD sufficient? I've heard that it is and the price is much cheaper than a regular passport. We are going on our first cruise in June on the Independence of the Sea!
  12. How often do they change pricing? Do you watch the current sales end date and just check again? We booked our first cruise last night 2 hours before the sale ended, this morning it was cheaper by $140 (I'll take whatever savings I can get!) so I called and they made a change. Do they also make changes to the beverage packages and excursion rates??
  13. Hello all, Just wanted to try to connect with others cruising in June 2020 on Indy. This is our first cruise in a long time and we are very excited! Watching like a hawk for Black Friday sales to pop up and trying to narrow down excursions! Kelly
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