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  1. Desantis is an easy scapegoat in all this. Do i think he should make an allowance to his vaccine passport law for cruise lines? Yes. However, from a purely business standpoint did Royal ever have an interest in fully vaccinated Caribbean cruises in the summer? When Royal looked at their bookings this summer, did they think they could even meet the 95% vaccinated threshold set by CDC? Lets say Desantis' law is struck down or an allowance is made tomorrow. Would Royal then require vaccination records for all guests? What then? More refunds.....cancellations...rebookings. Logistical ni
  2. Is amazing to me to see the same people so anxious to get cruising back up and running now wanting to deny boarding to families with children. Not to mention the current vaccine concern for those 12-16. As an aside, the ever incompetent CDC pushed back “emergency hearing” on this issue until next week. CDC is a joke. They paused the J&J vaccine for less than this. from a business perspective, Royal doesn’t want to turn away families and there is no guarantee that they ever could have met the 95% vaccinated passengers in the Caribbean this summer. There won’t be 100% vacc
  3. This is from Matt’s blog post regarding cancelled Odyssey sailings. Maybe I read this wrong but to me it made it seem testing was a CDC and CSO requirement. *edited to add… surely some of crew were vaccinated prior to getting to US? If not.. then I understand this “According to the cruise line, all the crew members on Odyssey of the Seas were tested on June 4 when the ship arrived in Port Canaveral, as part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Conditional Sailing Order. The crew were tested again on June 10, and eight crew members tested positive.”
  4. As long as the CDC required testing of vaccinated crew, you are going to see breakthrough cases. I think the million dollar question to be answered is do these vaccinated people with breakthrough cases have enough viral load to be transmissible? As @JeffB has pointed out many times, Covid is on its way to being endemic. The CDC and safe sail guidelines will have to change accordingly as time passes.
  5. Just like with the mishandling of the J&J vaccine, the issue with heart inflammation with younger people will certainly cause hesitancy to get vaccinated. Any vaccine hesitancy presents more issues for a cruise line when trying to set their vaccine protocols.
  6. Still some questions/thoughts linger: 1. Why did Royal never announce a CDC test sailing for Odyssey as they did for other ships? Some will say they saw the test sailing in the App and Bayley said there was a test sailing planned for June. But again, there has to be some reason that they never formally announced the test sailing dates for Odyssey but moving forward with a July 3rd sailing? AND only now when they announce the delay, we hear about more Covid cases on the Odyssey. 2. It is my understanding that the Adventure sailed with less than a 95% rate of passengers with about 100
  7. Royal never officially announced an odyssey test sailing contrary to what one source, cruise critic, reported. It’s no surprise that July 3rd wasn’t sailing even without the new development
  8. They were never going to sail on July 3rd to begin with. let’s be honest. Now we know why there was never a confirmed test sailing announced of the odyssey from royal
  9. This is why you never saw any confirmed test sailings. I didnt think they were ever going to sail on July 3rd to begin with.
  10. Yes, it’s comical to think the flu just disappeared because of the use of masks. Just before the flu disappeared, we were told about the double effect of flu and Covid. Yes, the reason the flu was a non factor was indeed viral interference. But, come next flu season, there will be those who will push for masks on children again because they don’t understand correlation and causation and it will not stop the flu.
  11. We have no idea how many deaths would have been attributed to H1N1 in the US if they would have tested for it the way they test for Covid now AND counted deaths back then the way we have counted them in the last year And we have a counting problem in the US. We have failed to distinguish between dying FROM Covid from dying WITH Covid in many cases because of the financial incentives. And then there is the seasonal flu, should we shut down cruises with families because of cases of flu found aboard which is much more harmful to children than Covid has been? I hope cruising can s
  12. Too bad there will be collateral damage done with the false positives that are sure to come. Can you imagine being vaccinated and having to take covid test and its a false positive and your cruise is disrupted or worse, you are just left at a port? I know some will say thats the risk one runs when taking a cruise during these uncertain times but still...
  13. In 2009-2010, there was 60 million reported cases of H1N1 in the US. About 27k deaths attributed to H1N1. Imagine, if we tested for H1N1 in 2009-2010 like we do for Covid today. How many cases and deaths would have been attributed to H1N1? There is no way to stop Covid from being on cruise ships, vaccinated passengers or not. Just like everywhere else. Zero Covid should not be the goal. There is still debate about asymptomatic spread. If someone had the vaccine and a breakthrough case happens with no symptoms, does that person even have enough viral load to spread it to others?
  14. I will not debate this issue anymore on here but I would like to see antibody test results being accepted because that would serve the same purpose of requiring passengers to be vaccinated. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and how well the CDC can accurately enforce these vaccinated thresholds. I remember flying to Rochester NY in February this year and the State of NY requiring airline passengers to fill out health declarations that we were instructed to just place them in a box at a table in the airline terminal. No verifying identifies or anything. And you cant t
  15. Thanks for the response! Interesting that there will be no CDC enforcement of vaccine thresholds prior to sailing only post cruise penalties Yes, I agree its in Celebrity's best interest to comply fully with the vaccine conditions that the CDC has granted them.
  16. I have many thoughts about the comment section on Matt’s blog post but I will keep them to myself…lol But this has raised a few questions for me that may have been answered before: 1. When someone books with Celebrity on a 95% vaccinated sailing, are they asked about their vaccination status? 2. Will there be a CDC or health official in the terminal on embarkation day verifying that the sailing is indeed 95% vaccinated? 3. If so, what is the criteria to authorize a sailing to commence to verify 95% of passengers are vaccinated? 4. How will CDC/health officia
  17. The Oasis sailing on Nov 21,2021 is no longer on sale on Royal’s website. what could that mean?
  18. Why is this sailing no longer on sale on Royals website?
  19. Even without FL law, they know that they might not be able to meet CDC 98% crew & 95% passenger threshold instead of test cruise option and if Royal set their own vaccine threshold of 95% passenger, could that even be possible with summer sailings with amount of children under 12 and 12-16 year old whose parents don’t want to vaccinate children. It would be a challenge even without FL law. They know the amount of children on board. What would Royal do, cancel those without vaccinations? Rebook cruises in a short turnaround in an all ready shortened summer season? And when
  20. Thats awesome! But now I hate you as I had a July Symphony cruise that was cancelled but not moved to the Odyssey. I kid, I kid. In all seriousness, I will give credit where credit is due, this was a VERY smart move by Royal to move sailings from a ship with cancelled sailing to the Odyssey.
  21. I read a story in The Morning from New York Times and in this snippet, it summarizes how we should view cases of Covid to keep in proper perspective and context moving forward: "Three, caseloads are no longer as important a measure as they used to be. Before the vaccines were available, more cases inevitably meant more hospitalizations and deaths. Now, the connection is more uncertain. As a recent Times story put it, paraphrasing British scientists, “upticks in new infections are tolerable so long as the vast majority do not lead to serious illness or death.” And keep in mind, we kee
  22. I understand the complexity and fluidity of the situation but I do not believe that Royal should have waited less than 30 days from the earliest July sailing to announce. I never thought Royal should have cancelled July sailings 2 months ago. I thought that they should have cancelled mid-May. Canceling people’s sailings under a 30 day mark and then announcing test cruises sending TAs in chaos while people still believed that they would sail somehow on a ship before test cruise is not acceptable and I’m sorry shows a disregard for the peripheral plans that needed to be cancelled and c
  23. Lol.. you are a funny one. You dismiss Smokey’s studies as not being peer reviewed yet you post some link that is not peer reviewed. I’m sorry… I can’t take you seriously. And the link you posted says nothing about the virus being airborne https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/jvchamary/2020/10/23/covid19-coronavirus-aerosols/amp/ it’s ok… I used to believe in magic as well…
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