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  1. I would gladly wear a trikini if it got me on a cruise right now. My wife may act like she has no idea who I am, but that's life.
  2. I did. It took over two hours on the phone and a supervisor. It got applied correctly. I think I won because it was the same party doing a kids sail free cruise to moving another kids sail free cruise. Now, this FCC is applied to a 9/25/2020 cruise out of Galveston on Enchantment of the Seas. I just hope there is not another fiasco if (most likely when...sadly....) cruise start-up gets delayed again....I just want 2020 to be over.....Maybe I can see if the mothers of the world are still making offers to slap people into next year.....
  3. I get annoyed when my kids, with a kids sail free booking, get FCC. It can only be used on cruise fare. I purchased a cruise on a kids sail free cruise. The next cruise is kids sail free, and I cannot use it. That is the unfair part to me. The part paid for my wife and I are being allocated to people who may not be able to use them in time....I think the whole FCC thing is a mess and pretty arbitrary....
  4. Yes, mine came back as 1/4 to each guest....even through the two kids were on a kids sail free sailing.....It took talking to a manager to get it resolved.....(in my favor)....
  5. I am just fearful that government schools will mandate that all people must get the vaccination for COVID-19, if it comes out. That is my concern. I do not like to take any new drug, as it cannot have had a good longitudinal study performed. I agree it is a different kind of vaccine (probably....as the information is just not fully known), but people are acting so differently about this as compared to H1N1. Our government leaders may try to mandate it just like masks. I am not concerned about the cost (I agree...people who can afford to fly and take cruises on vacations can most assuredly afford a vaccine....) of the potential vaccine but the safety of it (don't even get me started on the debates over the risks and rewards of Gardasil).
  6. I think the big bonus to people would be not having to wait for refunds on cruise fare.......
  7. My fear is that schools will make it mandatory for children....Kind of like kids who are not given all the non-flu vaccines are not allowed in most public/private school settings.....I am fearful of giving anything to my kids that I feel is rushed......
  8. The apparent radio silence on guidance from the CDC is what bugs me.....
  9. I have wanted to do that, too! I am hoping RCI does a cruise from Florida to California in 14 days (full transit) like other cruise lines, at some point. It would be a smaller ship due to cruise length, but I think it would be awesome to show the kids that much history (and see it for myself, as well!).
  10. @Mrs. Thomas Good point about safety. My best friend has land down in Oklahoma. Maybe we can talk him into us going with his family down there for hiking, camping, bike riding (we have spent enough time at home where the kids have actually learned how to ride their bikes pretty well), tending of animals (they have a small amount of cattle), and some outdoorsy stuff for a long weekend.....Would be simpler not to have to plan around unrest and outbreaks.
  11. I am soooo ready to sail and agree about their already distressed refund / FCC system. Plus, I think they want to see more info about how COVID-19 is spreading as it gets closer to September. Like everyone has said, them hanging on to their money longer helps them survive. If this cruise gets canceled, we will book something for next year and try to go somewhere fun with the kids this year. I love being on the water, but I need a little time away.....so, I may end up with a land vacation doing some stuff down in TX.
  12. @Jason12 Where did you find the form to see options? I just wanted to check but cannot find it on their site. Thanks!
  13. Just lovely. I am on 9/25/2020 on Enchantment of the Seas out of Galveston. It will be cruise # 2 on that ship if they start by the 9/18/2020 sailing (first cruise for it after the cutoff). I am growing doubtful and think they are spreading out the cancellations.
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