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  1. Thank you, Joe! This is our first time on RC (embarkation on Sunday...yay!) so I thought I better find out
  2. Is the room service coffee complimentary? I know the other room service food costs money but I'm not sure about the morning coffee (and danishes?).
  3. We did put in a bid and figured whatever happens, we will be happy!
  4. Thank you! I just got on RC's website and it's showing the only rooms available are the inside rooms. Darn! I guess no suite for us! Thank you for the advice!
  5. Thank you for your response! It says in the email "from $100/pp". I'm a little nervous about getting a room with an obstructed view. But I'm guess it wouldn't be totally obstructed, right?
  6. Hello! This will be our first time on Royal Caribbean and we are so excited! We will be on Adventure of the Seas in 11 days! Here's my question...we originally had an inside cabin and then decided to upgrade to a guaranteed balcony room. That room is 1238 on deck 10 (I believe it's a connecting room and I've heard those rooms are not ideal because you can hear everything on the other side). We now have an opportunity to RoyalUp to a junior suite. Would you do this or just be happy with the room we have? Thank you so much for any insight you can give me! Kathy
  7. I'm not sure how this works in lieu of an extension cord. I know it's probably obvious but I'm not getting it. If you would explain it to me, I would appreciate it. I'm used to Carnival and they let people bring an extension cords. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to plug in my fan and have it next to my bed on Royal.
  8. If we bought it back when Chops was the embarkation restaurant, will we still be able to eat there? That seems a little bait and switch to me and I'm not liking that at all!
  9. Ok...what am I missing? Right now, if bought separately, the drink package is on sale for $665.00 and voom for one device is $83.00 for a total of $748. However if I buy it as a package, it's $786...so $40 more. Is there something else we would get in the package that we wont get if we buy them separately? Also, how do I "un-buy" the drink package I already purchased so I can buy it on sale? This is our first time on Royal Caribbean and I'm learning the in's and out's of a new cruise line. Thank you for your help.
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