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  1. We got the drink/voom pkg so we each had voom. Although we could share like you said, mysister wanted us to each have our own
  2. Not really, we grouped voom with our drink package, we would rebook our drink pkg and take advantage of the voom that comes with the Key.
  3. I wasn't worried about using the Key's other benefits, I was hoping it could guarantee an early boarding time.
  4. As you can guess I am hoping to avoid a bad boarding time. We will of course try to get an early one, but I was hoping if given a crappy one the Key might have circumvent it.
  5. Hi! Listening to one of Matt's recent FB broadcasts it was mentioned that cruisers needed to abide by the check in time. My question is, if you purchase the Key which has priority boarding, are you still tied to the boarding time?
  6. Pen


    For those of you that have had the UDP....is the $20/$35 stipends good all day? Just wondering if when we get on the ship, we can use our stipend for lunch on embarkation day.
  7. what was the daily stipend that you could spend at Playmakers with the UDP?
  8. We have been debating.... But if they let 1000 people into the Coco Beach Club, it will seem crowded. I'm hoping someone knows if and what the capacity is.
  9. Hello! We are hoping our Oct. 4 cruise to Cococay will still happen. Anyone know what the capacity for the Coco Beach Club is? It says limited reservations....so we were wondering how many people will be in that area Penny
  10. Alas we can commiserate... my sister spent over an hour on the phone...talked to 3 people in India which she could hardly understand...only to be told sorry contact your travel agent. So then she had to email Michelle with MEI....and we are now in a holding pattern to hear if she had better luck. At this point if RCCI posts any pics of Oasis on Instagram or FB, I am complaining on their feed :(
  11. We checked our daily balance on the TV in our cabin. We wanted to be sure the $$$ jived with our purchases.
  12. I agree with the comment above. The dining rooms on Anthem have the tables for 2 seated quite close together...we could have touched our fellow diners and it was close for our servers to negotiate between the tables.
  13. Thanks Matt! I wasn't sure if the parades corresponded with only holidays....events...or every cruise has a parade of some sort.
  14. Does every cruise have a parade during their sailing?
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