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  1. While I hope the BBQ restaurant will be good, I too am disappointed about Hook'd not being included. I think a dedicated seafood restaurant makes sense :)
  2. I am disappointed about the champagne bar also. The bionic bar was a big disappointment. It needed maintenance numerous times on Anthem and was much smaller than I thought it would be.
  3. You make a valid point. The slides definitely require some space.
  4. This is the clip I got sent in my email.
  5. I really liked the Music Hall on Anthem as well. It is a perfect venue for cover bands and themed dance parties :)
  6. Cats is remaining, Matt said during last night's FB live that the entertainment was staying the same.
  7. I agree that the new BBQ place is exciting :) Can't wait to see a menu!
  8. Do you think they are going with the slides because Skypad had problems?
  9. We hope to go on Oasis next year :) It looks like a beautiful ship :)
  10. Matt's newest post is about Oasis of the Seas forthcoming update. So what does everybody think? https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/05/21/royal-caribbean-announces-oasis-of-the-seas-165-million-amplification-details
  11. The food at Captain Jack's is ala carte and not complimentary.
  12. I appreciate your feedback on this. I worried that I might not like this activity if it was a bit risque or bawdy. Sounds like I am more suited to the family scavenger hunt :)
  13. Matt did video at Oasis Lagoon. Worth checking out :)
  14. I used the "cup" late at night when getting soda from the freestyle machines. I got glasses of coke in the bars and cans of coke in the pub :)
  15. I honestly wonder how they were going to coordinate 1/2 day passes anyway.
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