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  1. Alas we can commiserate... my sister spent over an hour on the phone...talked to 3 people in India which she could hardly understand...only to be told sorry contact your travel agent. So then she had to email Michelle with MEI....and we are now in a holding pattern to hear if she had better luck. At this point if RCCI posts any pics of Oasis on Instagram or FB, I am complaining on their feed :(
  2. We checked our daily balance on the TV in our cabin. We wanted to be sure the $$$ jived with our purchases.
  3. I agree with the comment above. The dining rooms on Anthem have the tables for 2 seated quite close together...we could have touched our fellow diners and it was close for our servers to negotiate between the tables.
  4. Thanks Matt! I wasn't sure if the parades corresponded with only holidays....events...or every cruise has a parade of some sort.
  5. Does every cruise have a parade during their sailing?
  6. When we were on Anthem last year there was a parade held on the Promenade with the Dreamworks characters. Now that Royal has moved away from this entertainment, what are the non-holiday parades like and is there one each sailing?
  7. Thanks so much for the info! We were on Anthem last year...that would explain why they had a food menu.
  8. I keep seeing list of the drink menus at the Globe and Atlas on Oasis... But I'm not finding a current food menu? Has anyone seen one somewhere I know there used to be one listed when Michael Schwartz was associated...but how about currently?
  9. I think sometimes there is complaining for the sake of complaining. If tourism leaves an area, there are complains that the local economy suffers. I don't believe there is no impact, but I also believe there is benefit, as well as, drawbacks.
  10. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/overtourism-cruise-industry/index.html
  11. These are my sister and my huskies Katarina, Anoushka, and Zoya (affectionately called Kitty, Noushie, and Tweetie)
  12. We have 3 huskies and a lab. We love them dearly but they do not belong on a cruise. They would enjoy the attention, but our dogs are family not trained service animals. And unfortunately neither are most of the dogs you see. People take advantage of situations just because they want to take their pets with them everywhere.
  13. According to Matt's blog you are correct. The Lime and Coconut Bar is replacing the Sky and Mast bars...and UItimate Abyss is replacing Wipe Out Bar.
  14. Looks likes the smaller ships are not slated for the Royal Amplify program....
  15. We thought we would have to go to Florida in order to get on an Oasis class ship. We feel quite spoiled that it's coming to Bayonne 😁
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