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  1. FYI Keep a watch as it might go down in price before you cruise & you can cancel & purchase at lower price. For my cruise this weekend it was $59 most all the time than it would go on sale for $55. Got lucky at Christmas & it dropped to $51 for that week so I purchased.
  2. I leave on 2/1 & can't wait. Thanks for the pictures & info
  3. Happy New Year! Thanks to Michelle for all her help
  4. UPCOMING CRUISES Adventure of the Seas- 2/2020 Odyssey of the Seas- 2/2021
  5. For those of you who've stayed in suites I have a question. I'm currently in an Ocean View Balcony & want to know if it's worth putting in a bid for any of the following Spacious Ocean View Balcony 150pp Junior Suite 250pp Grand Suite 450pp Thanks for any help or insight.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions as I'm going to ABC Islands on 2/1 & need to book some excursions also
  7. Exactly & you have the flexibility to choose different times each night of your cruise that works for your schedule
  8. Cool I don't sail until Feb 1st. Can you let me know?
  9. Is the Key @ 21.99 worth it on ADVENTURE OF THE SEAS for an 8 day cruise?
  10. Thanks for all comments as I've wondered if this was worth it. Currently $21.99 for my 8 day cruise so I might give it a try
  11. OK never mind. It appears you take it with you on the excursion
  12. Has anyone ever done this excursion? I was wondering about luggage.
  13. Yeah I had to purchase the refreshment package as my 2nd also
  14. If you call not everyone will have to get the DB package. I got 1 DB packages & 1 refreshment package.
  15. I went from Inside Deck 8 261 >> Oceanview Deck 10 500 using Royal up on Ovation for $200 total. I even received my notification a week before we cruise.
  16. Thanks Just checked my 8 day Feb cruise & the DB package was $51. Am hoping to get it for a few dollars cheaper so I'll wait until Black Friday sale.
  17. Sailing Aug 9th. What time should I get to the port that morning? I'm flying into Seattle on the 8th. Also any tips or things to know for an Alaska cruise. Thanks
  18. In my opinion unless it's truly a service dog it shouldn't be allowed around food at all
  19. Also saw this in another post You can use this great drink calculator developed by @Grenadyr to see if a drink package would be beneficial.
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