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  1. Hi everyone I’m a novice cruiser and I was wondering if basic toiletries like body wash & shampoo/conditioner will be provided in the staterooms. I’m staying in a Central Park balcony, if that makes any difference. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi has anyone purchased The Key for a recent cruise? If so, how was the experience? Was it worth the money in your opinion? I have read reviews from other forums that gave it a somewhat mixed review. I’m curious to hear what seasoned RCCL patrons think of it. I’m new to RCCL, therefor I don’t qualify for any of the priority amenities yet. Thank you for any advice or comments in advance.
  3. Hi first time RCCL guest here and first time cruiser. One week out from cruise date on Symphony of the Seas, and I just received an email notifying me of a delay for my previously scheduled check-in time of 12:30. The email stated that due to US Coast guard mandatory inspection, prior to the start of boarding, our check in time is pushed back to 1pm. Not a major issue, however I was planning on heading to the terminal early, to take advantage of avoiding the peak rush. Has any other travelers encounter this before? Is this normal procedure? Should I plan on not heading to the terminal as early, since I most likely won’t be able to board? Please advise. Thank you.
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