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  1. Sounds like the P.O. My husband works at the Hub in our city and he wouldn't stay if it weren't for the benefits. hahaha.
  2. Thank you!! I don't feel the need to go higher now. 🙂
  3. I've googled and searched but to no avail..... lol Does someone have a picture of where Deck 8 is located on the outside of the ship? Where does deck 1 start? I'm just trying to see what our balcony view will look like and if it will interfere with out view. We are near the Aqua Theater. How far above the lifeboats will we be? We are on this side of the ship. Thanks!!
  4. We were at $55 and $59 for the longest time. Hopefully yours will drop also the closer you get or maybe you can get some better sales.
  5. Oh my! $65! I wouldn't get it either. Hope it does go down eventually. 🙂
  6. We are on the Oasis February 9th 2020 and I've been casing the drink package prices multiple times a day! It was $55 for the longest time, then went up to $59 and today it is $51. I think this is the lowest it might get. So we bought it. 🙂 Check your prices!!
  7. I am on the same sailing and I bought The Key about 2 weeks ago for $21.99. I keep looking daily to see if it goes down further. That in addition to the drinks package. $55 daily is just too much. Glad you saved money!
  8. We will be going to Labadee, Falmouth, and Cozumel in Feb 2020. In our non-cruise travels, we found that when you get to the excursion, they offer a photographer (additional charge) and sell you a CD with photos of you during the excursion. Do any of the shore excursions offer that? We still aren't sure what we want to do in Falmouth and Cozumel. We are doing the Jet Ski in Labadee. Thanks!
  9. Did you have a problem with the sound machine? I am going on the Oasis in February and I use a loud fan to drown out my husbands snoring and loud breathing. lol
  10. It doesn't have a surge protector...just the plugs. I don't mind buying another few, but don't want to if I don't have to. Just trying to be prepared. We each of multiple electronic devices and charge our portable chargers at night along with the phones and ipads. Should we just get the adapters with only USB?
  11. I use essential oils and just put the drops in my water. I've used it for years and zero impacts...but thanks for the info. 🙂
  12. My cruise is in February 2020 also on the Oasis. Just lost 5, trying for 10 more. You can do it!! 🙂 My Fitness Pal app and Grapefruit water both help me tremendously!
  13. Since surge protectors and power strips are banned, is there a limit to the power adapter? I have one that plugs into the wall and it has 9 outlets.
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