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  1. Sorry about the time between posts I was busy enjoying the cruise. But it’s over I’m home again in the cold waiting for a bus to take me to the university. Day 3: cruising I will admit right now that I am not an entertaining sea day kind of person. I eat find a lounger, drink, swim and repeat. woke up and got a chai tea latte from cafe promenade they already know my order so that may be a problem. Then off to breakfast in the main dining room. I really enjoy a leisurely breakfast on sea days. I had eggs benedict and a mimosa it was good but not fantastic and I’ve seen
  2. Better than song stealing some women’s husband was singing and she’s cheering him on then other people start bad mouthing him then the wife and this guy start getting heated with words then the mans wife gets involved and next thing you know security shows up tells the 2 couples they need to be on the opposite side of the bar. Security stays for the rest of karaoke.
  3. This type of itinerary is a game changer for me. Looking less than 2 years in the future I have finished school and am on the strict teachers schedule going to southern Caribbean in less than 9 nights is impossible with my schedule unless I’m going to San Juan which from Winnipeg Canada costs more per person than the cruise itself.
  4. Nope they announced that one while on the cruise you had to walk 3 minutes further but they were still there.
  5. On harmony right now and we are at Costa maya. Almost all of the royal Caribbean booked excursions were cancelled. We didn’t have one planned anyways as this was our walk around the port for a couple of hours then get back on the ship early stop. Everyone we saw was happy to have us there. We were the only ship in port today. Lots of people in the port area but it is a very nicely done up port. Also lots of people booked their own excursions and were fine. There were also excursions you could book in the port area with no issues. I saw people getting into cabs and there were no problems there
  6. Day 2: perfect Day at Coco Cay Woke up this morning at 7:15 and we were already docked! I’m very excited for this day and I can tell you right now it was perfect. Up to the windjammer for breakfast - I love the made to order eggs! We brought all our stuff with us to breakfast and now off to start our perfect day. We were in port until 4 so great time for a beach day. First we wandered the island a bit and took a bunch of pictures then it was off to the oasis lagoon for the morning! forgot to mention empress was in port with us today. The size difference was crazy!
  7. Day 1 continued: Went the room and saw both our suitcases down the hall and grab them and unpack. Then off to the pool deck to swim and tan before muster - why have I never done this before it was great and not busy! Then quickly time to run and change before muster then sail away from deck 16 the sail away party was lame. Then time to sit on my balcony with a glass of wine before dinner. main dining room for dinner tonight second seating as we eat late in the city anyways. I had the French onion soup, the New York strop and cheesecake. It was all delicious! Next stop to the ca
  8. Saw the dancing in boleros last night and wow did everyone look great! I’ll never be that kind of dancer but it was still enjoyable to watch.
  9. Well just used next cruise to book a cruise for May of 2021. It’s a Hawaii to Vancouver cruise 10 night cruise and it’s a bucket list cruise for my mom. Any thoughts on radiance of the seas. We’ve cruised on freedom, Mariner, oasis x 3, liberty, symphony and harmony so mostly bigger ships. I’m a little nervous about the smaller ship any thoughts on that aspect? Any advice is helpful as we’ve only cruised the Caribbean and Mexico (when those cruises existed from California)
  10. Writing this from Central Park after a perfect day at coco cat. Wow life can’t get much better! So yesterday the start of the cruise. We left our villa at 9am and arrived in port Canaveral at 10am after a 10 minute wait in line to drop off the car on the shuttle we went and off to the port. The porters grabbed our luggage (we over pack 5 people 6 large suitcases, 2 small carry on roller bags and a small duffel bag) and off to the terminal we went. Literally 2 people ahead of us for security then off to check in that took less than 5 minutes no line but I needed a new photo then right onto the
  11. Today was shopping day! Time to visit all those places we do not have in Winnipeg or even in Canada. Woke up had homemade eggs Benedict and mimosas for breakfast! My favourite can’t wait to eat more of that on the ship! Off to the outlet mall! We drove to the Orlando premium outlet mall and shopped for 3 hours. I bought way more than I thought I would but got some amazing deals! Then off to Ulta to stock up on makeup. This is way cheaper than in Canada! Then back to our place for some time by the pool in our yard with frozen cocktails. Then off to the clubhouse for some swimming or floating I
  12. Animal Kingdom day! Woke up this morning breakfast burritos for breakfast then we had to go exchange our rental van (really just do new paper work as we booked the rest of the days using air miles) then off to animal kingdom. As soon as we got there it started pouring rain. Like we were all soaked. Off to Navi River journey thankfully this ride was indoors so we could stay out of the rain. then off to our first fast pass the festival of the lion king! Loved this show it was amazing!! next was another fast pass for Kilimanjaro safari. This was really w
  13. Who knows I know that in Canada next week is a lot (the majority of universities reading week - so many people travel then) . I’m assuming it was busy due to president day weekend, this is a long weekend in Canada too (the holiday name changes depending on what province you live in - Manitoba where I am from it’s called Louis Riel day). With your Disney ticket you get 3 free fast passes you can book them 30 days out. There is a special lane and you scan your card or wrist band and in that line you go. Your fast pass is good for 1 hour from the time it starts.
  14. Magic Kingdom Day! Woke up earlier than I like to on vacation at 6:45am ate breakfast of French toast casserole and fruit then off to magic kingdom. Arrived at 8:30am and through the craziness of security then the monorail then entrance that is magic kingdom. finally time for our first view of the legendary castle. It was amazing! our first fast pass ride was up and that aS the Mad Tea Party! I love the spinning tea cups and it was tons of fun to me my mother on the other hand was feeling a little sick by the end of the ride. Then off to Mickey’s Philamagic orchestra this w
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