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  1. Oh my goodness I'm so envious of you all! Living in South Africa, we're a long way away from getting the vaccine. Travel restrictions don't help either. Congratulations to you lovely folks that can soon enjoy a cruise!
  2. We have a cruise planned September this year on the Allure, and hoping with everything I have that it will go ahead. We are also coming from South Africa, which is still under travel ban from the USA, so there's plenty of obstacles for us still. There also doesn't seem to be a clear idea of when we will see that lifted. We have until July to make the final call (July is the d-day for our 2-week Orlando stint before the cruise), so I hope to see movement soon soon.
  3. My goodness I laughed for a long time at this!
  4. Hi all I was wondering, is there an internet cafe on board? Say, for example, we wanted to spend an hour online doing anything we needed, is there a place to do so without getting the internet packages? We're planning to be on the Allure, in case that matters. Thanks in advance
  5. Big news for some folks here, the travel ban has been reinstated, and now includes South Africa (where I live). See article here. Our trip is planned for September this year, two weeks in Orlando and then one week on the Allure, but of course we will need to move it out if we can't fly to USA at all (my heart would break!) I don't see a date to indicate the travel ban lift at this stage.
  6. I see that there is now a brand new requirement (announced yesterday) that international travellers need to quarantine for 10 days. I looked around and couldn't find any concrete info as to how exactly that will be followed through. e.g. New Zealand requires you to pay upfront and they will quarantine you in a hotel of their choice for 14 days. I'm just not sure yet how the USA 10 day quarantine will work, whether it's enforced by law somehow or they simply ask you nicely... Unfortunately, if the 10 day quarantine is enforced (even with negative Covid tests) we will need to cancel/postpo
  7. Thanks for this! I think driving to the port from Orlando is definitely what we will do, it's only the two of us, so I hope that picking up a car will be no bother at all.
  8. Thanks for the info! We'll be hiring a car in orlando and staying off-site in a resort close by to Disney and Universal, so we will have the car and driving ourselves down to the port (can't wait!) Turns out, we're on the same sailing! Booked 19 September and at a steal of a rate, let's hope we can sail. We are flying from Cape Town, South Africa, so it's quite an ordeal if we need to move everything out, let's hope and pray it doesn't get to that. Hopefully see you on board!
  9. I really like this option! Thank you, I will save it. I did a quick google search, and it appears that it won't let me book the car rental because the drop off is over the weekend and the site says Hertz is closed, I'll see what I can do, email or something and hope for the best. Let's hope that we can do all this in September this year.
  10. Hi all, At this point, we are travelling to Orlando, spending 2 weeks in Disney and Universal, before travelling to Port Canaveral in September for our Allure cruise (Fingers crossed it happens!) For those of you who have used Port Canaveral before, could you help with the following: Would you suggest travelling to Port Canaveral the day before the cruise, rather than early morning on departure day? If so, why? What are the 'must do' things to do in the area if we come through a day before Any suggestions on close by but budget-friendly hotels? Thanks so much!
  11. Sorry to hear about the cancellations! Let us know once you receive the official notification from RC!
  12. Let's all hope it all goes smoothly and we can have these fabulous cruises go ahead
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