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  1. One more week and the wait is over! If you are not already part of Facebook group for this sailing, here’s the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2947938391964222/?ref=share If above link does not work, search: Anthem of the Seas December 12, 2021. There are a few events planned through FB group as well (image below)…
  2. True! I started cruising when I was young and continued after having children, my son and daughter love it so much. Cruising is our favorite type of vacation as it has something for everyone!
  3. Oh! I see, I just haven’t gone that far on the reservation page and actually haven’t done this on my own in a while, my last 4 cruises where done on board at Next Cruise so I guess I kinda have had a TA. ? thanks for sharing
  4. Every time I search for cruises on the RCL website I don’t see the refundable deposit option. I’ve been looking at different dates in a JS on Navigator too. Do I have to call it in? I don’t use a TA.
  5. Nice size group! It will be our first time in NJ/NY and longest cruise. I too have fingers & toes crossed ?
  6. ROLL CALL ? Family of 4 here from CA! ?hoping this 12nt will sail. Flights are booked and some excursions purchased ? oh and hotels are reserved too ? for Xmas ? in NY post cruise Who’s booked?
  7. Vaccine mask booster vaccine another booster (if necessary) sign me up! ? Anything to get on the ship!
  8. Thanks @twangster I knew that “qualified” meant something more. I was thinking that perhaps since I booked Before the promo of double points was announced perhaps my cruise did not qualify But now I’m excited again for my 12nt cruise assuming it’s a Go! Keeping fingers and toes crossed ?
  9. I hope it takes less than a decade for Royal to bring another ship or 2 to CA. I’ve had to fly to Florida for all but 1 and was happy to do 4 nt cruises which gave us the opportunity to sightsee for the remainder of the the trip. Though I’m excited now by the idea of being able to have my 1st B2B! ?
  10. After checking the FAQ section about double points, the term “qualified existing booking” makes me second guess whether my booking is qualified. I booked in September 2020 for December 2021 so since this was before the double points promotion was announced, is my booking “qualified”? Anyone know? TIA ? https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/topics/crown-and-anchor-society-double-points-offer
  11. I’ve been waiting for Royal to sail out of my home port, so I’m personally excited and can’t wait to book! Though I too would be frustrated and scrambling. We are booked on Anthem Dec ‘21 (12 nights) fully paid. The fact that Royal is cancelling cruises in a way that may be best for them and not necessarily due to CDC guidelines is nerve-racking and I wonder should I consider sailing out of LA. Wait I already bought flights to get us to New Jersey in December ? ?
  12. I booked in September 2020 and took advantage of KSF for December 2021 sailing on Anthem. Though I’ve not seen this option since then.
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