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  1. Are you on the Allure sailing? I am sailing on Allure in September and just saw an email, in our Allure September cruise Facebook group, sent for an Allure ship in August that was supposed to be going to Jamaica, Perfect Day, Nassau and Labadee that had it's scheduled changed to Costa Maya, Roatan, Cozumel and Perfect Day. I wouldn't be mad if they switched ours to that itinerary too but we have a Symphony of the Seas booked in April with the same itinerary as the new Cozumel one. This is the email that was posted in the group.
  2. I would call and see what your options would be to lift and shift. We were scheduled on a Southern Caribbean out of San Juan on Freedom of the Seas that was around $1,800 for a balcony. That one got cancelled, we told the rep that we didn't like any of the exact matches that were offered, they were on one of the smaller ships and didn't want that. We told the rep some of the ones we were looking at, he said he would try and get permission. We ended up lifting and shifting to Western Caribbean on Symphony of the Seas which is showing to be around $3k. I would recommend finding a few option
  3. I totally agree that seems late. I am booked on Allure in September.. never would've thought that we would be one of the early sailings back on her. Glad though that she will be one of the early test cruises.
  4. I loved the bungee trampoline! It is so much fun. My mom and I did it on Spectrum of the Seas on its inaugural sailing out of Singapore. It is a crazy workout but so much fun. I wish we would've done it earlier but we waited until the second to last day.
  5. Hey y'all, I am a little bit confused to be honest and would love someone to help out. I saw that Alaska will be resuming cruising this Summer. Do they still have to follow the CDC guidelines with test cruises and everything? I saw that there would be vaccine requirements but didn't know about CDC and CSO. Thanks in advance
  6. After lurking for some time and watching the Tuesday Facebook lives, I have decided I want to try a TA. My only problem is that I already have 2 cruises booked. Can TA's come in after I have already booked the cruise and take over or do they only start from before the cruise has been booked? My concern is that, I love booking cruises, doing the research and weighing options so I don't know if I will enjoy having a TA. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. When you say "Washy Washy" in your head every time you get a pump of hand sanitizer or wash your hands. Sometimes even throw in a "Washy Washy, Happy Happy" for a little extra razzle dazzle.
  8. I'm shocked they haven't added a disclosure at the bottom of the page saying *CDC updates do not apply to cruises*
  9. This will be our 4th attempted cruise we've booked during COVID. It will be my boyfriend's first cruise ever (as were all of the others until they got cancelled) and we will be leaving on his birthday! Hoping for a miracle and we will be back to cruising out of the US by September. Fingers crossed!
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