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  1. We are also on the Feb. 12th sailing. Let's hope we are able to go to all the islands on the itinerary.
  2. Thanks everyone for all of your recommendations and taking time to respond to my question. I appreciate each reply! As LinRon2 said, "Someday this will all be history!" Let's hope it's sooner than later. From all your responses, we have definitely decided to make two appointments at different places, one as a backup, and we will probably order home tests from EMED, too. The stress will still be escalated until we get our results. Who would have ever believed this would be our world today? Thanks again!
  3. I was wondering if anyone has had any problems when trying to get your Rapid Covid test taken 2 days prior to sailing? Did you have to go to multiple places before you were able to get one done? Hopefully I am concerned for no reason. Thanks in advance.
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