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  1. Yes I am well aware it's only while he is in the casino however. To me it's a complete waste of Money on my part to buy him something that he would absolutely get no benefit from. I am currently on hold with the resolution team and they are working on getting me an exemption. I do appreciate your help . After being on hold for what seemed like forever they ended up making an exception and allowed me to purchase the Deluxe drink package without having to purchase any other package for my father.
  2. Good evening all I having a problem. I am sailing with my father and he already receives free drinks as long as he is in the casino . Plus he already get's his 5 free drinks for being Diamond Plus. I am aware of the policy about the refreshment package. Do anyone know how I can get around this ?
  3. Thank you hsweat22. I’ve only cruised once but looking to make it more of a regular thing for my family.
  4. That is correct a bad experience with a different agency. I have never used MEI before. I’ve heard great things about them from Matt as well as others.
  5. I just sent you an email Annette.
  6. I’m looking to use Mei as my travel agent for my future cruise booking. My last experience was not the greatest (not with MEI). Has anyone worked with Stephanie at MEI? I received a quote from her does that mean I have to go through her?
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