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  1. I don't understand why you'd buy the drink package at that high of a price...at that point you set a budget of what you're willing to spend on drinks and call it a day. I've never bought a drink package if I didn't think I could get my money's worth. Between my coffee addiction and a few drinks per day it usually works for me whether I travel solo or with people. Basically- it's not as if you're not getting the drinks you want if you don't buy the package.
  2. I just caught up on this whole thread. Loved everything and your excitement came through. Your travel companions also tipped Shane?! That's amazing and telling of good people. Thanks for the blog.
  3. At this point I'll take whatever I can get. I used all my 125% FCC's for an upcoming cruise that I wound up canceling. At this point the actual money I spent was in 2019 for Odyssey's first two inaugural cruises. I feel like what I've spent is lost.
  4. I need to understand what media you're referring to. All I've heard in mainstream media is that so far the majority of Omicron cases have mild symptoms. What I'm hearing from my family in healthcare is different and more nuanced but basically - Omicron - mild symptoms for vaxxed people.
  5. I feel like we all need to make this happen. I would watch every minute. I work in TV but am useless. @Ampurp85 I am excited to live through you on this trip. I don't see myself cruising for a while but am lucky enough to follow you all along. You and @AshleyDilloshould do a joint blog.
  6. Well that stinks. Thanks for sharing your experience, you seem to have a good outlook on things. Hope everyone is okay.
  7. Same....and I watch a lot of mainstream news. All I've seen is reporting of percentages of infected but nothing about cruises being canceled.
  8. I just canceled this cruise. Not thrilled but between work stuff and not wanting to travel solo after 2 years of basically being solo it was the only choice.
  9. I'm glad RC is trying. So sorry to hear all this, I've been following the news but it's different hearing it from you.
  10. There is no train that goes directly to Laguardia. You can take an LIRR train/subway to somewhere nearby and Uber/Lyft. If you can spare the extra $$ it's worth the Uber/Lyft for as far as you want to go. I wouldn't take the subway with all of that luggage if I didn't know the area (I do and I wouldn't). The LIRR is fine and an easier option but NOTHING goes to Laguardia.
  11. LaGuardia is one of my home airports...Uber/Lyft is your best bet. There are no air trains at this time and no direct trains to LaGuardia. Leave extra time for traffic - most days are a mess traffic wise and Sundays after the early morning are no joke. You can take an LIRR train from Penn Station to Jamaica or Woodside but you'd still need a Lyft/Uber/car service to the airport.
  12. The Funko Pop wedding toppers. DEAD. Perfection. Congratulations on your wedding, everyone looks so happy.
  13. Listen, I love a good medium to rare steak and never choose well done but seasoning is seasoning whether it's cooked rare or medium. It's not for the chef to tell someone their taste buds are wrong even if it kills him. Not cool.
  14. There's always a bit of disappointment traveling with a crowd. I'm a planner too, I get it. I've been trying to be a little less of the planner but I'm at the point where friends and family expect it. I've learned to set a basic plan and try my best not to be annoyed when things don't work out. Still trying to deal with other's expectations tho, I suck at that. Hope you're having fun and am enjoying following along.
  15. The terminal is easy enough to access and park. $30 a day.
  16. Never heard a complaint for @Sharla and I use Michelle @michelle
  17. This is one of my favorite things on a cruise and happens every time. I'm a creature of habit so my order will be the same every time.
  18. I'd think it was a random occurrence since it's not something people complain about on here or on Facebook.
  19. I'm so sorry to hear about your pup! Love the blog so far. Grossed out by cilantro in the shower. No thanks.
  20. I'll third the book carrying - which I do with when i'm not solo anyway. I enjoy getting a table in a nice restaurant myself, getting a glass of wine or a drink and eating my meal while reading. If you want to meet people, book a tour, tours are great for meeting friendly people. My March solo cruise - I booked spa services which isn't something I normally do. It depends on where I'm going and what my destination is but I tend to like the solo time. I don't necessarily need to chat with people but I do welcome it.
  21. If I'm cruising with people I like the MDR mainly for the experience. If I'm solo I want the specialty restaurants for the food and the quicker dinner times. I find the food is better out the MDR but everyone has their own opinions.
  22. Wherever the spa is - Vitality bar I think is where it is.
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