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  1. Let's hope NYC is in better condition by the time you get there. It's not that great right now.
  2. I like it for when I cruise solo. I like the food better in the specialty restaurants though no real complaints about the MDR food. I ate at Izumi multiple times.
  3. Came here to write the same. It's a very entitled thing to make other people move at their discomfort to make your own comfort. Star Class isn't new either so not sure why staff isn't aware.
  4. Love waking up and reading everyone's cruise blogs! I spy paddle boards on Coco Cay - this makes me very happy.
  5. No! (I get it though) but you're paying to do what YOU want and this cruise is for you too! If you want one dinner without the kids you should have that.
  6. While I agree with you, it's sort of a dream to have a personal bartender at my beck and call, or a fleet of them. I'll stop my dream here before it gets creepy.
  7. This reminds me of one of my first memories...I was 3 seeing my aunt and uncle off on a cruise. I remember the streamers! We even got to go on the boat, that part I don't remember but was told. I remember looking up at everyone and the people on the boat throwing streamers. So glamorous to little me.
  8. March 6, 2022 - 7 night Bahamas, Anthem
  9. This is what got me to reach and book my first cruise since the Before Times. I've been looking for a bit but I saw the decrease in price.
  10. As a solo cruiser or a cruiser who travels with others but wants her own room ? - It's expensive. There are times the solo rooms are worth it and there are times it's worth it to get a regular room. I have to do a lot of research and saving for every cruise.
  11. I feel like all cruises have transportation as an excursion for the way back to the airport but not sure about to the airport. I used booking.com for a car service in 2019 in Rome. I'm sure there are other travel sites that do the same.
  12. Adventure. Took me til Harmony to be obsessed!
  13. We all get what we pay for. I may be slightly jealous but I also didn't spend what you did so until I do I need to keep my comments to myself.
  14. I did not love the WJ or the MDR coffee. I'll take your "burnt" Starbucks everyday over the WJ and I don't judge people for how they take it ?
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