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  1. Really depends on your drinking habits. If I'm solo I don't need. I just get the coffee card and pay as I go.
  2. Still rough seas but nothing like it was. Got out of bed around 10 and forced myself to find my friend but we spend over an hour looking for one another because internet was down. Can’t be mad because who knows what was going on with Ian. I gave up and got myself a drink. Was it the smartest with not feeling great? Probably not but it was fun. Rained on and off all day til later afternoon but we drank the day away first at the pub then Vintages and then naps since we were both a little queasy. Lunch was the MDR- meh. Wasted some time in the casino. Dinner. Dinner. Dinner was 150 CP. what a lovely dinner. The food was great and we were both very happy. Still trying to get through my OBC so I splurged on a bottle of Moët. My friend isn’t fancy but she enjoyed it. Got the cheese plate for dessert. Holy crap. Real cheeses, good cheeses. Even a perfect sized spread of Allouette. Every dinner has been decent to good so far (Giovanni’s, Izumi) but this felt special. I don’t know what’s going on with either of us but we’ve been content to skip entertainment every night. Dinner has been at 730 and if we make it til 10pm it’s late. No complaints, we just are tired.
  3. This may be my first experience with seasickness. It’s really rocky and I like it when I’m sleeping but idiot me tried to workout this morning and had to leave. it’s not awful but not fun either. Hoping it’ll pass or that I can get out of bed soon. I’ve never been seasick before, I grew up on boats but I started getting carsick in the back seat a while ago so maybe they are related?
  4. Casita was great, even in extreme wind and a little rain. MDR is the MDR. I’ve actually enjoyed the few meals we’ve had and the service is great. CocoCay was fantastic, not worth the price we paid for the beach club but absolutely no complaints. Lunch was fantastic and the service was also fantastic. There was only our ship so we really could’ve gone anywhere but now I know. Today is Nassau and after 20 minutes we finally were in the right spot- RC didn’t do a great job of marking the areas. We had the private cabana for 2 but last minute canceled when they offered money back for weather. I don’t mind rain but they mentioned lightning and since our transportation is a boat and the winds have been nuts it felt risky. I don’t take risks on vacation. Back in the ship and okay with it although this was the excursion I was looking forward to most. It’s nice when the ship is a little less crowded. Speaking of crowds, not really an issue and capacity.
  5. I bought cans but room was stocked with bottles. I’m good. Just give me water.
  6. Yesterday was a great sea day. Park Ave salad and hot dog place for lunch. I suggest the German hotdog, my friend wasn’t loving the regular one but I was happy. Dinner was Giovanni’s. Friend didn’t realize what pork belly was so was surprised when it came out. . Besides that we were happy with our meals. Our waiter even found us limoncello to end the meal. He was a doll and that little touch was appreciated. He got a good tip. I’ve learned I can’t blame waking up early on my dog. Today it was 5:30. I gave up at 6 and got myself a coffee to watch the sunrise and read. Both mornings I’ve been doing a little jogging. Testing a knee injury from February. My friend and I are meet up mid morning. I’m quiet in the morning and she’s raring to go so we do our own thing in the mornings. Today is the casita. We’re stopping in Orlando. Made it til just now and rain. Not too worried. Hoping it’s a passing storm but you never know. we keep missing any shows because we’re exhausted by 10 and like later dinners. No complaints at all though, we both seem to be content.
  7. I think that’s amazing. Full stop. I still think it’s premature to judge without actually knowing.
  8. I hate elevators with all of my being, I’m claustrophobic and when people pack in I get super anxious. I take stairs when I can going down but have a knee issue that isn’t visible so there are times I may take the elevator for a few floors. We have no idea what people are going through. If someone has asthma they may choose an elevator for a floor.
  9. Oasis doesn’t list the entertainment anymore until on board. You can check the app for some information. I’m on her now and we didn’t see the times til we were onboard
  10. Good morning from I don’t know where. I’m so happy I have a balcony, I woke up and got a latte at Cafe Promenade and watched the sun rise. A little cool at the moment but just slightly. Oasis is in great shape. A little wear and tear in the furniture but overall great room. Haven’t tried the chairs yet but I’m not a crowded pool person so not important yet. I learned my friend can drink. I cannot keep up nor would I try but let’s say what’s ever I paid for drink package was worth it yesterday. Oof. MDR dinner. No complaints. My friend didn’t love her fried chicken but said it was fine. I got the battered seafood and I liked it. Service was good, loved our server. called it an early night and read in my room til sleep.
  11. Check in time was 11. Pulled up around 1040, took 20 minutes to park and get in. Another 30 to check in and make it on the ship. Honestly, not awful. Just so many people at once. They moved up last check in to 2:30 so I’m assuming this is why. I’ve left from Bayonne before without this issue. I’m on a cruise so it’s all okay, just maybe a little stressful for the first hour No cruise compass copies - all through app.
  12. Check in was an orderly mess. There was order but holy crap was it messy. Computers were down so Key was not helpful. I made it on the ship for muster and welcome lunch so it’s all good. Prosecco was the first of the drinks. The ship is crowded.
  13. Got a text, message on the RC app to my apple watch and an email last night while at dinner and a show that they are monitoring the weather and there were no changes at this time. ooof. Finishing last minute packing stuff, drinking coffee and trying not to feel guilty for leaving my pup.
  14. My cruise is tomorrow. Still no luggage tags. (I got them thru the RC facebook messenger)
  15. ONE MORE SLEEP! Fellow cruisers are losing their minds about the storms. I'm very aware of the weather on a daily basis and have lived through hurricanes...I get it. I knew when I booked a cruise during hurricane season this was a possibility. I don't freak out about these type of things, just get me on the ship. My only meh, which seems like it couldn't happen anyway is if they went north instead. No offense to Canada, I love Canada and went to school right near the NY/Can border. It's just not a cruise destination to me. I've also lived through many storms that DIDNT happen. Last year we were evacuated from Fire Island (small island off of Long Island) back home. We had some wind and rain. Nothing too crazy. We were evacuated and nothing happened. (for the record, we all knew the deal and while disappointed we know this is life) Finished up the last of my work for the week and did most of the packing last night. I overpacked. Nothing new. Today is packing for the pup who knows something's up and is more clingy than usual which is saying A LOT since she's stage 5 clingy on an average day. She stays with a close friend who spoils her more than I do. When she's there she's carried, hand fed people food (hate this - she loves fries because of this family and cries if i ever have them in the house) and sleeps on their pillows at night. Traveling with a friend from work and we've been hit a little. Two coworkers died this week. One always had health issues, the other a late cancer diagnosis, completely unexpected but both way before their time. My friend was very close to one and I had known the other since high school. It's a teeny tiny world - the one I grew up with is related to my traveling friend's boss, who was also mourning the loss of the other co worker who passed. If I made it confusing the world is small and there are more connections then just work connections. We'll be missing all services so we figured we'd do something from the ship. I'm not looking for condolences, I knew both but wasn't close to either, I'm just sad for both, especially since I know some of the families. It's bad enough to lose a loved one, it's horrible to lose them before their time. Tomorrow is the drive. I'll leave about an hour an a half early. Some people have gotten emails about us all being on board by 2:30 for "marine traffic". I don't care. I'll be there. I did all my planning so the rest is out of my hands. Got the Key a few weeks ago because it was less than VOOM. $16 or $17. Can't remember what I paid because the price went up each hour that day. It'll be worth it no matter what because of the price but we'll see if it's something I'd purchase in the future.
  16. lol. This is not a first. It happens from time to time.
  17. That's good to know. I'll be there next week.
  18. 100%. I come from a family of readers and only my mom, who's been gone for many years, read SK.
  19. I know this isn't normal for a cruise blog but I'm going to list the books I'm bringing. Reading is a huge part of my day whether it's for my 2 hour a day commute or relaxing any day of the week. I typically read about 2-4 books a week depending on the book length. I "save" certain books for vacation reading. I suspect I'm going to be busy a lot of the time but this is mostly a sea day trip with only 2 port stops. RC's tv situation is lacking (I KNOW but I work in tv...tv's sorta my thing and always on at home) so I will likely read in the morning before I get out of bed, on the beach, at the casita and before bed. I'm known to say goodnight and read for another 2 hours. Fairy Tale - Stephen King. This just came out and my fav author since I was 13. Preordered to my Kindle Oasis. The Temple House Vanishing - Rachel Donohue. Got a bunch of books for Christmas. Physical books are rare for me because of the cost. I've been saving the few I got for special occasions. All the Devils are Here - Louise Penny. First physical book I've bought for myself in years. I love this series. This is how I relax.
  20. One week! Finally saw my coworker/friend who's joining me. We've done video calls throughout but I haven't seen her in person since pre pandemic - even though we've been back to the office since October. Ooops. Great to see her in person - neither of us are huggers but couldn't help it. Very few coworkers become true friends, at least for me. I forgot how much fun a cruise when you're seeing it through someone else's eyes. Her excitement is contagious. I originally wasn't thrilled with the itinerary (still not my fav) but she's got me looking forward to actually doing things on the ship. Once we make the dinner rez I'm pretty much open to whatever as long as I have time to just chill and read a book. I do all the planning pre cruise so I can go with the flow during the cruise. This week I'll be trying to pack when I can, it's a busy week already and I have a few tasks before the weekend besides actually working.
  21. Also from LI and love the convenience of Bayonne! I misjudged an October cruise. I know the weather and figure I'd be fine with what I had and I would have been if there weren't issues at the port on the way home. I had to wait an extra hour outside and it was a cold morning. My mistake was not having a warmer jacket/sweatshirt. Weather in the 50's is fine but not when you're standing around not moving. This time i'll have a sweatshirt in my carry on bag just in case.
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