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  1. I've cruised solo a few times and any event I tried to go to was poorly attended. The last one was a trivia where there were a bunch of couples which in my opinion is the exact opposite of what was expected. Most definitely not looking for a relationship while cruising but I do love meeting people.
  2. I tip a bit for almost every drink/coffee on every cruise. I have absolutely noticed the level of service changes - the staff makes it a point to know my name immediately (which I actually hate for some reason but I do 100% appreciate the effort) and make sure to come back to me. My friends noticed it at the pool - the bartenders would always come to me for my drink order. I don't tip more than a dollar or two, I'm not a huge drinker - it's a smile and a buck. I appreciate someone waiting on me and they appreciate me appreciating them. To add - I notice this with female and male servers/barten
  3. Congratulations!! Why are you guys moving? (did I miss that?). A brand spankin' new house is amazing! Every little space is yours and no one else has touched it. It's a great time - I'm in NY. One of the co-ops in where I live sold in hours and the previous owners missed out on two opportunities to buy a new house because everything is going so fast. My friend just sold her house that we thought would take a while because of the work needed..sold in 2 weeks.
  4. It's sooooo bad but the cruise stuff is fun.
  5. Didn't do that itinerary but loved Anthem and Cape Liberty. It was my first solo trip - I had no issue navigating Cape Liberty, everything was pretty easy to get around. (except the machines were down post cruise and there was a 2 hour wait outside (cold) until they were back up). Anthem was a lovely ship with so many places to sit and relax.
  6. listen, If I can "order" a cruise on my Prime account...I may be for it...
  7. We just had a tropical storm (I think it's considered that, my power was out for over a day and I'm just catching up on the news) and that was one of my thoughts. No hurricane season to worry about this year...just the hurricane's themselves. (WHICH STILL SUCK BTW...lol, I'm still dealing with it clearly)
  8. I feel like this isn't talked about a lot and I agree 100%. I've cruised solo and with others and the same with land vacations. The resorts in some countries are awful with the staff following you and making unwanted advances...and in my case, I didn't feel comfortable going to the managers because I was afraid of some sort of retaliation. Never felt this way on any of my cruises, I've always felt safe walking around the ship. For me, I'll always choose to be by the water. I grew up on the water, it's my happy place. Add just about everything else that has already been mentioned and
  9. Sorrento's does the trick if you're hungry and drank a bit but I don't think I understand eating this on purpose...during the day...undrunk....but I may be spoiled, I don't eat pizza out of the New York/New Jersey area. I haven't eaten chain pizza since my college years.
  10. I think I'd love something along these lines - maybe not this food, but a "choose your own" (adventure) type menu. Protein, carb, veg. Pick your main and sides. Maybe a few of the classics for the people who hate change or making decisions. Some local to the areas you're traveling to.
  11. The worst part is being home all the time, for work and relax time...and I love being home but this is a lot. Days off are spent home. Bleh. I've mentioned this before but I took up paddle boarding. I'm out on the water 3-5x a week, before or after work, paddling for exercise or happy hour with a couple of friends or solo. I've already met a bunch of new people and the fact that social distancing is already built in it's been great. I get my exercise or I get out on the water and relax. I don't know when travel will be okay or when I'll feel safe. Now I need ideas for when it gets co
  12. I don't really pay attention to the muster drill anyway. I sit there quietly in some awkward chair trying to see the screens and attempt to hear what's going on. I hate crowds and get claustrophobic so this is awesome.
  13. I'd do whatever I needed to do to cruise, I've stated that before. I don't like people in my personal space unless they're invited...so I'd be thrilled. Elevators with too many people have always freaked me out. I will wait or use the stairs...just not sure how this would happen. Personally, if it's a packed space like an elevator or a venue I don't know how I'd feel on a cruise ship.
  14. I believe @AshleyDillo said yes when I asked the same but I may be wrong....
  15. More of a ghost but Cafe Promenade and pool servers learn my name VERY quickly on every cruise I've been on and there are always a couple who seem to tend to me. I mostly love it but the introvert in me dies a little that I can't hide and the other side of me loves the attention. (I'm an extroverted introvert).
  16. At this point, because of proximity, the only place I'd want to leave if cruises resumed this year would be Cape Liberty. Don't know when I'll be comfortable flying again.
  17. So sad. I don't know when I'm going back into the office. We were told definitely not until after Labor Day. I kinda miss NYC a little. A little. Not a lot.
  18. Same but I'll accept a loss. I'll keep you all updated.
  19. So far, no. non-refundable and I don't qualify for the dates listed. Only til Sept. I'll check my cruise insurance at some point. So far the flight is the only thing I'm losing. They're giving me $16.80. woof.
  20. That's exciting. I'm not booking anything for a while. I want to see what FCC I have. I'm sorta shocked at how bummed I feel. I knew this was a strong possibility and am pragmatic about most things, I feel this. It was my first B2B. My first time flying first class. First solo trip that I didn't book a solo room (the rates were great for the second leg).
  21. On the bright side, I get 7 days of vacation back. Lost my flight $$ though.
  22. It's also canceled on the Royal Caribbean website. I knew this was a strong possibility. At this point I will wait to rebook anything.
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