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  1. Did anyone ever figure out the trick? Resizing didn't seem to help and hoping Matt doesn't have to manually deal with each one that tries uploading.
  2. Hi all! We're currently booked on the Thanksgiving RCB GC for November 2021 (and it can't come quick enough) in what will be our first 'real' suite. For this first time in a LONG time I'm checking pricing for other cruises and noticed there's an 8 day Allure trip with 4 ports that very much appeal to me for $1,500 less than the 7 day Harmony trip in the same suite class. Any idea why that would be priced lower than the 7 day Harmony? Is there something I am missing or is it just the random price differences we see? That itin is Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, St. Marin and St. Kitt
  3. lots of folks will say to skip this port but the few times I've gone I'd explored and had a great day. The first time we went to Atlantis, we got tickets direct from Atlantis' website, took a cab and beat the crowds and had a great day at the waterpark. The next time we got off and went to Junkanoo Beach, it was within walking distance and we just chilled for a couple hours and again had a great time. The first time years ago we went to the straw market and then I think Senior Frogs if memory serves (after Senior Frogs I may not remember right). The next time we go I plan to get a cab to one o
  4. speciality coffee first thing in the AM, with a bottle of water. then colada's by the pool, or whatever the drink is around the pool that day, several! I'll try anything more specialty iced coffee, and water around lunch time I like to go to a couple bars and ask them to make me whatever they like to make- whether it's their speciality drink or just some fun new drink they enjoy or whatever, it's a "surprise me" moment and they seem happy to comply. more iced coffee and water on the rocks drinks with dinner; again either specialty frozen or anything on the rocks m
  5. My January sailing shows me checked in already with my details from the cancelled one from this summer or fall (I don't know which one there were 3 shorties cancelled); I just updated my photo and left it as is! I also had an 11:30 check in instead of 2:30 so that was sweet; although I know it's most likely a moot point.
  6. Quick interruption, sorry. @Lovetocruise2002 you have great hair!
  7. My favorite memory from the last cruise I took was in January on Mariner. We'd just been reintroduced to cruising, caught the bug and had booked a few future trips for my husband and I but didn't have many we'd already taken. I managed to talk my cousin into going on a weekend Mariner trip for his 40th birthday and of course I had to come along, it was just the 2 of us. I'd been reading these boards and hearing about solo cruising and it really appealed to me since I have much more PTO annually than my husband, but didn't think I would actually go on vacation by myself. My cousin ended u
  8. I'm also anxiously awaiting the next round of cancellations. We booked an alternate November land based socially distant vacation but would feel so much better with an official cancellation.
  9. this is exactly why I haven't cancelled my November trip. I have almost no hope of it going; but if it does and I'm not on it for my first 7 night cruise and in a suite I will feel regret no matter what Caribbean Island I may end up on in place of the trip.
  10. I'm embarrassed to admit just how much of my spare time I've spent researching this option!
  11. I am in South(west) Florida and that's how we in my family got tested. No exposure or symptoms required. I don't think it was the PRC test or whatever is accepted for traveling but it worked for our peace of mind and daughter going back to college.
  12. I spend a LOT of my free time planning trips for 2021. I have a girls trip the beginning of the year, our 10th anniversary trip in the summer, our 'big' cruise in the fall and am hoping to work in another weekend cruise once things resume. I've learned a lot about Caribbean vacations the last few months! Planning and researching is something I immensely enjoy
  13. oh wow, now I want to book a balcony near the Solarium on an Oasis ship That's awesome!
  14. Our January sailing still has at $1499 (Mariner). Shucks. Have a great time on your trip!
  15. I can't believe that Coco Beach club Floating cabana price! SIGN ME UP! *scurries to check cabana pricing on future cruises*
  16. This conversation prompted me to check in for our Nov Allure trip, and 2:30 was our earliest also.
  17. Mariner January 29, 2021. Guess I'm going to just keep booking till one of them finally sails!
  18. I'm excited for you DanielB! I almost got my first B2B on Mariner and am determined to make it happen next year Enjoy!
  19. I keep checking into mine knowing there's only a tiny chance of actually sailing (11 days till I can check into my Nov 2020 trip). Like many others have said in various threads, I really enjoy the planning and prepping and need a vacation to look forward to! I haven't had the snag issue though, I hope you get it figured out! I bet their IT department and web traffic is a night mare
  20. Well that didn't last long, although our MEI agent spoke to 2 different RC agents about this- when she called the 3rd time it was no longer on the table. I have no doubt she fought hard armed the info given by previous agents. Alas, it was in fact too good to be true. Oh well! Back to the weekenders!
  21. I just got an amazing bit of info on our October cancelled Casino comp- we originally booked the 3 night weekend getaway on Mariner and what was offered to move to (in addition to the Mariner for Jan-Feb) is a 7 night on Harmony or Allure. I am utterly shocked and we are for sure jumping on it. I am not sure if this has already been discussed but I definitely thought of you when our agent told us this! I was blown away! So we'll get a 7 night on Oasis class for the same price as the 3 night on Mariner?! I just can't believe that awesome offer!
  22. I needed those pictures! Totally losing my cruise mojo with all this bologna; it almost hurts to think about or plan cruising but we have 2) CLS booked on Oasis class so seeing the awesome photos did the trick, thanks! Enjoy your trip Chill6x6!
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