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  1. Loving the updates, thank you! I hope it was a Perfect Day!
  2. What a fun decision! I went thru the same thing last year and landed on the CLS after getting the same advice as above. I'd still like to try the OS one trip to compare. Best of luck and happy cruising in whichever cabin you choose
  3. I'd snap that up for just my husband and I with 0 hesitation. Enjoy your cruise! PS I'm quite impressed with that price.
  4. No doubt someone will chime in with hotels soon, but I had to share in my excitement that I put my first bid in for a star class suite! The idea alone is exciting for this balcony cruiser! Checked in at 7 this morning (3 pm arrival time) and at 530 got the upgrade email. **Edit to add: I wasn't given the opportunity to enter my credit card information. I seem to recall it being required at the time of the bid before? ***final edit, I went through it again correctly this time and entered a CC ?
  5. Not exactly what you asked for but this was a big win on our Caribbean land vacation last month. When we went to public beaches we clipped to our chair, not exactly super secure if you have serious safety concerns but ours were minor and this worked perfect. We carried it for the entire week and nothing inside got wet or Sandy.
  6. I'll admit I've been checking my email as often as I've checked cruise planner prices in the past.
  7. It's been a delight to follow along, thank you! And it's beautiful!
  8. I made sure DH understood what the deal was and signed us up ? I would only be able to make it to one of the three sailings and I don't have much hope of actually being chosen but it's exciting to Hope ?
  9. I was just reminded today to be sure to use or schedule remaining PTO... it's like it is meant to be!! We're within 3 or so hours of 4 ports, sign me up. Good luck to the sweepstakers!
  10. Here is a link Matt's posted in another thread. https://www.hhs.gov/coronavirus/community-based-testing-sites/index.html My experience was testing at my local CVS for travel in mid July, no problem. I sheduled PCR and antigen test and wasn't charged (as of yet). I haven't done the research to determine if I'll be billed for it later as it wouldn't affect whether or not I took the test, but going in it all appeared to be at no charge. Will update here if I get a bill.
  11. I'm in Fort Myers, about 50 miles north of Naples and got testing for travel at CVS no charge a couple of times. This was mid July, if that helps any. I got both antigen and PCR
  12. For a land vacation 3 weeks ago we needed testing before leaving Florida to enter Jamaica. Had no problem scheduling for DH and I at a CVS, reason marked 'travel' and we weren't charged. Had to schedule again day of test because of a clerical error (mine) and was able to schedule a 2nd test no charge. I did 1 PCR and 1 antigen. Simply sharing to illustrate I had no issues testing for travel out of Florida and we weren't charged. It was required we test 3 days prior to departure, and we got results for both test types in less than 5 hours.
  13. So glad to hear a positive turn for your healing! College tours with your kids are fun, enjoy
  14. After this past year I wouldn't switch from our TA (also with MEI) for any percentage OBC
  15. These are definitely my biggest concerns for November, it's my husband's luck that this would happen to us. It's not nearly enough of a concern to cancel but it's in the back of the worry part of my brain!
  16. Welcome! I found some of the most useful information on port stop options right here on these boards by searching the port name in the excursions section. You're definitely in the right spot to get some good information! Enjoy the research part of your journey ?
  17. This sailing is what's keeping me going!! Thanks for creating the RC
  18. Sign. Me. Up. Already responded to my MEI hero and plan to make this #1 of my list of things to do on the 24th, find the booking I want! GREAT news!!
  19. I am also planning this port visit today and sticking with a ship excursion because who knows... I am currently looking at "Discover St Thomas and Magen's Bay" simply because I dont know where to start. So many excursions look amazing and we'd like to explore a little of the local culture as well as the beach, but am now considering the Secret Sands and Skyline Drive option instead. I have nothing to value to add here, it's just nice to be planning cruise activities again ?
  20. Did anyone ever figure out the trick? Resizing didn't seem to help and hoping Matt doesn't have to manually deal with each one that tries uploading.
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