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  1. We rented a Casita on Oasis last month and found it very convenient to have a spot on the deck for the day. Cold waters in a cooler and drink attendant was great. I'd suggest paying attention to where your Casita is in relation to the smoking area. I vape so we chose to be near the smoking section, suite deck and bar. I mention the smoking area not because it was offensive on the open windy deck but to be aware if that type of nearness is an issue We had zero complaints. Loved it really
  2. I called, am getting refunded, scheduled test with 2 hour result. 🛳 🏝 all is well, lots of alternate options near me
  3. Anyone have this happen? There's the normal sticker QR code I'm used to seeing and another sticker on top that says Rev 2 with expiry 1/28/23. I've taken probably 6 or 8 of these tests and first this has happened. I'll give them (Optum, who I purchased from I guess?) a call when they open but was hoping to hear if this has happened to anyone else who happens to know how to rectify. I realize this is doubtful but this is where I go for cruise questions I've made an appointment at CVS but would prefer to test at-home.
  4. I don't drink alcohol at all, and this is my first mission! We also tried the hot tub when we first got on this last trip, and it was a great filler between embarking and rooms being ready
  5. but I get 1 a year that has a $500 cash trade-in value. Once in a while a random $250 one. Those are the good ones. You can apply them to any cabin, any cruise... as long as it's within the expiration date. Thanks for this, another tidbit I missed in my brief search. Thank you, I'll spend some time digging into the rules and FAQs. Big help as always, here on the boards!! Yall are the best
  6. Can anyone tell me where I can get the details on the benefit? I made prime earlier this month and wonder how long I have to book the annual benefit cruise? I'm sure the info is readily available but haven't found yet. I do have the benefit in my offers
  7. Freedom of the Seas September 23rd, 2022
  8. Did I read an article about short sailings on oasis class out of Florida im the mear future or is my memory worse than I thought? Wasn't able to get search terms right to find if so
  9. I prop my up against whatever is on the kitchen table. The napkin holder's been my go to
  10. Are there more preferable owners suites on Freedom?
  11. I'm SO EXCITED for you having the villa!! What an upgrade!!!
  12. I recently (April 7th 2022) made Prime with the lowered threshold. Do those benefits transfer to my husband like C&A status does? Also, other question while on that trip the cashier showed me a paper that said instant reward of junior suite if X points are earned (I think it was 1400 or 1600). In any event I played past the threshold and asked the casino host about it. He said it'll show up on my casino account after the cruise. I checked my offers and don't see a JS. Any direction on what I misunderstood about the sitch, and do we know if DH receives the benefits? Thanks for reading. ps That was SUCH a fun time in casino on that trip, so I'm not trying to be greedy, but wish to understand what I misunderstood if anyone has any experience to share.
  13. Anytime between now and dinner on the first night. My last 3 cruises since restart I've received notification a few days prior
  14. @Lynn T good morning, Im wondering if you had any feedback on your Casita experience I hope you had a great trip if taken!
  15. Anyone have experience renting these? We're on Oasis for a 3 night April 7th. It says FCFS, time on reservation says 9 am. Wondering if anyone has experience with how early I need to show up to pick our casita? Anyone have tips on best spots that may be hidden or missed by a first time Casita renter? I love the idea of having a spot on deck secured, even if they used to be free
  16. The general advice given is to purchase what you know you want when it's at a price you're comfortable paying. If the price goes down you can cancel and repurchase at the lower rate.
  17. I was on Independence that same weekend and had a great cruise. Ate most meals in the MDR, a couple in the WJ. I had no issues or complaints aside from the key lunch being laughable. But it did just that, made me laugh. Aside from that meal everything was as expected for us. I hope your next cruise is better for you!
  18. We booked a casino offer Thursday to sail March 18 on Independence. It was the only 3 night offered that worked for us. They only had a balcony gty available which we booked. I really was hoping to land a suite for this last minute birthday getaway for DH, I mistakenly thought I'd bid Royalup. I now realize the RU offers went out already and many awarded. I should have thought of that before. Is there any advice out there for this scenario to upgrade? I'm willing to pay full price outright but no inventory showing. I discussed this booking with our TA and we jointly decided no need to transfer the res to her, honestly I didn't want to be a thorn in her side for a casino booking. Although I did send her an email asking if she had any suggestions Anyone here have any tips on which department to call at Royal that may be able to find us a suite available?
  19. Great info Jenna, thank you!! I'll read both reviews and appreciate the links. Enjoy your April trip!
  20. With the British Colonial Hilton being closed, does anyone have any day pass experience at Nassau you'd be willing to share? I am really trying to find something for DH and I to do, even if it's hang at a resort for the day. We'll be there in March (along with all the other spring breakers, it was a casino booking). Second option is the pearl island cabana, there are good reviews on Tripadvisor. We aren't staying on the ship, but I appreciate in advance the suggestion
  21. @Pattycruise they're like fan ran pages for each ship, some have more than one page. Just the pages for the specific sailings on a ship if you're familiar. It's literally the only reason I have a facebook account
  22. I booked a trip March 18th because we got a last minute casino offer. I'm getting the "make sure your sailing is within 30 days" note when trying to upgrade. The ships shows very little availability so I'm not surprised but bummed all the same. *I did try booking JS to begin with but none available
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