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  1. I've read that the casitas don't necessarily provide much shade, depending on the sun angle - can anyone weigh in? Hoping to reserve one for our cruise in July. Thanks! Lynn
  2. Thank you so much for the info! We are definitely mild mannered people and are looking at a Chill Island cabana as a splurge for this first cruise back on Odyssey! I think we will give it a shot! Lynn
  3. Hi, Is it possible to pay an extra fee once you are on Perfect Day to have an extra person (or two?) get a wristband for a cabana. I'd like to rent one, and while it is unlikely there would ever be more than 6 people there at once, but we are traveling in a party of 9-10. Thanks! Lynn
  4. Looking forward to my holiday sailing, and booked a casita for the sea days. Anyone have a review? Is there really a button to push for service, and is it timely? Are there wrist bands needed? Thanks! Lynn
  5. On my cruise last week there were a lot of small jellyfish in the water at Columbus Cove. I heard at least 3 people complain of being stung. Somehow my daughter managed to "catch" one in a disposable drink cup and set it on the wall by the water access, it was fun to watch for a while but I'm not sure how she escaped without getting stung. One more wildlife adventure this day -- We got off early and had great shady chairs right by the water, fantastic people watching. One small boy started shrieking in the water and it turns out a squid had latched onto his arm! A ship photographer asked us to watch his camera and he waded out to help - meanwhile all the other adults in the water were scrambling away as though Jaws was on the loose! It was crazy. Kid seemed okay, thankfully! All that said, the water was lovely.... ?
  6. Thought I'd circle back here, just back from my Allure cruise (sigh....). My best-ever MDR waiter Latoya from Jamaica advised against the jerk pork as it would be dry. But said the chicken the next day would be great. It absolutely was! Best food all week. Fairly spicy, too!!! Also this trip I tried some of the soups in the Windjammer - being so hot I usually steer clear. But the black bean soup was outstanding, and I also loved the mushroom soup.
  7. Perusing the menus for my upcoming cruise on the Royal app I see one night has jerk pork, and the next night has jerk chicken! So, for those who have tried them, which "jerk" is the best?!? Guessing the spice level will not be excessive but we love jerk! Will be hard to live up to the jerk cart man at Hilton Rose Hall in Jamaica though! LOL
  8. Sailing Allure for the third time next week, and have never made it to the Schooner Bar for the piano entertainment at night. Hoping to fix that. But I'm worried that I will have set expectations too high having sailed NCL once on the Escape and LOVED the Howl at the Moon experience. I am sure the vibe on Allure is much less rowdy, but is it still engaging and encouraging of singing along, taking requests, etc? Or a more mellow relaxing type of thing? Regardless I am sure our crew of 11 will have a great time, just hoping to have a little taste of the fun we had previously (mind you, I much prefer RC and Oasis class ships than NCL!)
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