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  1. She will get along with Katie I am sure!!! Lots in common. Anyone know the specifics of the teen meetup?
  2. Katie enjoys exploring the ship. Hanging at the pool & hot tub. Food!!! We have always enjoyed the shows as a family. She has never been old enough for the teen area so it will be interesting to see what they have that sparks her interest.
  3. @Kdc @jbrinkm I hope our kids can meet up once we get settled in! My daughter has become a bit shy but I think she would be open to a little escape from us when she knows there are other kids in the same boat…pun intended. -Elena
  4. Hi, Spring break trip on the Allure 4/10 I have had VOOM SURF Internet Package - 3 Devices and Photo Package: Up To 100 Prints Or Digitals in my cart for a couple of weeks and did not pull the trigger. The price has gone up (or rather the discount has gone down). Do I wait hoping there will be a better discount closer to departure? We are 16 days out. I did just check-in today, so not sure if they are smart enough to recognize activity on my account? Thanks to anyone with advice and experience. BR, Elena
  5. Hi Everyone, We are cruising 4/10 as well. It’s me, my husband and our 13 year old daughter. She is an only child and on the last several cruises we have been traveling with her cousin who is her age and best friend. I am concerned she will be miserable and won’t want to try any of the teen activities solo. Any advice is greatly appreciated. We are on deck 8 boardwalk.
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