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  1. Garage is an easy walk across the street, about as convenient as it gets. Not sure where the secondary lots are located these days but knowing the area they probably aren't far but for a few $ I would just go with the garage.
  2. Definitely not just a Royal issue, just off Celebrity (I know a sister brand) and staffing being short was the #1 topic of conversation around the ship. The cruise was still a good one and I wouldn't go back and "not do it" but you know its not good when the writeup for every event/venue includes the words "drinks will not be served at/during this event, please make sure to bring them with you". I think on the 9 night cruise I was brought a drink by a wait person about 3 times (including the MDR), the rest were stand in the line at a bar and hope the bartender would notice you. Sympathetic to the cruise lines struggling to find staffing but its ugly when you cant staff to serve a ship at about 60% capacity.
  3. Just off Equinox in Port Everglades, no masks required.
  4. Royal's definiton of sale is very easy to understand. We make it sound like its a good deal, so that a lot of people who dont know better, buy them.
  5. This is similar to my thinking behind my response. The odds of getting COVID are what they are, the risks I am willing to take on a daily basis dont change just because I am taking a cruise in a week or two, so neither does my behaviour.
  6. Just going about my business normally, leaving tomorrow for a 9 nighter, COVID test this morning ... no sense getting bent out of shape about it all.
  7. Absolutely not true, they have no problem whatsoever with you sharing your Diamond vouchers.
  8. Pretty sure I read recently that the transfer happens through D+ but Pinnacle has to be earned individually. (I recently matched my GF to D+ which is why its fresh in my mind)
  9. Tried it once, worst drink I ever had and didn't know that I couldn't use one of my "free" drink so I got to pay for it. Not worth my time/money, but now I know
  10. So glad I hit Diamond so I can not stress over the Bev Package pricing. I would not be happy at all with these prices (both list and sale) but I can survive on paying for the few drinks I want over my Diamond allowance quite easily. Disappointed that the Dining options are skyrocketing too .. guess we just ski the traditional Chops evening though.
  11. We have some more nautically knowledgeable individuals than me but my guess on the course change would be to get the wind in the "right" direction in case a helicopter medevac was needed.
  12. I (unexpectedly) tested positive for our planned 1/29 cruise, tested negative in time to board our 2/11 cruise. The advice i had was to definitely not take the PCR since that can register positive still for months (in rare circumstances) but that the antigen should be clear pretty quickly.
  13. Things may be different now but over the years I have taken a couple of minor children on cruises (friends of my son) and also had my son go with others on cruises. In all cases I just drafted a simple letter that said I had their permission and had their parents sign it or that they had my permission and I signed it (depending on who was signing away their kids). Never had anything countersigned or notarized. Unfortunately though RCI wins any dispute so if thats what they are insisting on then better safe than sorry.
  14. I have my TA chasing a couple, frustrating as i was planning to use them with CWC and "OBC for using FCC" were in effect.
  15. As a consumer I would potentially be interested at times but I think the logistical challenges are more in the range of "logistical impossibility". First time someone "goes to the bathroom" and disappears to go ride some water slides, etc. while they are on board and now cant be confirmed as on or off either ship when sailing time comes up sounds like a security/immigration debacle in the making.
  16. Its not "real" espn though its a weird Caribbean version (I think) that carries a lot of non-us mainstream sports.
  17. I did see that Carnival announced they were requiring boosters for one cruise, apparently due to the length at 16 nights. I'm hoping that's an aberration not a precursor.
  18. I can go either way, but if they do want to stick with crew served buffet then there needs to be a significant increase in the number of crew assigned to the job.
  19. I havent see any benefit of uploading all the docs ahead of time, every cruise post-COVID I have had to show every single document at least once, even though they were all uploaded through the app. Seems like the potential is there to just wave through but so far no benefit from it for me.
  20. Moving off topic slightly but now I'm learning new things. Someone explain the "prepurchased a package" and now applying the D+ benefit comment .. I was under the impression that I can either prepurchase the internet package and get that discount OR wait until I get onboard and then use my D+ benefit but not get the benefit of the cheaper packages offered precruse. This almost sounds like i can have the best of both worlds for a change ??
  21. Generally the differences are location and whether or not the cabins have extra bed options. Specific differences require doing the research at the links above
  22. I would dump Vax requirement before testing requirement, personally i would dump both but that wasnt the question
  23. Odd, I was there on cruises 2/11 and 2/25 ... water was chilly but didnt hear anyone having biting issues. Definitely not A+ snorkeling but they have a few "sunken" objects that attract fish and can be fun to look at. Generally speaking if you swim out near the "platforms" they are markers for stuff.
  24. Yes as noted above it is not a big deal to get an extra card that will allow her access to the room.
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