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  1. And i will be making a call to my TA in the next few minutes
  2. I know Carnival has indicated they only have a small number (6 i think) of ships that they plan to sail in Nov if given approval. I think if Royal aimed to bring a small number online they could do it much faster, figure you have all the prior crew from all the ships available to recruit three crews out of in a hurry ... chances are good of being able to get the numbers. The supply chain in terms of food, etc. is probably fairly intact. I think November is doable if they are moving the pieces now .. but not much longer. Probably 4-6 weeks seems reasonable.
  3. Sailed Seaside when she came out, not as good as Royal but at about 1/3 of the price i was very happy with the experience for what we paid.
  4. Disappointing to see as Joe01 noted at this point I am just about back to living my life as normal, if it was up to me i wouldnt need to see anything different from the cruise lines to sail now than they always used to do. With that said i gave up on trying to find cruises "close in" to rebook to. If they do start to sail soon I might do a last minute but my closest current booking is now at May 2021 and with the way this garbage is dragging on I wouldnt be surprised if that gets cancelled eventually too.
  5. I use the Barclaycard program, 2% cash back on everything for a small annual fee. I think it also includes travel insurance but havent looked in a while to be honest. Nothing easier to use than cash back.
  6. Generally speaking it is "better" to be in motion at slow speed that to just park and wallow.
  7. I think this is a large part of the statement that they will gradually restart cruises, a few ships at a time ... either way its hard but i think its easier to pull together 2-4 crews in a few weeks than it is to try and staff up 20 or more ships in a hurry ... the crew may not have all worked together before but you can get 4 ships worth of experienced people assembled with plenty of backups to account for failed tests in transit, etc.
  8. Its the same general conversation as "once we do launch it wont be all the ships on day one, it will be a phased return to sailing" ... which means a lot of people are going to get a call with "hey we know that we announced we are cruising effective XX date ... but unfortunately your ship isnt sailing until 6 months later so we need to cancel your cruise". I get why they aren't proactively shutting down itineraries but theres going to be a big round of backlash when we get to that point.
  9. Following the tangent, I have to say its awesome to be able to visit Disney and have absolutely no crowds to deal with.
  10. Unfortunately although most of us seem to agree that 0 risk, 0 cases is not realistic and should not be the baseline assumption, I do think that is going to be the standard that the media holds cruise lines to. One person coming off a cruise ship positive is going to be the lead headline on every story nationwide ridiculing the industry for attempting to restart.
  11. I think several of you basically said it but they are going to get tried in the court of public opinion (which really means tarred and feathered by the media), so they have to get it right the first time or get destroyed. I think the much smarter play would be to try and and fix it as they go but they are not going to be allowed to take that approach. Talking to one of my friends who did the 3 night Mariner weekender to CocoCay with me several times last year and we both agreed we would have felt fine getting on that cruise again right now ... wearing masks when in public but no addi
  12. The cruise terminal is in the "downtown" area of Tampa about 15-20 minutes from the airport. I would suggest heading over to downtown when you arrive and then having the short trip to the cruise terminal the next day. I dont have a specific hotel to recommend since i live locally and havent had to use any of them but there are several in the area from all of the major hotel brands if you have a preference.
  13. IMO I don't believe it would have had an impact either way. I know for myself i have a good feel for where i am on the ship at all times, i know others that i travel with could have been to the muster station a dozen times and still have no idea how to find it especially in a "panic" situation.
  14. I believe you should be receiving the FCC back (with an extra 25%) but with as many rule changes as there have been i could be applying the wrong logic.
  15. Lets be honest for most people its going to be the same process as every other "legal requirement" .. scroll through the pages as fast as possible, hit "accept" and run to the muster station to get it recorded so you can get on with your day.
  16. I would go if we could only get there and back.
  17. I cancelled one this week, the FCC from May rolled to September but wont be available to cover the Oct cruise until next week. I asked for an extension until they issued the FCC, they said no, so i cancelled. Now they owe me back $1000 in cruise planner purchases instead of waiting a week. Somehow i think it will be available to rebook next week when the FCC is available so i guess i will be booking again soon but i'm not putting more money in the tank for now.
  18. My thought is they know the only way to get the crowds back up is to be open and trying but yeah they had more employees on hand than guests. Admittedly this was a Wednesday so crowds are probably stronger on the weekend, etc. but still it was probably the strangest day of my life to stand there and where i would usually see thousands of people see maybe 2-3. Rode Soarin with a total of 6 people on the ride ... and nobody standing in line when we got off.
  19. When i first tried Chops i agreed with this statement and it was definitely a go to ... 10 years later the experience feels much closer to Outback steakhouse for me and just isn' worth it. With that said one of our travel group is a Chops devotee so when she is along we usually end up going and its never been a bad experience just not what it used to be.
  20. There's an easy fix for that though .... Passenger attempts to buy drink ... ding ... i'm sorry sir the computer says you haven't completed the EMuster so your charge privileges have been deactivated, please follow these instructions to reactivate your account.
  21. Seems reasonable and logical (especially for repeat cruisers).
  22. Hit EPCOT for the "food and wine lite festival" on wednesday to celebrate losing my 8th cruise. It was a fun day but was also the first time i really felt the "wow this is creepy" factor of the zombie apocalypse. If I had to guess i would say probably 500 or so total guests in EPCOT ... extremely surreal to stand and realize you literally cant see anyone in any direction.
  23. I was very excited when it was first announced, loved Virgin Atlantic for many years and looked forward to what they would do from a cruise standpoint ... completely disinterested in Virgin Voyages once it was "revealed" though. Will probably give it a try at some point just to be fair but not excited the way i was during the build up.
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