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  1. Based on the last 18+ months ... nope. Pretty clearly demonstrated to my satisfaction that the cruise protocols in particular are pure theater driven by fear of an overreaching government agency. Witness my first cruise in July with fewer protocols in place and statements being made by crew on board that they were prepping to reduce the protocols further in the near future and instead going the other way just to keep the CDC "happy".
  2. Guest services on board can help with reservations for at least some things.
  3. You would be the "everyone" group is your kids are attending, could go to the vax area if the kids arent with you.
  4. I was waiting on the Blog event list, now that i saw that come out I can start thinking about other options
  5. We did Mariner with a group of 10. Booked on board at guest services, i think the app was only doing groups of 6 .. not sure if they were then putting two groups of 6 in the room together or capping at 6. Don't recall seeing any signage about masks but we all had ours off already while waiting and the host didn't say anything either way so we left them off.
  6. Responded initially without processing, Escape room is up again but Laser tag was not on Mariner
  7. Interestingly on my 2 mariner cruises the whole "signing for it" thing has been out the window regardless of whether you have the package or not. They arent even looking at or asking for cards, just asking for room #'s and then coming back with drinks ... not sure if thats an official change or just random weirdness but I noticed it on the first cruise and the whole group commented on it last time. (We were a mix of package and not but they were doing it for all of the group).
  8. The package has always been borderline financially for me, the beer only package they used to have made sense, the deluxe rarely does. Making the Diamond drinks an all day thing means it will never make sense financially now but sometimes i do still do it for the convenience factor, depends on the group i am with and what I think we might end up doing. RC Blog cruise coming up, at least one pub crawl on the events list ... beverage package booked
  9. First trip on Mariner .. Once to get into the line to get into the terminal ... another time in the first half of the line ... again to "cross" the open space between the first half of the line and the second half of the line .... another time in the second half of the line ... again at the door to be allowed into the terminal ... again at the "actual health screening" booth right before security ... again at the "actual checkin" where they asked for passport, etc. .... again at the row of kiosks to leave the terminal and head up to the ship ... I did learn between trip 1 and trip 2 though .. highlighted my name, the test date and the test result ... knocked about 2 hours off the checkin time since they didnt have to waste time figuring out how to read the test results each time
  10. Logic really hasn't had a lot to do with any CDC action so this would seem perfectly reasonable. I'm just hoping they don't ask to demonstrate how to flood the ship in an emergency in order to "wash away covid".
  11. Just did Mariner twice, no reservations required/needed for Windjammer.
  12. Modern cruising, the crew certainly arent going to call you out on shorts as long as they dont like garbage. I didnt even bring shoes on my Mariner cruise this past weekend, shorts, polo and sandals every night in the MDR.
  13. Hip height wooden railings also stop covid in the schooner bar, as do open doorways between vaccinated and unvaccinated areas in the Boleros/Playmakers interface and the balcony railing between the unvaccinated upper area of the theater and the lower vaccinated level of the theater....
  14. Hmm must be getting close to bonus time for the lawfirms ... time to tee up another round of "I sue, you appeal, i appeal, someone reappeals. we agree to decide nothing and move on to the next year"
  15. Mariner was only 1400, interesting that Freedom doing basically the same cruise is much more crowded.
  16. I think both are true ... did see a large group in the pub a couple of nights but our group didnt spend much time in either of those bars we were show hopping, escape rooming, etc. for the most part.
  17. Wait i was on a cruise with you and didnt know it ??? Where is the Matt tracker when i need it.
  18. Dont think this is true, we had adjoining cabins on one cruise. There are definitely lots of empty cabins so possibly partly true that they "speed up" turnaround by opening up clean rooms and then cleaning the "used" cabins for the next turnaround but its not an "every other" layout.
  19. They are doing them, i just got one on Mariner this weekend. Had no idea what it was for at first but realized they were right and i did hit 140 on this cruise (with the double points deal). I did not get asked anything, just had a shiny block of crystal sitting in my cabin waiting one evening.
  20. Not sure i agree but we will see, i think there are some real challenges with using a self service layout with full service. For example, the "carving station" pods in the windjammer have a carving station at one end with two sets of serving dishes down the sides and 2-3 crew members in the middle. Frequently saw 6-8 people lined up along the sides all looking for service and the 2-3 crew frantically flipping from person to person trying to serve them all as quickly as possible. You cant fit more crew in the pod, possibly more structured line structure might help with limiting the # of passengers actively looking to be served but its not a great layout. Also suspect that the reason they arent doing windjammer in the evening is that they dont have enough crew to staff the restaurants and provide "non self service" buffet option.
  21. The buffet is going to be an interesting one. I agree with liking the concept of no one else "handling" stuff ... but executing it is a bottleneck and its going to get worse as capacity increases.
  22. Construction is visible along the side of the expressway between Port Canaveral and Orlando ... will be interesting to see how frequently the trains run, etc. Might be an option to drive over from Tampa, do a disney day and then train down to Miami.
  23. Masks come off fast and frequently. The bigger issue is remembering where you put it when you need to put it back on.
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