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  1. From our experience the unlimited dining package is an excelent choice! My wife has several food allergies and those has been taken care so well, that the dinning experience in speciality restaurants is one of the main reasons we choose a RCL cruise as our holiday destination. Eating in a restaurant with long list of allergies is often quite stressfull - specially when travelling - but on RCL it’s one of the highlights of the vacation. While celiacic disease and allergies are not the same, celiacic disease is quite well known and should not require so much explaining. Some of the food all
  2. Here you go: http://swimmingpigs.photostockplus.com/albums/ On our tour in december 2019 they told us to take a picture of the sign with the link. I guess they don’t send any links afterwards and I don’t think collected our emails. Pictures are quite pricey, but I bought two of them. I was first worried when I didn’t get the link to download the pictures after submiting the payment ... the link came after few days by email. Clearly the system is not automatic. We were the first group in the morning and I felt the pigs were most interested to swim in the beginning. Many of the pig
  3. Sailing on the Oasis and got the email - the itinerary is changing because of Allures problems. I guess Oasis and Allure can’t be in the same port. Orginal itinerary was St. Maarten -> Puerto Rico -> Labadee and now its flipped the other way around. However, the times we are at the ports are longer and in my opinnion better. Labadee is unchanged i guess, from 7am to 4pm. Arrival to Puerto Rico is at 1pm and departure 9.30pm - I like the idea of evening departure. St. Maarten stop is now from 8am to 6pm, which is nice. The timetable in the email talks still about St. Maarten, bu
  4. Eh, maybe some Russian roulette with which cruise will be cancelled in November/December? I’m booked for the December 1st cruise, so the answer you got worries me... No emails about changes in itinerary for my cruise, so for that part the information you got seems to be correct.
  5. We were on deck 6 front on the Allure last March, cabin 6172 (near the elevators). Found it to be a great location and booked about the same location for dec Oasis cruise. One deck down to Promenade and two decks up to Cental Park, so stairs are a good option. Even two decks from entretainment place, so again, no need to wait for the elevators after a show. Still, elevators were close so solarium and the pool deck was just one elevator ride away. We had the deluxe drink+ultimate dinning-package combo and got some smoothies from Vitality cafe and mostly ate at Central Park, so distance to MDR w
  6. Hi all, After booking two cruises for december 2019 I decided to do some research about Royals campaigns that happened 2018. History doesn´t maybe repeat it self, but isn´t there a good chance that Royal repeats same kind of campaigns next year? I guess many of you have the feeling that some kind ofsale is going on whole the time. Maybe the list below gives an idea of if the "sale" is something extraordinary or just normal. The list is made looking a balcony cabin for a 7 day caribbean cruise. Shorter cruises have different discounts and suites normally get bigger savings. But the
  7. One newbie question more! If I have the ultimate dining package, is it possible to use the 35$ ala carte credit in the main dining room for the upcharge items?
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