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  1. Am I understating this correctly? Once at a port we cannot just get off the ship and explore on our own? We have to book an excursion through cruise line to leave the ship when docked?
  2. Very much hoping July 2022 - Greece/Croatia
  3. Our booking isn’t til 2022 as well. Fingers crossed, really wanted to see Venice!
  4. thx for your replies and for your pick up on my error! I too should not type first thing in the morning.
  5. I’m so confused. Do we embark at Venice Port or Ravenna Port. When I look at a map those two ports are 2 hours away from each other. I’ve heard the talk of no more cruise ships out of Venice Port but why would it still say Venice with Ravenna in brackets when they’re two different places. Any insight would be appreciated. Just want to go to the correct port!
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