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  1. We haven't been getting offers either and just achieved Prime for all of next year. I spoke with the casino host and was told they would send an email but nothing yet.
  2. So much for the Solarium being "adults only"
  3. Hate that they've lifted the non-smoking in the casino I guess Royal doesn't care about it's traveler's health!
  4. Totally agree with you! I wish RCL would read some of the "no smoking" comments they get and do something about it. If Celebrity revenue isn't hurt by non-smoking casinos, then it shouldn't hurt RCL either.
  5. Does anyone know the link to the Royal Up program to see where things stand? Thanks!
  6. Ordered from Optum 2-pack $69.99, free shipping Order placed 1/10/22 Order delivered 1/13/22 Production date 12-08-21 Expiration date 11-20-22
  7. Wonderful new...make it happen on all the ships and PERMANENTLY!
  8. We usually look at InsureMyTrip.com...many different policies to offer.
  9. Do you have to order a 2-pack per person or does one pack work for both people? I understand there's a chance that Zoom will lose connection...does that happen often in personal experience?
  10. Amazon has quite a few sleeve choices.
  11. Does it even work? I uploaded my pictures and the got the "green" checkmark, but nothing shows. Is this the way it's supposed to work?
  12. I asked Michael Bayley about the Liberty check-in on Facebook yesterday. He referred it to his team and this is their answer back so I guess we just keep waiting. I'm sorry for any confusion. Check-in for Liberty sailings in October isn't open just yet. We'll send out a notification once it's open. -Gwen
  13. I see Liberty's test cruise is 9/18. I guess they're waiting for it to happen, but that cuts it really close.
  14. We're booked on the 10/10 sailing on the Liberty...got an email to check-in on 8/25, but neither the website or the app worked. We're 40 days out today and it still says check-in not available. I'm about ready to call them and see what's going on.
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