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  1. Go for the Royal Up. A view or balcony would be great. Location, might end up being good. It can't be bad, because your on the Wonder. We did a Boardwalk balcony. It was worth trying. but we will stick to ocean view balconies from now on. More air flow, quieter, and the ocean is a nice backdrop. To each his own.
  2. Some ships allow you to use your phone to open cabin doors. The wonder is a tap opener. Most ships you slide the card in like a hotel. 26 ships and a dozen ways yo get into your room. On the Wonder, they do not want you to punch out a lanyard hole that may disrupt the internal electronics. Most other ships it's ok. Guest services have the hole punch.
  3. You can always get extra "keys" that will only be used to gain entry to other rooms under your preview.
  4. We did Wonderland once. As an entertainment venue, it was amusing. As a place to eat food - not so good. Pouring the hot caramel sauce on the dessert globe was neat though.
  5. Hooked, on the Wonder, has the best steak (and you get included lobster). We have eaten at Chops over a dozen times - very good overall. I tried to deviate from the filet one time and was severely disappointed and sent the bone in ribeye back for a filet. Mason Jar is also better than Chops. RCL needs to banish Wonderland and bring in Hooked / Mason Jar as replacements.
  6. Short answer: You can pay for as many rooms as you want, but can only use one casino offer at a time, per cruise, for each individual. Can you have a paid room and a free room? not sure, but probably. Club Royal can answer that. Long Answer: Paid for rooms is a different category than Casino "free" rooms. I can book two people in one free room for the same price as booking a person in two separate free rooms (I pay taxes and gratuity based only on the person assigned to a room). The problem is that I cannot use two offers in my name on the same cruise. So, I book one room in my name and another in my wife's name using our separate offers (we both usually get similar offers). We can then add an extra person in each room for the price of taxes and gratuity. Then we link the other couple's (my kids/friends) credit card to their Seapass Card and get an extra room access key so that the right partners are in the right room. I can also combine each of our offers to get an upgraded room many times (a balcony plus an interior room usually gets us a Jr. Suite). We get multiple rooms for the points and the potential to add people onto our cruises for a very reasonable price. Another benefit is that we can cancel at any time and get our tax and gratuity refunded in total. At present, we each have 4 offers, for cruises, between now and December that I cannot use due to time constraints. For the price of "churning" enough money to make Prime, it is a heck of a benefit. One cruise, we even get $750 of freeplay due to booking the cruise while on a cruise. My entire gambling losses, over the last year, would not amount to one of my Jr. Suites on one of my cruises. We also do not do the drink package (free casino drinks and 4 Diamond drinks + free Wifi for one device). We have our fellow travelers just pay for drinks a la carte.
  7. Generally, it's a crap shoot - mainly affecting embarkation/debarkation days. The ships can adjust their sailing dates and locations to avoid most of the hurricane effects. Actually safer on a ship than on land in most cases. I know of very few cruise ships sunk (stray ice burg, torpedoes, pilot error) - one river cruise boat that sunk ,due to adverse weather was in China in 2015. Google may prove me wrong lol
  8. We had problems just staying in our same balcony without upgrading. We moved our stuff to the 2nd room, went off the ship to shop, and they had changed us back to our original room by the time we reboarded.
  9. We did a Boardwalk balcony on the Wonder to test it out. Will not do an inside balcony again, No air movement, loud (especially the aqua show), no water views. Great to try, but not our thing.
  10. We did 5 cruises on Brilliance back in Jan/Feb 22. Cancelled the 6th one due to being tired of the ship. We stay on the ships a lot now, but do get off on new islands to look around. Our goal is to get on each of the RCL ships and then visit every port possible over the next few years.
  11. RogerC1, I'm retired and try to do a cruise a month now. See how long that last. So far, so good.
  12. Go with the 10 AM. I have yet to be actually denied earlier boarding at 4 different Ports. Seattle was the lone exception.
  13. We had an 11 PM departure out of Haines, Alaska. They did not open the casino on Radiance that night.
  14. I like all classes of RCL ships. The Radiance class seems to have less children/teens and is not the "party" class. Plenty to do, but more laid back. My favorite is the Independence followed closely by Wonder. My spouse did not like the Wonder at all - too big and crowded for her. To each his/her/they/them own. lol
  15. I don't mind the test as much as I hate the vaccine mandates. I have friends that I want to cruise with without any shots. They are more than willing to do daily tests.
  16. Unless your room changes it should be okay.
  17. Sergio, casino host Radiance OTS (formerly on the Brilliance OTS), is the BEST employee that I have encountered in all of my cruises. He is personable, passionate, and professional. He made sure our cruising experience was fantastic. I plan to write an actual letter to RCL about him. Does anyone else have that one special employee?
  18. All 8 ships we've sailed, since October, have been very well maintained. My wife did comment on the Brilliance OTS windows being a tad dated/streaked. I think the recent dry dock should have fixed that issue.
  19. Great! We were going to be on the 22 June cruise, but we have to dog sit.
  20. You can also type in the passport information. Just hit the scan passport line. Then select the choice at the bottom to manually enter info.
  21. The Royal Caribbean Crystal Block is awarded to guests as a milestone recognition when they accumulate 140 cruise points and subsequent blocks every 70 points. These blocks are custom made for all 26 ships in the fleet. Guests can create their own 'crystal fleet' as they cruise on different ships around the world. These crystals would be presented to eligible guests reaching the milestone on that voyage in your staterooms, along with a letter from the ships' loyalty ambassador onboard.
  22. Nope, I'll be happy to get my D+ and 5 drink vouchers /day. I like variety of destinations and ships. Did five straight cruises on Brilliance and cancelled the 6th one because I was done with her that month. Back on BOTS in December.
  23. 1st world problems. lol I've sailed on 8 of the RCL ships. Our goal is to hit all RCL ships in the next 2 years. A man has to have goals.
  24. On the Radiance, they had a mimosa cart in the Windjammer that you could buy drinks from since the nearest bar is to the aft of the restaurant.
  25. Should not be a problem. Usually one restaurant is open for lunch.
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