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  1. He is over 18 and will be on his own which is no big deal. He has been helping to work on the house (technically his anyway but my girlfriend and I are the ones making decisions) so I figured it would be a good thing for him to have a chance to explore and do things. Lets just say that he had a sibling who basically treated him very poorly and controlled a lot of his life so him getting the chance to do stuff is a really good thing. Enrolling in C&A before cruising will not get you double points. My Girlfriend had a C&A number then sailed and got single points for the first one and double for the second. you MUST be gold for the double points to apply so if you are going on a long cruise (5 night plus) and can squeeze in a 2 night before it will be well worth it to get gold status first. And I have thought about combining accounts with my girlfriend as we will be living together for the foreseeable future and all but honestly don't care about being married. Not sure if she would use a lot of the amenities or not but I know on my next one I get my pin and should be able to have a robe which will be nice since I will be traveling with my girlfriends son and not her.
  2. I agree you absolutely need to contact Royal. May also call your local health department as well. If you have a copy of the records they may be willing to help. And if you get a booster they will give you a new card for at least the booster (may even possibly fill out the other part) and you may then be able to get the VA to fill in the rest. Or if you get a booster you could fill in the initial information, I don't know if that would be an issue because it will be the truth. The only thing I wouldn't do is fake a signature just put the facility information down. I am not a member of the bar and therefore can not give legal advice though but I am sure sonstige will chime in on it.
  3. Was at gold level before my B2B over Halloween, my girlfriend had never sailed with RCCL before so had no C&A status. First 7 night run I received 14 points she received 7, 2nd 7 night run we both received 14 points. I kicked into the platinum level and she is 21 points into gold. End of next month I get another 10 points on a 5 night sailing with my girlfriends son. He has zero and actually until he moved to Oklahoma had only rarely been out of southwest Pennsylvania so it's going to be a major treat for him.
  4. Not that I know of. You could do a two night cruise and get your bump to the next level. An interior room to CoCo Cay is 100 per person plus fees. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/itinerary/2-night-perfect-day-getaway-from-miami-on-freedom/FR02MIA-3988927779?sail-date=2022-12-05&currency=USD&country=USA&dates_maxDate=02%2F28%2F2022&dates_minDate=01%2F01%2F2022
  5. The issue with the extension is we do not have a ton of guidance on which tests are included and which ones are not. The first tests had a shorter shelf life (about 9 months) and the extension was ONLY for those tests. Newer tests are being made with a 11 month shelf life so the information showing an extension is not going to cover those or others as that is already built in. Until we have updated information DO NOT count on testing expiring 3 months beyond the date listed unless they were covered under the initial extension.
  6. No issues with coughing. However if you are in an elevator and there are people without masks on properly or at all and you start coughing a few times they tend to put masks on as they should or likely rethink their thoughts on not wearing one. Did it a couple times just to mess with people.
  7. Nobody really has a clue what was bought or if they will work for travel. In all odds they will not. However a couple tests sitting around for before you leave (especially if you plan to be in the area near the terminal well before the time the ship leaves) so you can test isn't a bad thing. I know some people will buy the OTC versions from the local big box or pharmacy just for that so this is a way to save a few bucks. As for shipping, and this is fully speculating, I would not be surprised if the USPS is holding stock at their major sorting centers so outside of it being a thing where your area is out of stock shipping should be fairly fast. It could even be possible for some of the large local post offices just had a box or two sitting around so it could literally be next day delivery. This is purely speculation but with the way things are being talked about it's a good possibility.
  8. Well over their amounts allowed. With that said in Galveston they are pretty lax for that from what I saw. We had a couple bottles and walked over to the table where they were checking that kind of stuff and they saw the bottles and just waved us past. It's basically a deal where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, the xray screeners are not communicating with the check in people. Another option would be to just fill some correct size bottles up, again they are not checking that very well in Galveston. But I am not an attorney, or anything else able or willing to give legal advice so you are 100000000% on your own no matter what you do. So the official answer is No, not gonna happen. But you are free to read between the lines. On my B2B I had a full bottle my girlfriend and I were drinking while we were being escorted off the ship, went past some customs guys who checked our passports, sat in the terminal for a bit, went through the check in process, and then went back on the ship. It was actually very enjoyable for us, LOL.
  9. This is for residents of the US only. It will be limited to 4 tests per home. Beyond that not a lot of information available so these probably will not be useful for travel but who knows till they start shipping. I will be putting in an order even if it's just to have some on hand that can be used for my own information. https://www.covidtests.gov/
  10. LOL, I need to make a Sam's Club run sometime over the next month or so. Think they would enjoy those on Adventure of the Seas?
  11. The guidelines are that everything is thrown away. However I am sure a lot of stuff is picked up by people who work there or hopefully donated to a place that resells stuff. Never had anything on the table of shame but on my B2B I had a dive knife in a pocket of my BCD. Sadly didn't notice it when I was checking stuff, even worse I passed through security 3 times with my BCD not to mention that it was in my bag when I boarded the ship. Had to pick it up at the entrance office in Galveston. When the security guy spotted it on the xray he was all excited and then when he saw it I think he was tempted to just send me on my way, LOL. 2.3 inch blunt tip blade and 7 inches overall, more handle than blade.
  12. @PRebecca @Jkaczano If you guys are wanting to add the information in the correct thread is I can't go through all the threads and track the information so anything posted elsewhere will not be added in. @SpeedNoodles I would call back and tell them you get a tracking number within 24 hours or you are calling the CC company to cancel the order. This hurts them MUCH more than a refund as they are also hit with fees by the credit card processor. The run around game is not one I play so that is a quick way to a resolution because they are out the sale as well as lose money in general.
  13. Kinda hijacking but does anyone know what rooms on Adventure of the Seas Muster to D18?
  14. We took a few toiletries along this like razors, body soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. Let everything with a note saying we trusted our attendant to make sure everything is put to good use. Also threw in some cash and a few sweets. We didn't want to make a big fuss and just let her know it was there on the way off the ship. I figure even if it's things they don't really want or need they will have friends on board who may need something or who knows someone may be going home and need it for their own family.
  15. I would say if it is scheduled to be it will likely be. Beyond that no one here would know for sure what is going to happen with much of anything. Too many things changing on a daily or weekly basis.
  16. To throw a wrench out there on a few of these requests. Complaints on the app will not happen. First off who would manage them? I mean think about the number of people posting here at a time and then figure the number of mods available to handle issues. It would take a full time team for each ship. And then if something gets missed people are having a fit. Not to mention the complaints that can't be handled over the app. Sure you could have a single person in each department deal with things but then you will have the inevitable "Not my department" thing go on so it will bounce around the I don't know what to do hell that will drive people batty. There are a ton of other things to deal with on this one but lets just say that it would be a pain to setup and likely cause more problems than it would solve. And just think about the lines at guest services and realize that half the people who would normally be in line waiting decided to wait till later and now they are all clambering for a person in the app. I can think of 100's of other issues some related to local abbreviations, people who are not the best spellers, and people with english as a second language dealing with the issues. Locating your device in a specific location. It sounds great but sadly is another thing that will just be a pain. Sure you could get one phone to work. But all phones have different drivers among other things so the app would have to be able to figure out a lot of stuff on the phone itself. Much of that would be blocked in the apple phones because "walled garden" and android phones have so many different possibilities for hardware you just could not figure it out. On top of that the wifi devices they use in all odds would ALL have to be changed out to something that is custom designed to do all this stuff. Then there is the issue that wifi can be a MIMO (multi in multi out) but not all hardware supports that and often times you are only connected to one station at a time. So that means their system would have to track every single device and where it was connected and where it is connected now and put you in the middle. So your here would be somewhere within a 50 foot radius of where you actually are. Not so bad for a single floor building but for a multi floored ship it ain't gonna do a ton of good. And GPS doesn't work well below decks and lets be honest finding your dot while you are moving is a feat unto itself when you look at the tech, now find yourself on an object that is moving... If you have the kind of cash google has you could do it, eventually. And some stuff that could work but wouldn't be as nice as you want. Photo viewing could work, however they will likely only show a low rez photo. Why, so you can't just screenshot it and have it for free. Watermarks can be removed but a crappy low rez picture with minimal detail, have at it. So that means when you pick a photo and can't tell where the kids are looking or who is giving the camera the finger could end up as your choice. Yes they can kinda prevent screenshotting but to be honest there is a workaround for everything. I have harvested pictures that are supposed to be untouchable from the web browser for years when I want or need something, cellphones are not much more difficult and that includes banking apps. Watching the shows on a mobile device will require IPTV equipment to be installed on the ship. It's great but lets just say that the odds are not good for this happening soon. Look how long its taken for chat messages to come around on the app and how they are charging for this right now. Same thing is going to happen for watching stuff. Older ships would need a lot for this to happen too. Camera's in every venue that will have a show and people to man the stuff equipment and you will need a couple camera's to make things look good as a lot of shows are made to be seen from multiple angles to integrate the audience into the experience so that means 3 to 4 camera's and operators for each active show. Then you have to mix it live just like the tv station news does so that means another couple people in a room dealing with the camera feeds. And the few things I have seen on the TV's in the rooms is pretty low def to be honest so how good will it look on your phone screen? So gonna have to drop a few thousand per ship for new cameras as well. When it's all said and done complaints will begin as there will be people here and there with their phones blasted watching a show when the person next to them wants to relax and nap in a chair. Will it eventually happen, maybe but I see more money being pumped into new ships and amplification of ships first especially with the losses had over the last couple years. And even then any shows that have copyrighted content will not be shown so things like Saturday Night Fever. Why you ask, they don't want it recorded. And that could be an issue with the other shows as well, there are more than a few people who would get a tripod and setup their TV with their camera pointed right at it and allow it to record the whole show then have it posted to youtube. They don't want to loose licensing of this stuff so they would have to constantly monitor places and submit DMCA requests. That may be the biggest nail in that coffin. Some things are realistic but others not so much. If you have never coded an app or dealt with a bunch of the stuff though don't be upset when a killer feature just can't happen.
  17. Upcoming sailing on Adventure of the Seas was supposed to open on the 9th. Sadly sometimes my app says the 9th is check in and then started saying it wouldn't be open till later. Tried a few times tonight and nothing. Cleared cache and data for the app and still nothing. Same goes for online. Just figured I would get checked in now so I would be able to pick an early timeslot... Guess I will have to try again later. No clue what is going on but it used to be 90 days before and now it's about 45 days but not opening up. Cruise starts the 23rd and has been paid off for a couple months. edit: Well even though I was ready to crash I waited an hour and check in finally opened. It was buggy compared to last time so lets hope everything went through and won't have to be done again in the morning. Got an 11:30 timeslot though. Sadly since my girlfriends son does not have a passport we will have to deal with his birth certificate stuff when we get there but the vaccine card is uploaded and we have the same timeslot.
  18. Have kept a spreadsheet with some information but right now everything that is coming up seems to have very bad sales. On Liberty of the Seas I paid about 18.00 per day for 3 devices to have surf and stream. The same package on a November 25th Vision of the Seas sailing is running closer to 40.00 per day.
  19. I screenshot the setsail pass on two devices and have at least one screenshot on a third device which is usually whomever I am traveling with. If all that stuff is gone or busted I doubt I have anything to get onto the ship with. I do not however want to rely on WiFi or cell signal to pull up the information but a printed copy won't do much good if all the rest of it is gone.
  20. I'm sure, LOL. But friends usually want stuff for free, I like to pay a decent finders fee and shipping.
  21. Information Updated Well if you are not going to use them I would gladly pick a couple up from you. Need some for a Feb 23rd cruise on Adventure of the Seas and right now it looks the new stock will expire before my Vision of the Seas sailing November 25th so I still need to wait a bit.
  22. With the new pictures that show a lot more I see steps and what looks like an entranceway and exit. Looks more like some stairs that will be used for a venue or possibly on a stage.
  23. I may have an answer. The icon class has hydrogen fuel cells as well. This is probably the storage vessel for that. Some information on design that is geared more to LNG but any type of gas can be stored in a similar fashion. https://www.gsctanks.com/industrial-storage-tanks/#7_Industrial_Gas_Storage_Tanks This talks about design decisions and safety information of round vs cylindrical storage vessels. https://www.transtechenergy.com/lpg-ngl-storage-news/lpg-storage-bullet-tanks-vs.-lpg-storage-spheres-/-hortonspheres There is also a possibility that a sphere vessel could be for the LNG and the bullets for the CNG that boils of the liquid to be stored for later use.
  24. I suggest you let your friends know that watching the news only gets you what the media wants you to have. It's time to unjack from their Matrix.
  25. Yep. And it's good to know for sure. Especially if those tests are expired. And a thought just occurred to me. It might be a good idea to contact the Navica people directly to see if the tests are good. They have to get that information because allowing a test to slip through would be a very bad thing. I would expect the qr code to be able to provide that information.
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