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  1. Came across a live cam of the port of Miami cruise terminal. Can at least see the ships come in for supplies among other things while we wait for things to actually get going.
  2. My number 2 dose of Pfizer was rough. Swelled lymph nodes, fever, chills, aches, pains, headache, etc. My friend got hers and want much more than a little tired and standard daily aches and pains, maybe a headache but compared to me she got off easily.
  3. There is parking at the port and from a quick read this one is highly recommended. https://miamiportparking.com but I would call and stop since their certificate is expired right now for the site. Another option is to stay somewhere that has free parking and a shuttle. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2018/12/13/doubletree-hilton-grand-hotel-biscayne-bay-hote https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2018/06/11/intercontinental-miami-hotel-review https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/05/24/holiday-inn-express-suites-miami-airport-east-hotel-review
  4. Lately all the sales I have seen were really only stuff onboard the ship vs excursions. Usually I see a few random things drop here or there then go back up. Been watching a few dives that haven't changed prices in months when they normally change every few weeks.
  5. My main issue is instead of expanding places to go they are removing them for trips leaving from Galveston. I agree that Falmouth doesn't habe a lot to offer unless you travel but removing it as an option and not putting something else in place is frustrating. I'm currently setup to do a B2B on Liberty because it will only visit 1 port twice in 2 weeks. There is no way I would do a B2B going to the same ports. And yes the ship is a part of the trip but I like to use it as a pleasant means to get to a dive site. And I am sure others look at it in a similar way. I hone
  6. Been looking and after a certain point Galveston is getting shafted on 7 night cruises. For 2023 the only 7 night destinations are Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. At least with Liberty you got to run Jamaica and Grand Cayman as one option. Right now it's looking like a step backwards worth a larger ship...
  7. You get to chose which cruise it is applied to. It's blanket applied so it may be worth it to use one and save the other for a different cruise (assuming you had two people booked with the same or similar stuff) and supplement the rest with cash if you are planning to do a second cruise as you can not save anything for another cruise. Once the credit is applied it has to be used on that cruise but anything not used ahead of time should be applied to credit you can use onboard for gratuities and purchases.
  8. So they pushed it out early because they were behind the rest of the game.
  9. With a single dose you still have some protection. Probably similar to the single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The second dose gets you to the higher percentage of coverage, honestly i am surprised that the single dose vaccine wasn't tested as a double for the higher efficacy.
  10. I am already vaccinated and a mask doesn't bother me. In fact before the vaccine was available I was using a P100 filtered respirator since the findings were that permanent lung damage was possible and would end my ability to dive. My friend whom is going withme isn't eligible yet for the vaccine but will hopefully be eligible soon and able to get it. She was a nursing aid up until 6 months ago and had to wear a mask all the time so I doubt that will be an issue for her either. My only issue is being stuck to only cruise line sponsored excursions unless they plan to h
  11. I am staying about 45 mins away just north of Kemah and driving down from there on the morning of embarkation as well. I looked at staying somewhere right on Galveston Island that has parking for free available but so far it has worked out cheaper to pay for a place to park not to mention that it is supposed to be more secure on the lots vs just leaving my vehicle in some open area for 2 weeks. Right now it looks like I will be making a heck of a drive though. Have to leave OKC for Pittsburgh to drop off my dog and pick up my travel partner and then her and I will drive from there down to H
  12. Like has been said they have AC. Went through in October 2019 and no issues with fog at all either. The terminal isn't brand new but they did have a priority line though I wasn't in it. Showed up at the port parking lot around 11:00 am and was out of the terminal by 12:30 which included the ride over and waiting in line for bags getting checked and then checking in as my travel companion had not been able to do so ahead of time. Waited the longest to go through the security though that was moving fairly well and with the new scheduled check in I am guessing that will be even faster.
  13. Galveston will not be far behind once the new terminal is finished I suspect RCCL will have it available for their ships. They already have an LNG terminal not far away in Freeport so getting it there should be pretty easy compared to other ports.
  14. As far as the news reports go on which one is worse and if an existing vaccine works... well throw reading or watching them in the trash. Simply put the news is about ratings and big scary headlines makes most people interested in them. I can barely stand to watch the local weather with the oversensationalization and living in tornado alley is something you have to do sometimes. That and I feel like I need to get tickets to all the "events" that seem to be popping up. Save yourself a major headache and an ulcer and watch and read less news about current events that are major head
  15. Nice. Got my second dose last Friday. Lets just say plan to do nothing for a couple days after. Headache was rough the first day about 2 hours after the shot. Lymph nodes swelled as well and some nausea. Second day was fever and headache with joint and muscle ache and chills. I held off as long as I could before taking tylenol not wanting to interfere with the vaccine. Third day was more of the same but much less, took tylenol that morning and was good after that. Only other thing I noticed was being tired but having a hard time sleeping. I am 41 and pretty good immune system, rar
  16. Got my 2nd dose today. In ten days they figure 94% to 97% immunity for the mrna vaccine. Sadly by the time true herd immunity is reached it will likely be well into 2022 if not after unless they start opening up to more people. Any cruise line attempting to force vaccination before boarding at this point is shooting themselves in the foot and may as well mothball their ships for a couple years. And even then are probably better off just selling the ships off now. Not to mention that we so don't know if this is going to end up similar to the yearly flu with different variants float
  17. The ability to go faster and mature it to Seattle is not the major issue. What is at issue is the law that requires any ship departing from the US to dock at a foreign port. https://www.smslegal.com/legal-news/cant-sail-one-port-another-america/ Either the US maritime law will have to be changed in some way or a concession for temp docking in Canada will have to happen. It's a good idea but at the same time may end up being irrelevant anyway by the time cruising actually restarts.
  18. I open in a new tab as well on my desktop but on my tablet it's not the same. The white flash can be a bit of a pain then.
  19. OMG been burning my retinas till now. Yeah the flash when loading kinda sucks but when I decide to browse a little when I can't sleep at least I don't feel like an image is being burned into the back of my skull. Now to add a dark theme for the main site as well.
  20. This is something I mentioned a few months ago actually. The covid testing is easy enough and cruise ships were already going to have to do to sail. Cruise ships could easily offer the test on disembarkation age since most of the requirements are up to 3 days or so before travel it would be easy enough to hop off the ship and get a room then fly back. Supplies can also be worked around with since any port where they dock for 5 to 8 hours can technically be a point where supplies are taken on and waste is removed it may be a little bit of a challenge but can be done.
  21. I believe Cressi sells a mask that has replaceable lenses for people with a need for prescription lenses. I am ok to drive with correction but usually just wear contacts when I dive. I just make sure that I take along extra rewetting drops and flush my eyes well after each dive.
  22. Just thought about something for the "Master Member Cruise List" Maybe add a line at the top to show when it was last updated. I know it's not done daily and then people could take a look on this list for anything after that point if they are wondering. That or add a link to the last post where it was updated at but honestly a date and time would be good for me.
  23. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the dive at CoCo Cay also a single tank dive? If so I wonder if I can take my own cylinders as well. My 119's would be a lot more fun than a little AL80... I usually get two dives off my single cylinder compared to the AL80 divers... The things are just so dang HEAVY out of the water. If you are thinking about diving though I would just say go do it. You can get the Open Water certification for around 300 to 350 a lot of places in the US and it opens a whole new area to explore. Before long you will be wanting to go to AOW so you can get below 100 fe
  24. Nice, looks like they are doing some good upkeep so far. Have to wonder what they were flying in with the containers. If I was to guess it would be some of the stuff needed for ventilation modifications and other stuff needed for maintaining some sort of barrier for food services and venues. Sure makes it seem like they are going to try and do some testing soon.
  25. Tracelets -- Don't really care, I can think of a few ways to have some fun with this one anyway... Staying in my cabin while leaving it hung on the door so it tags every person who walks past as being within my bubble. Sending my cabin mate around with both when getting something to eat or whatever, etc. I think it's more of a gimmick than anything and won't do much good. It's not like that by the end of the cruise you won't have come within 10 feet of nearly every person on the ship and IMHO that is what the bubble will end up being. It's a wireless tech and sadly being wireless it's not a
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