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  1. I think it is for two reasons, first trying to limit capacity in case ships are permitted to sail but at limited capacity. Second would be they are taking advantage of all the 125% credits by raising prices and pushing back credits to later sailings. I have a April trip booked on Freedom and it is more than doubled now, we rebooked not long ago (balcony 2 kids, 2adults) for $2100, current price is right at $4600! Fingers crossed it isn't canceled.
  2. Serious question, how many perks do people really use now that are tied with each tier? It seems way back when when we were gold status that we received a coupon book with lots of good freebies but in recent years and at a higher status we rarely see any perks we can use. Just wonder if this is really a selling point or if it more of a strictly personal status?
  3. I just wanted to throw out there that maybe food consumption should be added to the spreadsheet. I know whenever I have a drink package I typically eat waaay less due to being liquid full! So put a few dollars back on the cruise lines side of the scale. Side note, if I'm on a drink package I typically tip a bit if the bar tend goes above normal duties like remembering what I was drinking or coming around more often to make sure you are never empty. I will say though when I've traveled through Europe that dining is much more enjoyable than stateside, due to the laid back atmosphere with
  4. I'm just a casual forum reader and rarely get drawn into many topics but you seem to have some sort of vendetta/bias towards the U.S that is largely based on personal opinion. Currently the percentage of people who have or have had Covid stateside is ~1.76%, no where near 10%. Different countries have implemented different strategies for containment and it is what it is. Cruise protocols will be implemented and those who wish to travel will be obligated follow those protocols or not travel. Ultimately if you are uncomfortable with the rules in place stateside, you have to do what's best f
  5. Yes and no. For people that need it to pay bills they will. For those who find the money disposable they will buy whatever to temporarily prop the economy up until business gets moving again.
  6. Yep do this. You will find most bank run ATM's throughout Europe do not charge fees like some here in the U.S.. So all you need to do is verify with your bank/credit union what (if any) fees are associated when using your bank card internationally. Out of my two different credit union accounts, one was 1% and the other was 0% per transaction, so even if I used the 1% card I would still be cheaper than paying to convert funds. Doing it this way ensures you only get charged the actual exchange rate and not an inflated one. On a side note, when using your credit card abroad, make sure yo
  7. It wasn't' offered on the Independence of the Seas on our 7 day this past may, only for an up-charge. First time I haven't seen it offered on a formal night.
  8. Oh man, I had forgotten this one! Our last cruise on the Independence of the Seas in May was the first time we didn't have lobster tail on the menu (non up-charge that is) offered during a formal night.
  9. I agree with your list 100%, I would just ad that I would also get off at all the southern Caribbean ports as to me they are all fantastic and top anything on the list above.
  10. I was on the Indy out of Southampton in the middle of this past April and had somewhat similar experiences. In our experience though the head waiter was constantly pushing the specialty dining. We typically don't do specialty dining just due to how much the additional cost is and the fact we've already have a paid for dinner that you get no credit for. I have no problem asking once but once is enough. The wife and I both also commented afterwards that our room steward was just......meh. The room was tidied up but there was always an empty glass left, a plate with maybe a sliver of fo
  11. They typically adjust the max deluxe drink package drink allotment to match the price of premium drinks. Was just on the Indy out of Southampton U.K. and most of the drinks were listed at $14 on-board and that was what the Deluxe package covered up to for our sailing.
  12. I'd have to look back in my cruise history but one of my most favorite cruises was a 12 day Royal cruise out of L.A.. Hit Catalina Island, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, San Diego, then back to L.A.. It's been some time though as Cabo now is waaaay different. If you really want a west coast I would do Princess. We have sailed Princess several times in the past and actually found the food better than Royal and the service maybe a tick better. Lately though the price of Princess cruises has taken a price jump and with Royal offering better pricing for kids we have done more Royal crui
  13. For the first time in a long time we didn't do a balcony on the Indy out of Southampton U.K. and didn't miss it one bit. Now with the said the weather while sailing wasn't exactly warm and only in the mid 50's so that definitely played a part! This time the outside/window only was too good of price to pass up on so we saved the cash for deluxe drink packages.
  14. Sailing the Independence next week out of the U.K. and I haven't seen it under $54 for all the months I've been watching. Mid $40's is my limit so looks like no Deluxe pkg this trip. Last spring on a port heavy cruise on the Jewel we did manage to score the Deluxe pkg for $38/day which is the best I've ever seen.
  15. I'm curious too, we sail out of Southampton U.K. in a couple weeks and was also wondering about what currency to use in the casino as well? Pounds, Dollars or either?
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