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  1. That's good I guess,at least I know I wasn't going crazy, but still annoying that there isn't.
  2. Just curious, where is this Windjammer bar on Symphony? We never noticed it and were using the Mast bar for our drinks when in the Windjammer. It was actually one of the only things I can think of that I didn't like on that ship.
  3. We were told that the survey scores determine how many tables they will service in the MDR on upcoming cruises. As an assistant waiter, waiter just starting out good survey scores mean your ability to make more money grows with more responsibility.
  4. Black Friday last fall was $5.99 for many sailings so there is a chance it may go lower.
  5. Symphony beds are for sure the firmest I've had on any ship. I like a firm bed and still I woke up a couple days a little sore from the the bed.
  6. Funny this topic about Adventure was brought up. On recent sailing on Symphony we were docked side by side with the AoS and besides the obvious size difference we noted that the Adventure was starting to look a little tired on the outside. I had to look back at my photos but the last time I was on the AoS was 2007 so it sure has seen a lot since then.
  7. I'm not a big fan of Nassau either and will typically stick around the ship when there. I will say though that you should check out Viator or any of the other independent tour sites, the last time we were there we did a walking tour sampling local food and drinks along with a guide telling the history of what we were having. This wasn't offered through the ship and I'll say it's the first time I didn't leave Nassau just feeling......Meh.
  8. Yep, most of the time there is a small reversible magnet to let the room steward know if your in or out.
  9. A U.S. based cruise we the dress our best for formal nights and the wife always has to get photos. Cruising out different ports in Europe we typically pack light, due to using more public transportation pre and post cruise, so it's casual for dinner every night.
  10. Deluxe drink package person here but I also like the Freestyle machine cause I can get my Coke Zero fix with lunch.
  11. I agree but mostly because its not just $25, it's $25 x 4 which is starting to get in real money I could use towards a drink package!
  12. With the questionable state of the world economy my opinion is that no option will be left off the table to keep bookings up. This would definitely apply to finding work-arounds to get unvaccinated back onboard to keep profits up, nothing drives policy change more than the mighty dollar.
  13. Looking online it appears there are a couple parking lots just off the pier that utilize a shuttle service similar to how an offsite parking lot works at an airport. Anyone done this at Port Liberty?
  14. I'll just throw this out there cause I haven't seen it mentioned yet, we really enjoy doing the walking tours that are available in most European cities. Many are free or very low cost and the guides work mainly on tips. We have met some really good and informative people this way.
  15. For us it has always been similar to a U.S. sailing. When we do a Europe sailing we don't bring formal either as we typically pair it with some land travel utilizing trains for transportation.
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